Rip Kick is an American animated television series.



Main Characters

Tyler An African American thirteen year old

maternal half brother of African-Native American descent.

Tyler's Native American stepsister and half sister

Payton-She is revealed to be an ancestor of Drake Cox from Chrissy X.

The gang are fully aware that is male, and are supportive of Dave's crush on him.

Fletcher- Payton's fifteen year old brother

A Chinese American

A Japanese American

Secondary Characters

Tyler and 's mother and stepmother

Tyler's Native American stepfather and father.

Tyler's biological father and ex-husband.

Captain Crandall/Cap- the leader of Teamo Supremo

Hector Felipe Corrio/Skate Lad-

Brenda/Rope Girl

Pepper Ann Pearson-

Todd Daring-

Riley Daring-

Cornelius C. Fillmore-

Ingrid Third-

Kick Buttowski-




Congratulations, your son is pregnant!

What the? looked at the road) OH MY GOD! HIT THE DECK!

To his horror he saw on the road, a lone soda can.

(shouted to the sky)Curse you 7 up! CURSE YOU!

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