Ripper 3: Letter From Below is a 2013 American-Canadian-British Slasher film and the third instalment to the Ripper franchise.

The movie stars A.J. Cook, Amiee Teegarden, Greg Sulkin, Leah Pipes, Johnny Simmons, Mary-Kate Olsen, Adam Hicks, Richard Bremmer, Michelle Tractenberg, Lucas Till and Liliana Mumy.

The film is directed by Rob Zombie and written by Wes Craven.


Molly Keller was now realeasd from the insane asylum and has a daughter named Mary. The terror starts hapening again when Mary and her friends and Molly are put in danger.


  • A.J. Cook as Molly Keller
  • Aimee Teegarden as Mary Keller
  • Greg Sulkin as Marcus Tanvers
  • Leah Pipes as Ally Carson
  • Johnny Simmons as Jake Kraft
  • Mary-Kate Olsen as Cathy Ethrane
  • Adam Hicks as Mick Noamanz
  • Richard Bremmer as Dr. Weisser
  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Ellie Sarcram
  • Lucas Till as Micheal Karne
  • Liliana Mumy as Mica Kellis


  • Marcus Tanvers- Stabbed 4 times in the chest, hung with chains, thrown through out window
  • Mick Noamanz- Legs ran over twice with the jeep, throat ripped out, stabbed 39 times in the torso
  • Ally Carson- Sedated with drugs, brain ripped out
  • Ellie Sarcram- Hand is ripped off with a car tire, decapitated with a car hood
  • Mica Kellis- Cut in half with a circlar saw
  • Cathy Ethrane- Throat slashed with a hacksaw
  • Jake Kraft- Face split open with an axe
  • Dr.Weisser- Executed
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