Rio:Another One Bites the Dust is a 2015 film. It's a prequel to the LMBW movie series that lasted from 2016-2026.


Riolu is mysteriously attacked one night by Skul. Rio beats up Skul and runs downstairs to the front door, only to bump into Arya, the local LMBW City Sheriff. Skul is then arrested and later breaks out of jail. While at the mean time, Rio is auditioning for, Tennis:The Musical!. He gets the lead role. At the day that the musical premiers at Broadway, Skul somehow manages to get pass security and enter the theater room only to terrorize Rio. The show runs smoothly until Skull kills, Harold and Rosean along with Drew. In the final act, Rio has to go face to face with Skul on stage. The audience, thinking it's part of the show when it isn't, don't do anything. Arya hears about the news and quickly rushes up on stage and shoots Skul in the chest with her Glock 17. Skul trips over some cables, causing them to depart and make the lights in the theater turn off. Arya quickly turns them back on. Rio is then seen sitting on stage, hugging himself and shaking. The audience stands up and start clapping, thinking everything was part of the show. Skul was confirmed to be dead.


  • Channing Tatum as Rio
  • Taylor Swift as Arya
  • Mike Myers as Skul
  • Madonna as herself
  • Hayley Williams as Rosean
  • Deadmau5 as Harold
  • Jackie Chan as Drew
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