Robin and Rita is a part animated part live action crossover short film. It is the third and final sequel to Buena Vista.

In the story - Rita the Fox refused to join her brother Robin Hood's band of Merry Men. Because she disliked stealing things from The Sheriff of Nottingham. Rita also refused to let her friend Hugo the Jungle Animal join them. Sometime after The Sheriff's defeat - Hugo and Rita found a new home. After an arguement with his sister - Robin got angry with Rita. The little fox was sad and terrified. Robin calms down and told Rita he was sorry for hurting her feelings. Hugo and Rita played with Robin in the forest. A year later - Hugo and Rita battled a wicked lioness named Zira who kidnapped Scrooge McDuck. The three escaped and Zira was banished from the forest. One day - Hugo and Rita made new friends with Kiara and Kovu's cub Riot. The story ends with Robin embracing his childhood sweetheart Maid Marian.

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