Road To Kill is a 2014 Horror Slasher Thriller Film Starring Dianna Agron,Nico Tortella,Alex Meraz,Kevin G. Schmitd,Shantel Vansanten,Ryan Rottman,Logan Lerman,Kristin Bell,Malese Jow,Matt Lanter,Anna Hutchison,Arielle Kebbel,Kiely Williams,Beau Mirchoff,Juilan Morris,Rummer Willis and Robert Englund


A group of friends travel to get to Las Vegas but have to go through a forest when camping but not tare they are not alone in the forest will be monitored by a deranged murderer.



  • Dianna Agron As Alice
  • Nico Tortella As Jerry
  • Alex Meraz As Jorge
  • Kevin G. Schmitd As Hutch
  • Shantel VanSanten As Lucy
  • Ryan Rottman As Nick
  • Logan Lerman As Beau
  • Kristen Bell As Caroline
  • Malese Jow As Anna
  • Matt Lanter As Seth
  • Anna Hutchison As Sloan
  • Arielle Kebbel As Mary
  • Kiely Williams As Liv
  • Beau Mirchoff As Tyron
  • Juilan Morris As Andy
  • Rumer Willis As Carly
  • Robert Englund As The Killer


  • Mary-Neck sliced ​​with ax
  • Liv-Eyes Gouged Out
  • Andy-Crossed in the back with an arrow
  • Tyrone-ax in the mouth
  • Carly-stabbed in the heart
  • Anna-divided by mouth with an ax
  • Seth-burned alive
  • Sloan-sliced ​​breast
  • Beau-knife in the back of the head
  • Hutch-neck snapped
  • Lucy-ripped face
  • Jorge-beheaded with ax
  • Jerry-impaled in the chest with an ax
  • The Killer-multiple shots by caroline and beheaded with an ax by alice


Alice and Caroline


  1. I Miss You-Avril Lavigne
  1. If You Say So-Lea Michele
  1. Give me a Sign-Breaking Benjamin
  1. wounded heart-Dianna Agron (Soundtrack Original)

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