Road Terror 3 is an American Horror-Slasher Film Sequel To Road Terror And Road Terror 2 Starring Megan Fox, Shawn Ashmore, Audrina Patridge, Derek Mears, Cam Gigandet, Laura Ramsey, Ashley Greene And Darren Kagasoff.



A group of friends go on the woods for summer break and a killer/hillbilly counties to haunt and kill them chelsa make it out alive wit her 2 friends.this was realse May 4 2013 on theaters and on dvd August 27 2013.


Megan Fox as Amanda- The main protagonist, she is the girlfriend of Greg and Chelsea's sister.

Shawn Ashmore as Greg- Amanda's boyfriend.

Audrina Patridge as Chelsea- Amanda's sister.

Derek Mears as Billy/The Killer

Cam Gigandet as Marcus- Greg's best friend and Marcie's boyfriend.

Laura Ramsey as Marcie- Amanda's best friend and Marcus' girlfriend.

Ashley Greene as Mitchie- Chelsea's best friend and Carl's girlfriend.

Darren Kagasoff as Carl- Greg's best friend and Mitchie's boyfriend.


Mitchie- heel slit with sythe strangled with moutain Climingg rope

Carl- suffacated with palsice wrap in car

Marcie- drowned in bathtub

Marcus- stabbed with axe in bed

Billy- Stabbed in stomach/chest/arm with a machete by Greg, axe to chest/leg/back by Chelseaand decapitated with a machete by Amanda





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