Road Terror is a Slasher Film Starring Nicholas D'Agosto, Jessica Stroup, Katie Cassidy, Nico Tortorella, Ryan Merriman, Logan Lerman, Chelan Simmons, Crystal Lowe, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Alexis Bledel, Danielle Panabaker, Steven R. McQueen, Jesse Moss, Michael Copon, Tyler Hoechlin, Ryan Hansen, Derek Mears and Agnes Bruckner.


A group of college friends are driving on the road to go to a party but their tire is flattened, they stay in the woods for the night. Now a killer is coming after them and wants them out of his property.


The film begins with a news channel telling of a guy that killed people on a road and telling people to not go on that road, Ethan (Nicholas D'Agosto, a college student wakes up and turns off his TV and gets dress, his roommate, Seth (Nico Tortorella) wakes up and gets dress and they leave for spring break. Ethan and Seth than meets up with their girlfriends, Kelsey (Jessica Stroup) and Mary (Katie Cassidy) and Mary tells them if they heard about the murders which Ethan, Kelsey and Seth respond to what murders, Mary tells


Nicholas D'Agosto as Ethan

Jessica Stroup as Kelsey

Katie Cassidy as Mary

Nico Tortorella as Seth

Ryan Merriman as David

Logan Lerman as Travis

Chelan Simmons as Claire

Crystal Lowe as Vicky

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Jessica

Alexis Bledel as Michelle

Danielle Panabaker as Ashley

Steven R. McQueen as Trent

Jesse Moss as Daniel

Michael Copon as James

Tyler Hoechlin as Garrett

Ryan Hansen as Jack

Derek Mears as Billy/ The Killer

Agnes Bruckner as Alice


Alice- Impaled through throat with an axe

Daniel- Slashed in chest, slashed across throat and stabbed in forehead with a machete while trying to escape

Jack- Stabbed in abdomen, gutted and back impaled on a tree

Garrett- Head slammed on tree several times

Vicky- Neck snapped

James- Arm twisted, escaped in car/car flipped over/blown up with Ashley

Ashley- Escaped in car/car flipped over/blown up with James

Travis- Decapitated with axe

Michelle- Arm caught in Billy's wood chipper and shredded

Jessica?- Chased back into the woods, fell on tree branch and dragged deeper into the woods

David- Set on fire with a Molotov cocktail

Claire- Cut in half with an axe

Billy/ The Killer- Stabbed multiple times with a machete by Kelsey and shot in chest with a shotgun by Ethan







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