RoboCop 3 is The Third Trillogy 2016 American Film Directed by Joe Johnston It is The Third and Final Installment in RoboCop Trilogy Remake


  • Robbie Amell as RoboCop
  • Amanda Seyfried as Anne Lewis
  • Tim Allen as The CEO
  • John Cleese as McDaggett
  • Katie Holmes as Dr. Marie Lazarus
  • Bella Thorne as Bertha
  • Jackie Chan as Kanemitsu
  • Nicolas Cage as Sergeant Reed
  • Ellen Page as Nikko
  • Bruce Willis as Otomo
  • Stanley Tucci as Zack
  • Stephen Cobert as Coontz
  • Daniel Bruhl as Moreno
  • Clive Owen as Johnson
  • James Mardsen as Fleck
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