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Robert Evans is a recurring character of TV series The Sullivans. Robert was served as one of the show's main antagonist in season 2.


Born in Houston, Texas in October 1975.


In late 2006, Evans was transferred in Denver PD where he partnered with Burton Donnell. Evans become a great friend to Burton and his wife Maggie but he struggled to balance his personal and outside life (including his marriage). A weeks later, Evans become separated from his wife after he was caught with an another woman in their bedroom. Month later, after Burton and Maggie welcome him to stay with them. Evans closely bonds with their youngest daughter Andrea as he watch Andrea of being overshadowed by her father and her older brothers but he grew to love her. After Andrea turned 18, she and Evans begins to have a relationship. While he was seeing Andrea, Evans reconciled with his wife and see her behind Andrea's back. When Andrea finds out, he turn abusive on Andrea and threatens to kill her and her family if she ends their relationship. Andrea continues to carry on her relationship with Evans for 5 months while Evans' behavior gets worse.

One night, after a bad day at work, Evans visits Andrea at her dorm room. He attempts to seduce her but Andrea rejects him and stands up to him. However, things went wrong for Andrea when Evans fights back and attacks Andrea before violently rape her. Andrea tries to escape but Evans grabs her and attempts to rape her again and then Andrea knocks him out in anger, left him for good. Evans didn't went to the hospital or report the assault because he didn't want to get Andrea in trouble. The next day, Evans transferred himself to his other unit in Denver but keeps his reasons privately and block contacts with Burton and his family. Shortly then, his marriage collapsed after his wife found out that his affairs had included girls nearly as Andrea's age and left him for good, taking their son with her in the process; she subsequently punished him by ensuring that his contact with their son was minimal at best. Evans became depressed for a while until he learned from a friend about Andrea's pregnancy. Realizing the baby was his, Evans searched for Andrea, but only found her after she had given birth and given the baby up.

After using his connections to track his daughter and her adoptive parents down to Louisville via the private adoption agency they used, he planned to come forward as the baby's biological father and take custody of her, but her adoptive parents were killed in a car accident before he could. After doing some investigating of his own, Evans discovered that the accident was a disguised as a hit. Evans tracks down the man and then made a deal with him to bury the evidence he had in exchange for helping speed his attempt to get his daughter through the courts. Once the case was over, Evans returned home with his daughter, named her as Audrey and raised her as a single father. As Audrey grew up, he lies to Audrey about his identity and kept her hidden from outside world for years. He was assigned to Major Crimes and eventually becomen Lieutenant years later but he fell into financial trouble as a result of his divorce which resulted Evans getting involved with Dean Ryder, who brought him into the latter's sex trafficking ring.

Season 2

Evans first appeared when he furiously confronts Audrey in the park before dragging her into the car and tells Mary Sullivan to stay away from Audrey. He was seen at District Commander Dan "Red Fox" Cutter's farewell party where it revealed that Evans has a connection with somebody from the FJU but in episode 9, it revealed that Evans knew Andrea after he broke into her house. He arrived at the Donnell family's Christmas party unannounced. He reunited with Burton but Andrea left horrified of seeing Robert. However, she covered her reaction in front of her father.

A month later, Lieutenant Evans and his Major Crime unit takes over the FJU and Denver Vice's investigation of a bus shooting which left three businessmen dead. Drake clashes with Evans over his involvement in the case but is surprised to finds out that Evans is Burton's ex-partner. He confronts Andrea about her connection with Evans. Andrea reveals the history between Evans and her family, but Drake gets suspicious that she's not telling the whole truth. Not sure if they really should trust Evans, Drake and Andrea both decide to do their own investigation without Major Crimes knowing. However, Evans finds out about Drake and Andrea's plan and has a detective to follows them where they have a run in with a group of hitmen. Later, Evans and his co went to the location and rescue Drake and Andrea. Later, he defends Drake and Andrea from Sergeant Alicia Pearce who accuses them of breaking their promise. Drake thanks him for rescuing him and Andrea and Evans apologizes to him, admitting that he was out of line before and he may have a checkered background, but it doesn't mean he's a bad cop. However, Andrea still reminds cold with Evans.

Knowing that Katherine is attempting to find out about Audrey's real parents, Evans hired a former DEA agent Carter Malarkey to get rid of the evidence in Katherine's office. Malarkey's plan goes slightly wrong when Hessa Cohen and Mario Nazario turn up in the office at the wrong time. He attacks them before locking them in the office and setting it on fire. Cohen and Nazario were rescued, but Katherine's evidence was destroyed. Evans meets up with Malarkey, telling him that that the Denver PD knows it was him who burned Katherine's office and he has to go into hiding before warns Malarkey that if he is caught, he will have sacrifice himself, which Malarkey acknowledged. He then calls his collaborator Congressman Dean Ryder, giving his update about Katherine.

Later, Evans corners Andrea when she walks home from hospital. Andrea refuses to speak to Evans but when Evans mentions about their love, Andrea tells him that their relationship wasn't love, it was abuse, and tells him that he was the worst mistake of her life. Then, an angrily Evans turns violent with Andrea and threatens her but Andrea responds by kneeing him and punching him away from her. She warns Evans to stay away from her and her family. A month later, Evans and his unit was sent to investigate when Andrea's brother Michael was accused of murder. The the FJU left furious over Major Crimes taking over their investigation but Evans and Eugene Winder defends their decision.

During the investigation, Evans comfort a upset Andrea, attempts to sweet-talking her before kissing her but a horrific Andrea rejects him, telling him that he doesn't have any chance of winning her back. Later, Evans arrived at a warehouse where the FJU gets involved in the shooting with Detective Sarah Howard and her accomplices. As Drake and Andrea confronts Howard over framing Michael, Evans shoot Howard in the neck. Drake gets annoyed with Evans for shooting Howard but Evans defeated himself while Andrea tries to save a wounded Howard. Howard tells Andrea that it was Evans who suggested the entire scheme to her before passing away in Andrea's arm.

After Michael was released from prison, Andrea went to Evans' house where she confronts him about framing Michael. Evans strongly denies this but then, when Andrea mentions Audrey's name in their conversation, Evans react badly before confronts Andrea of knowing Audrey. Andrea admits of meeting Audrey at the café and mentioned her age, 19 years old before accuses him of using Audrey for sex. Evans strongly denied of Andrea's allegations but accidentally reveals Audrey as his real child, not his "adopted" daughter. Then, Evans decides to tell Andrea the truth about Audrey which left Andrea horrified. She slaps Evans in anger before threatens to tell her family, but Evans threatens to destroy her career if she tries before orders her to get out of his house. Andrea leaves the house in tears, with neither knowing that Mary overheard and recorded them.


Evans has a questionable background for being a little rough with suspects at times, but is regarded as an effective cop for most of the season. However, his later revealed acts of womanizing, infidelity, sexual assault, corruption, and alliance with Congressman Dean Ryder's sex trafficking ring diminish whatever good he might've done on the force.

Despite his many faults though, Evans is shown to have some standards of character. For instance, it's shown that he was devastated over his ex-wife limiting his contact with their son following their divorce, and was why that when he managed to gain custody of Audrey, his daughter with Andrea, he kept her sheltered out of fear of losing her too. Following his arrest, Evans also feels ashamed of both how things went bad in his and Andrea's relationship (implying he might've actually fallen in love with her) and at his various crimes, including his involvement in Ryder's ring (which he only got involved with for financial purposes following his costly divorce), especially after they try to kill Audrey, which leads to him turning against them in court at the heads' trial in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Known Victims

  • April-September 2010: Andrea Donnell (abused, raped and impregnated)
  • 201?-2030: Unknown unnamed girls (sold for sex)
  • March 2030: Sarah Howard (shot in the neck)
  • March 2030: Audrey Evans (assaulted and kidnapped; rescued days later)


  • Service weapon: SIG Sauer P226 (Season 2, Episode 13-20)
  • An episode of The Sullivans season 2 mentions his birthdate as October 19, 1975.
  • He was credited as Mr. Evans for 4 episodes (Episode 3-4, 8-9) until in episode 10, he was credited as Robert Evans when his true identity is revealed.