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A 2003 animated film by Bisney Pictures.


  • Appondale - A singing canary who is the narrator of the film.
  • Rob4Good - A Male Marble Fox. who, like his name suggests, robs for good.
  • Jimmy Jones - A Warthog who is R4G’s best friend.
  • Miss Marita - A Female Marble Fox wearing red.
  • Prince Ron - A greedy teenage tiger.
  • Sir Whoops - A magenta condor who is Prince Ron’s partner-in-crime.
  • Friar Buck - A Brown porcupine who supports Rob4Good and Jimmy Jones.
  • Police Knottingfur - A Blue coyote wearing a police outfit.
  • Hippy - A young meerkat.
  • Lady Quack - A White duck wearing blue.
  • Bicker and Braindead - Two Yak Guardsmen.
  • Janice - Hippy’s Sister.
  • Hippy’s Mom
  • Oliver - A male white cat with a peg leg.
  • King Ricardo - Prince Ron’s Dad.

Voice Cast

  • Dom DeLuise as Jimmy Jones
  • Charles Nelson Reilly as Sir Whoops
  • Christopher Plummer as Prince Ron
  • James Arnold Taylor as Oliver
  • Cree Summer as Lady Quack
  • Tara Strong as Miss Marita
  • Adam Carolla as Friar Buck
  • Rob Paulsen as Police Knottingfur
  • Charlie Sheen as Rob4Good
  • Jack Plotnick as Bicker
  • Andy Dick as Braindead
  • Kath Soucie as Janice
  • Jennifer Hale as Hippy's Mom
  • Jess Harnell as King Richado
  • Grey DeLisle as Hippy
  • Jeff Bennett as Appondale


  1. Rob4Good and Jimmy Jones - Appondale
  2. A Beautiful Day to Collect Some Taxes - Police Knottingfur
  3. Like I Was In Jail - Miss Marita
  4. Ron the Worst - Jimmy Jones, Friar Buck, Lady Quack, Hippy, Janice, and Oliver
  5. What Have They Done - Appondale
  6. Love Goes On - Appondale