Rivers of Death (also known as River Dolphins of Death) is a 1974 American disaster horror film written and directed by Wes Craven and produced by Peter Benchley, starring Laurence Olivier, Linda Blair, and Richard Harris. The film is based on the 1964 novel with the same name by Ted Moore. The film follows a group of carnivorous botos on the killing spree and hunting for human flesh.

This film has received mostly positive reviews and is one of the best 1974 films and among the best classic films of all time, receiving about 94.7% of the positive reviews by Rotten Tomatoes.


Somewhere in the Amazon river, a group of fishermen were mysteriously killed by some groups of predatory animals. The team of investigators have checked the reasons of why the fishermen were dead, but couldn't find any known animal responsible for these gruesome deaths. The investigators, however, have been killed by a group of mysterious creatures on screen.

The traveler, Miles Carlston (Laurence Olivier), was visiting the Amazon with his wife, Lora Carlston ( Linda Blair). However, they saw the indigenous people running away from the nearby village, fearing the predators in the water will get and kill them all. But the Carlstons shrugged off as if it were just nonsensical superstition.

The Carlstons had found the nearest village house that was floating above water and best suits them where they had met the owner of the house, Pablo Eduardo (Richard Harris). They had stayed the house and sleep for the night, but then, the house got flooded and was intruded by some unknown aquatic predators. Pablo was then attacked and killed by the aquatic predators, but left one predator losing an eye in a process.

The Carlstons had found Pablo's dead corpse and were confused and scared of what might be living in the waters and why the house was flooded. The Carlstons ventured out of the house to try and investigate on what is going on around Pablo's former floating house.

The Carlstons had looked all over the river and had found no signs of life. But that seeminly-lifelessness is interupted by the aquatic predators, who revealed themselves to be the killer Amazon river dolphins. The dolphins had attacked the Carlstons, who were on their own motorboat trying to escape from the river dolphins. The dolphins, however, have outpased the boat and rammed and overturned the boat, attacking and killing the Carlstons. The film ends with the river dolphins swiming with human blood coming out their mouths while the end credits is rolling.

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