Robert Thomas Roener (born. March 15 1969, San Francisco, USA-), better known by his stage name Rob Ravager, is an American heavy metal musician, most notably as the vocalist of the Florida death metal band Encephalitic Punishment. He also played bass from the band's formation in 1988 until his temporary departure in 1993.

Personal life

Robert was born on the 15th of March 1969 to David and Katherine Roener, the second child after his brother Derrick (b. 1963). His younger brother David Roener II (b. 1970) currently plays guitar in Encephalitic Punishment since 2003.

Rob was married to Juliette Arlington in 1992, and they have three children, Eric (b. 1993), Melissa (b. 1994) and Thomas (b. 1997). Eric currently plays guitar in the death metal band Youngblooded, which have gone on tour with Encephalitic Punishment on several occasions. Thomas suffers from lung pinprick condition (LPC), which Rob also suffers from. He has had to cancel several times over his career due to problems with LPC, and stated it as one of the reasons for his departure in 1993.

Rob is a vegan, as he told Metalix Magazine in 2004, saying that after seeing his father work as a butcher he was put off meat. As to his religion Roener has described himself as a casual Christian, despite his Jewish heritage.


Encephalitic Punishment

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