Road Terror 2 Is An American Horror-Slasher Film Sequel Road Terror Starring Aimee Teegarden, Beau Mirchoff, Derek Mears, Leighton Meester, Shane Harper, Drake Bell And Emma Roberts.


6 Friends travel to A Party, but then encounter Billy and he Kills them One by One.




  • Heather- Slammed into tree, stabbed in stomach multiple times and hanged on a tree.
  • Nathan- His wrist was cut by a machete
  • David- Throat slit with an machete
  • Lance- Gutted with a machete
  • Kelsey- Chest was torn open and head smashed with a rock
  • Priscilla-Stabbed with a machete
  • Billy- Slashed across the throat with a machete by Erica


  • Erica
  • Trevor
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