Rita Finucci is the main antagonist of The PINY: Institute of New York Movie.


Rita is one of Julia's former assistants. She is bossy and ambitious. Behind her million dollar smile, Rita hides a heart of ice. Manipulative and spoiled, she is Julia's right hand. She idolizes of causing havoc with the rest of the Beautiful People. She also likes to go on her own way and gets her own assistants. After the events of Coffee Girl, she became more evil, more dangerous and more aggressive in the film.


  • Rita is the opposite of Allias Salmon (from Planet Adventure, another Dreamworks film released the same year as The PINY: Institute of New York Movie): While Allias is the main protagonist, a male, a show off, funny, childish, good-natured, warm and loving person; Rita is a villain, a female, calm, intelligent, cold and a hate-filled person. However, the common thing Rita and Allias have is they both have anger issues.
    • Some fans often ship Allias and Rita, while most don't.
  • Rita is often regarded as the darkest of the Dreamworks villains.
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