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Not to be confused with RoboCop (film)

RoboCop is an American animated surreal comedy TV series that premiered on June 30, 2014 on the The CC (Cartoon Comedy), and concluded on November 23, 2015, with its 1st season of 32 episodes (1 left unaired) because creator Topher Davidson went on to pursue more indie projects. The unaired episode, "Scarlett Night" was announced as late as December 27, 2018, to air on December 31, 2018, before the 2018 episode of the New Year Tribute Special, and served as the series finale.


The plot revolves around a robot police officer, RoboCop (not to be mistaken by the more famous RoboCop), who helps individuals with their personal problems after retiring from his career in the police department. Most of these individuals are outright parodies of characters like Merida from Disney's 2012 film Brave and Hello Kitty


  • RoboCop (JK Simmons) - The main character of the series who's a retired robotic police officer (not to be confused with the other, more famous RoboCop). He helps people with their personal problems. He adopts Diana, Henry and Isadora (later Amelia) in the episode "De-liver-ed", forming a quartet of his adopted daughters.
  • Diana (Grey DeLisle) - The more sexist, fashion-driven girl of RoboCop's quartet. Diana and Henry, a boy from the quartet, fall in love with each other and are subsequently married during the events of the "Billy Saga".
  • Henry (Tara Strong) - The only boy in the quartet who's also the smartest. He and Diana end up marrying in the future. It is implied that Henry was RoboCop's supervillain in the pilot and "Revenge of the Fallen Trash Boy".
  • Isadora (DeLisle) - A girl whose Jewish faith controls her life. Despite showing an interest in Henry, but it is shown that in the future she's engaged to Billy instead.
  • Amelia (DeLisle) - The botanist girl. RoboCop found her in the streets. Might love Henry as they smooched.
  • Billy "Goon" (Strong) - A baby featured prominently in the series. He marks his first appearance in "Barf of the Goon", where RoboCop help him overcome his cyclic vomiting syndrome, causing him to excessively regurgitate. In the future, it is shown that he weds Isadora.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 33 June 30, 2014 December 31, 2018

Episodes (2014-18)

  • Episodes 27-32 ("A Tale of Two RoboCops", "Read It and Weep It!", "Girlfriend for Spiral", "Gem and the Octopussnauts", "Say What?", and "Henry's Supervillain Secret") were meant as part of a second season of RoboCop, which explains why there was a 3-month hiatus between episode 26, "Love Is The First Ingredient", and episode 27, "A Tale of Two Robocops". However, after creator Topher Davidson decided to get involved in other, more indie projects, these episodes aired as part of the first season.
  • The 33rd episode of the series overall, titled "Scarlett Night", never aired until December 31, 2018.
No. Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod.
1 "RoboCop The Pilot" (Part 1) Kenneth Dumont June 30, 2014 101
RoboCop tries to detain one of his enemies, a kid who is evil and has bad intentions. After a fight sequence the kid eventually ends up falling into a trash can, which confirms his defeat.
2 "Revenge of the Fallen Trash Boy" (Part 2) Dipper Poppy Livingston June 30, 2014 102
The boy from the previous episode comes back from the dead and vows revenge on RoboCop.
3 "Barf of the Goon" Poppy Livingston Miriam Northrop July 21, 2014 103
A woman requires of RoboCop's services due to her son Billy "Goon"'s constant purging, and RoboCop finds the root of the problem: the villainous boy from the previous episodes was stuck in his insides and tried to pry himself out, which made Billy prone to vomit.
Note: This episode featured the first appearance of Billy "Goon", who would later become a recurring character in the series.
4 "Age of Destruction" Morgan Sheen Lamar Robinson July 28, 2014 104
The parents of a Dora the Explorer parody phone RoboCop for help as their daughter has suffered from retrograde amnesia from hitting herself with a toy car and employs destruction upon a city.
5 "De-liver-ed" Wendy Conroy Annie Oh August 11, 2014 105
RoboCop is called into a village when a cannibalistic woman named Josie kidnaps three children named Diana, Henry, and Isadora and holds them hostage with the intentions of cannibalizing them. After their rescue, RoboCop adopts the three children after finding out of their orphan status.
6 "Hushpuppy" Kenneth Dumont Patricia Tambor August 18, 2014 106
RoboCop helps out a little girl whose chatterbox puppy will not shut up.
7 "Billysitting" Miriam Northrop Lester Gomez September 1, 2014 107
RoboCop and Diana, Henry, and Isadora must take care of Billy "Goon".
8 "Squirrel Girl" Fatima Mataraci Keith Brooks September 1, 2014 108
RoboCop assists some squirrels in retrieving their nuts from a very attractive female squirrel who seduces the male squirrels before robbing them of their acorns.
9 "Ice Arachcream" John Cudjoe Antoinette Fitzmaurice September 15, 2014 109
RoboCop and his kids have to stop a human-sized spider (disguised as the ice-cream man) from scamming kids out of their ice cream by forcing them to pay and then not handing them out at all.
10 "A RoboCop and His Worm" Abraham Scalzo Calvin MacKenzie October 6, 2014 110
RoboCop tries to dissuade a lovelorn, bipedal female worm from falling in love with him.
11 "No More Bunny Business"
The Billy Saga, Part One
Kenneth Dumont Annie Oh October 13, 2014 111
RoboCop attempts to play peacemaker between a warring bunny rabbit and a frightened Billy.
12 "Bad Apple!"
The Billy Saga, Part Two
Grekk Annie Oh October 27, 2014 112
Billy accidentally turns his apple into an anthropomorphic, diabolical being hellbent on destruction.
13 "Bad Bowls!"
The Billy Saga, Part Three
Calvin MacKenzie Annie Oh November 3, 2014 113
Billy's bowls also end up becoming evil.
14 "In Quarantine"
The Billy Saga, Part 4
Fatima Mataraci Poppy Livingston March 9, 2015 114
A bowl from last episode goes and turns everyone except RoboCop and the rest into "Zombatrons".
Note: This is episode is a parody of the horror film, Quarantine.
15 "Loving Relationship"
The Billy Saga, Part 5
Kenneth Dumont Calvin MacKenzie March 16, 2015 115
Diana and Henry start to have romantic feelings for each other, making Isadora jealous as she too has an emotional attraction towards Henry. A flash-forward into the future later shows Diana and Henry as an official couple, and Isadora ends up with a grown-up Billy, who becomes the next-generation RoboCop following the OG's death.
16 "The Baby"
The Billy Saga, Part 6
Annie Oh Lamar Robinson March 30, 2015 116
This episode, set entirely in the future, sees Diana and Henry conceiving a baby. Afterwards, even farther in the future, we see everyone die off except Diana and Henry's baby, who ends up becoming the third-generation RoboCop after Billy passes on.
17 "Zuri the Zebra" Poul Lynge Poppy Livingston April 13, 2015 117
A female Zebra named Zuri escapes the zoo where she's lived for most of her life to finally live life outside that zoo, but RoboCop tries to persuade her to go back despite her objections. So with this, RoboCop sends her to Africa, wherein she befriends two male zebras named Ziggy and Zaggo.
18 "Spiral Shyness" Lester Gomez April 27, 2015 118
RoboCop tries to help a shy cylinder-shaped mailman named Spiral who hides in his post office van every time he hands out the mail. It is revealed that the bumper of the van is his mouth, which means the car has taken control of him as well as manipulated him into a state of lonely shame. RoboCop takes a picture exposing him, which angers Spiral. RoboCop eventually makes it up to him by physically assaulting someone who refers to Spiral as a "freak", and they become friends.
19 "Brave Like a RoboCop" Van Allen Dipper May 4, 2015 119
20 "A Piggy With 'Pig' Dreams" Diane Reed Fatima Mataraci May 11, 2015 120
21 "RoboCop in the Middle" Dipper Poppy Livingston June 1, 2015 121
22 "The Fathom Menace" Kenneth Dumont Lamar Robinson June 15, 2015 122
23 "My Bitter Pony: Friendship is Tragic" Fenton Cole Annie Oh June 15, 2015 123
24 "Star Wars With Robocop!" Poppy Livingston July 6, 2015 124
25 "Scarlett Fever" Patricia Tambor Calvin MacKenzie July 13, 2015 125
26 "Love Is the First Ingredient" Anthony Sullivan Wendy Conroy July 27, 2015 126
27 "A Tale of Two RoboCops" Amy O'brien Lester Gomez October 26, 2015 127
28 "Read It and Weep It!" Miriam Northrop Lamar Robinson November 2, 2015 128
29 "Girlfriend for Spiral" Fatima Mataraci November 9, 2015 129
30 "The Gem and the Octopussnauts" Dipper William Ebert November 16, 2015 130
31 "Say What?" Van Allen Grekk November 23, 2015 131
32 "Henry's Supervillain Secret" Dipper, Kenneth Dumont & Poppy Livingston November 23, 2015 132
33 "Scarlett Night" Diane Reed Keith Brooks December 31, 2018 133
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