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Roblox Multiverse
Dimensionality Uncertain
Size Uncertain
kardashev Scale Uncertain
Contained by Omniverse
Contains Realities, Dimensions
Other Information
Creator(s) God (Multiverse Space)
Robloxia (Space, Time, Mattter & Energy of the Multiverse)
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The Roblox Multiverse is a Multiverse that contains realities and dimnesions involving Roblox. It's one of the two main Multiverse settings in the AU Omniverse.


When God had created Existence, he had created a Multiversal entity in a empty Multiverse as a extension of himself, and gifted it when near limitless power. It then took form a female humanoid block figure, and took on the name of Robloxia. Now with a name, she goes and used her cosmic power to created all of space-time, matter and energy and created all galaxies and solar systems.