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Rip Kick is an American animated television series.



Main Characters

Tyler An African American thirteen year old

maternal half brother of African-Native American descent.

Tyler's Native American stepsister and half sister

Payton-She is revealed to be an ancestor of Drake Cox from Chrissy X.

ang are fully aware about Wyatt's crush on Jake and are supportive.

Fletcher- Payton's fifteen year old brother

Wyatt Xiao- A Chinese American

A Japanese American

Secondary Characters

Tyler and 's mother and stepmother

Tyler's Native American stepfather and father.

Tyler's biological father and ex-husband.

Captain Crandall/Cap- the leader of Teamo Supremo

Hector Felipe Corrio/Skate Lad-

Brenda/Rope Girl

Pepper Ann Pearson-

Todd Daring-

Riley Daring-

Cornelius C. Fillmore-

Ingrid Third-

Kick Buttowski-




Are you made out of paper because you're just absolutely tearable.

Congratulations, your son is pregnant!

What the? looked at the road) SWEET MOTHER OF ALABAMA! HIT THE DECK!

To his horror he saw on the road, a lone soda can.

(shouted to the sky)Curse you 7 up! CURSE YOU!