RoboCop is an upcoming science fiction action film which is a remake of the 1987 film of the same name.


In the year 2028, Delta City is ruled over by crime lord Antoine Vallon. Raymond Sellars, the Senior President of multinational conglomerate OmniCorp, proposes using an army of drones, the ED-209, to keep city under control in place of the corrupt cops on Vallon's payroll. An ambitious young OmniCorp board member, Dennett Norton, tries to introduce his own idea of using cyborgs to police the city, but Sellars keeps him quiet. During a demonstration, ED-209 goes berserk and kills a board member, so OmniCorp CEO Jack Lewis writes off the program. Norton manages to flag Lewis down and tell him about his cybernetics idea, to which Lewis approves, angering Sellars.

Alex Murphy, one of the few honest cops left in the city, kisses his wife Clara and son David goodbye before leaving for work. Murphy's previous partner was killed in the line of duty (although it is implied that he was murdered by his corrupt colleagues) and he is assigned a new partner; rookie Anne Lewis, Jack's daughter. The two are assigned to patrol Metro West, one of the worst areas of the city.

The cops soon come across a robbery underway and Murphy recognizes one of the criminals as boss Vallon. After a car chase across Metro West, Vallon and his men retreat into an abandoned steel mill and are pursued by Murphy and Lewis on foot. In the ensuing shootout, Anne is shot and injured, but Murphy ultimately triumphs and captures Vallon. He then takes Vallon into custody and Karen to hospital.

In retaliation for Vallon's arrest, Rick Mattox, a dirty cop, plants a car bomb which nearly kills Murphy when it explodes outside of his house. Badly maimed, Murphy is declared dead, but his remains are secretly chosen to be used in Norton's "RoboCop" program. Karen recovers and is released from hospital, and Vallon is released from jail. Mattox is fired from the police force, but swears he'll get his own back on the city.

Murphy is rebuilt as a cyborg and has been programmed with three prime directives; serve the public trust, protect the innocent and uphold the law. Just as RoboCop is unveiled to the police force in the station, Mattox storms city hall and takes Mayor Durant and his staff hostage, killing one of them in the process. Police surround the building, while a crazed Mattox lists his demands. RoboCop silently enters the building through the underground car park, then confronts Mattox. Mattox tries to use the mayor's secretary as a human shield, but RoboCop shoots through her skirt and the bullet hits Mattox in the crotch. Screaming in pain, the villain falls out of a window to his death.

RoboCop proves popular with the public, and begins to effeciently clean up crime in the city. Anne recognizes several mannerisms displayed by RoboCop which were also displayed by Murphy, and deduces that they are one in the same. When she tries to speak to him, RoboCop experiences a flashback tom Murphy's past life and flees. Karen eventually finds him at his former home, when he learns that his family have long since moved on, thinking Murphy to be dead.

Meanwhile, Sellars openly disapproves of RoboCop, and hoping to make a profit on his ED-209s, decides to try and get him out of the way. He first sends an ED-209 to Norton's house, eliminating him and the two prostitutes who were with him. Anne investigates his death and becomes suspicious of Sellars. RoboCop watches police archive footage and recognizes the image of Vallon's face, and decides to take him down in revenge for what happened to Murphy.

RoboCop returns to the steel mill, where Vallon and his men are gathered. A shootout ensues, killing two of Vallon's men. He knocks another thug into a vat of toxic sludge, before Vallon uses a crane to try and crush RoboCop. He survives, but is trapped. Before Vallon can finish him, Anne appears and blows up the crane control room, killing Vallon. Anne then tells RoboCop that she believes Sellars murdered Norton.

RoboCop arrives at Sellars' office, where he tries to arrest him, but begins to shut down. Sellars reveals a hidden fourth prime directive buried deep within his programming; he cannot take action against any OmniCorp employee. ED-209 enters and tries to kill RoboCop, who manages to shove it into an elevator before shooting out the cord. The elevator car plummets down the shaft and explodes. More ED-209s swarm onto the floor, forcing RoboCop to escape by jumping down the elevator shaft. The police arrive to find out what's going on, and is the confusion Anne manages to drag RoboCop to safety and slip away with him.

They return the steel mill, where Anne helps RoboCop to fix himself up. Sellars publicly announces that RoboCop has gone rogue and tried to kill him, and the police are being replaced by ED-209s. RoboCop decides that he must stop Sellars, and Karen agrees to help him. On their way back to OmniCorp headquarters, they are intercepted by an army of police officers. They at first think that they have come to destroy RoboCop, but reveal that they are angry at being replaced by ED-209s and want to help him take Sellars out.

RoboCop and Karen enter the OmniCorp board room during a meeting and expose Sellars by playing a recording RoboCop took of him confessing to having Norton killed. Sellars panickes and puts the OmniCorp building on lockdown, then has ED-209s flood the room. More ED-209 arrive at the building, but are attacked by the army of cops. RoboCops battles his way through the security drones, while Sellars takes Anne & Clara hostage and escapes to the roof, demanding a helicopter. RoboCop pursues them and takes aim with his gun, but hesitates when his fourth prime directive activates. RoboCop manages to overcome his programming through his own will power and fires, blasting Sellars off of the roof.

In the aftermath, the ED-209s are shut down and the police return as the main peacekeeping force in Delta City, albeit now far less corrupt. Lewis approaches RoboCop and thanks him for saving the day, then asks him his name. RoboCop replies "Murphy" before walking away with Anne, Clara & David.


  • Keanu Reeves - Alex Murphy/RoboCop
  • Jessica Biel - Anne Lewis
  • James Woods - Raymond Sellars
  • Seth Green - Dennett Norton
  • Willem Dafoe - Antoine Vallon
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