Rise of the Legends (or simply known as L2GENDS in international countries) is an PG-13 action animated science-fiction film and a sequel to Legends directed by Mic Graves and Steven Spielberg, produced by Bryan Singer, and distrubited by Warner Bros. Pictures, This move stars Adam Gontier, Channing Tutum, Snoop Dogg, Teresa Gallagher, Dwayne Johnson, Daniel Radcliffe, Liam Neeson, Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.


In 1977, former astronaut Johnson Jakeman (now mostly known as Rayman) has been freezed by a shooting ice star known as "The Cold Shooting Star Ever", In 2031, Penny is now as the singer ExplodingTNT (not to be confused by the youtuber) for the Talent Show, Meanwhile, The judges are confused that Penny is not singing, but the main judge, Hytalo, from Brazil, can sense Penny's voice while singing in the subtitles, while Penny almost got murdered, but Hytalo saves her, then Hytalo breaks his legs by the trap.




Logo variations

  • The Warner Bros and Village Roadshow logos are the same from The Matrix, but all yellow.
  • The Sliver Pictures and the Ubisoft Motion Pictures logo is in computer-ish yellow.



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