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Rewind is a television series starting in 2015. The story focuses on a teenager who discovers he can rewind time.


  • Hank Harper; a 17-year old boy who discovers he can rewind time
  • Ashley James; Hank's friend
  • Ella Morrison; a mentally unstable girl who deals drugs at Hank's school
  • Madison Simone; Ashley's abusive stepmother
  • Diane Phillips; Hank's teacher
  • Graham; Hank's friend
  • Daniel; a boy at Hank's school who is rumoured to have raped Ella
  • Annie; a bitchy girl at Hank's school
  • Jack Simone; Madison's brother and Ashley's uncle
  • Charlie; a drug dealer Ashley gets weed from
  • Matt; a jock at Hank's school
  • Moira; Hanna's mother
  • Mal; a man Moira is having an affair with
  • Hanna; a friend of Hank and Ashley who disappeared
  • Salazar; a hitman Moira hired
  • David James; Ashley's father who died in 2014
  • Josephine James; Ashley's mother who died in 2010


Season 1

Title Release Date
1 January 30, 2015
At school, Hank Harper witnesses Ashley James getting shot by Ella Morrison. Trying to stop Ella, Hank finds himself back in his class, having rewinded time. He prevents Ashley from being shot.

He later meets with Graham. They are attacked by Ella who accuses Hank of spying on her and being part of a sexist conspiracy against her. Ashley helps Hank and Graham escape in the truck with her. We learn that Hank and Ashley used to be best friends. Ashley's mother, Josephine, died in 2010 and her father, David, remarried before he died in 2012.

At Ashley's home, they talk about Hanna, a friend who disappeared. Ashley's stepmother, Madison Simone, returns home. Ashley has Hank and Graham hide to prevent Madison catching Ashley with boys at home. Madison finds a Batman comic in Ashley's room that she considers "misogynistic" and belt whips her until blood is drawn as punishment.

2 Out of Time February 6, 2015
Hank researches the source of his rewind power. Daniel is bullied by Annie over rumours he raped Ella. Hank learns that Daniel was given drugs by Ella and blacked out, implying he's the victim of the rape he's being accused of.

Meeting with Ashley, Hank convinces her of his rewind powers, telling her of everything that will happen in the next 30 seconds.

Ashley takes Hank to her "secret lair" where they and Hanna used to hang out. Hank and Ashley have sex.

At school, class is interrupted by a student telling them Daniel is on the rooftop about to jump. After Daniel jumps, Hank rewinds time but is unable to go far back enough to prevent him from jumping again. Making another attempt to save Daniel, Hank ends up freezing time. Hank gets up to the building before his powers fail but he is able to grab Daniel before he falls.

3 February 13, 2015
Hank and Ashley investigate Hanna's disappearance by breaking into the principal's office. They find evidence of a cover up by Ella's mother concerning Ella's grades.

Hank finds himself in 2010 in his 12-year old body. Knowing this is the day Ashley's mother Josephine died in the car accident, Hank steals her car keys, prompting Josephine to catch the bus instead.

Hank finds himself back in the present in his 17-year old body. He finds that Annie is now his girlfriend. He finds Josephine alive but her father, David, is still dead. Ashley is in a vegetative state due a car accident Josephine blames herself for.

4 February 20, 2015
Hank continues to explore the alternate timeline. He discovers his mother has died in the new timeline. He also learns Daniel had killed herself since he no longer prevented his suicide and that more girls have disappeared like Hanna. An assailant breaks into Ashley's house and kills her. Hank is attacked by an Old Man who knows Hank has changed time and warns him to change it back.

Not wanting to live in this new timeline, Hank goes back to 2010 again and this time allows Josephine to find her keys and leave, restoring the previous timeline.

He decides not to mention the alternate timeline to Ashley.

Hank and Ashley decide to investigate Ella's room. Daniel gives them Ella's room number. While Hank and Ashley check out her room, Ella comes back and threatens them. Graham arrives and beats up Ella.

The clues lead Hank and Ashley to an abandoned barn with hidden stairs. Underneath, they find photos of tortured girls including Hanna. They also find a burned up corpse that Ashley recognises at Hanna from a tattoo on it. Ashley swears to get revenge on Ella.

They go to a nightclub Ella frequents. Annie tells them Ella isn't there. Hank and Ashley get a text from Ella telling them she's going to remove the evidence.

Hank and Ashley return to the barn. Ashley rushes to Hanna's body to find it still intact. Hank tries to follow her but is injected with a sedative. Hank shouts to Ashley. Ashley attempts to save Hank but is shot in the head. Hank tries to rewind time but the sedative prevents him. Before blacking out, he sees Miss Phillips.

5 February 27, 2015
Hank wakes up from the sedative to find himself in the underground room in the Barn. He finds Annie 's body, having been killed by Miss Phillips and Ella. When Ella starts ranting to Hank about all the girls she and Miss Phillips had raped, tortured and killed, Miss Phillips kills her for being an liability. Hank tries to use his rewind powers again but the drugs in his system cause him to fast forward instead.

Hank finds himself on trial for the rape and murder of Hanna, Ella, Ashley and Annie, having been framed by Miss Phillips. With the drugs out of his system, Hank is able to rewind time again.

Hank finds himself in class before he and Ashley went back to the barn. He anonymously calls the police, telling them about Miss Phillips' barn.

Hank goes back to the present to find himself still captive in the barn. A police officer, Ashley's uncle Jack Simone, arrives to rescue him but Miss Phillips kills him. Hank rewinds and warns Jacks who overpowers Miss Phillips. Finding out Miss Phillips killed Ashley, Jack shoots Miss Phillips.

Hank goes back again and warns Ashley not to go back to the barn with him.

In the new timeline, Miss Phillips has been arrested thanks to Hank's tip to the police and Ashley and Annie are both alive.

Hank finds himself in another reality where the place is nearly deserted. He sees Daniel jump to his death again. He then finds himself in class before Ella shot Ashley in the first timeline but everything is moving backwards. Hank exits the classroom to find himself in a maze with Miss Phillips, Ella, Madison and a Minotaur stalking him. He is caught by the Minotaur who drags him into a section resembling the room under the barn where Hank is forced to watch Miss Phillips torture Ashley. Hank escapes with Ashley, who then disappears. He defeats the Minotaur to find he's the Old Man he encountered in the alternate timeline. The Old Man tells Hank that time is still altered because Hank prevented Ashley from being killed by Ella. Hank runs into a room where everyone he knows is frozen. The Old Man attacks him again, morphing into a copy of Hank. Ashley saves Hank from Other Hank.

Hank then finds himself winding forwards and backwards through time into various points in his life.

He then finds himself back in the present. The town is being attacked by a storm filled with monsters. The Other Hank appears and warns him and Ashley again. Ashley tells Hank he had to restore the timeline to how it was originally and Hank reluctantly agrees.

Hank goes back to before Ashley was first killed and allows the events to play out. Hank goes to Ashley's funeral with his parents, Madison, Jack, Graham, Daniel and other students.

Season 2

Title Release Date
1 August 31, 2016
In 2012, Hank, Ashley and Hanna go to a rave. They buy drugs from Charlie. Hank's refusal to actually take any drugs leads two girls to think he's planning to rape Ashley and Hanna. Hank is able to fight them off with martial art moves before Charlie forces the girls to leave.

Ashley's father David has married Madison Simone. Ashley has a dream about the car crash that killed Josephine.

At school, Matt gets into a fight with Ella. Ashley tries to help Ella but Hank tells her to ignore the fight.

After school, Hank, Ashley and Hanna go to the park. Hanna gets upset when she sees a man and a woman kiss.

At their "secret lair", she tells Hank and Ashley that the woman, Moira, was her mother cheating on her with another man. Hanna begins to gets more distressed and starts generating fire.

Hank reveals to Ashley and Hanna that he has the power to rewind time and actually came back from 2016, explaining how he knows martial arts and why he didn't want Ashley to help Ella.

2 September 7, 2016
Madison announces she will be moving in, outraging Ashley. While in a junkyard, smashing things with her bat, Ashley finds the truck she'd later use to save Hank and Graham from Ella and takes it. She gets a call from Charlie, wanting to meet with her.

Meeting with Charlie, Ashley sees the man Moira was cheating on Hanna's dad with. Charlie tells Ashley that Matt owes him $1,000 and asks to go the school, find the money and bring it to him.

3 September 14, 2016
Moira reveals the man she was at the park with was Hanna's actual father Mal who Moira had an affair with in 1998. When Mal found out he was Hanna's father, Moira started making monthly payments in exchange for Mal not telling Moira's husband about the affair. Hanna decides to go find Mal.

Knowing that Mal was seen with Charlie; Hank, Ashley and Hanna go meet Charlie. At the meeting place, they find Salazar who wants to know why they're looking for Mal. Salazar finds out Hanna is the DA's stepdaughter and stabs her. Hank attacks Salazar while Ashley rushes Hanna to the hospital.

Hank and Ashley investigate further and learn that Moira lied about a lot of things and that she had hired Salazar to kill Mal.

Ashley warns Mal and they are attacked by Salazar. Salazar knocks Ashley out. Hank arrives and fights with Salazar.

Ashley returns to the hospital and tells Hanna what happened.

Hanna is kidnapped by Ella and Miss Phillips.

Madison poisons David, leaving her as Ashley's sole guardian. To assert dominance over Ashley, Madison brutally whips the girl with her belt until Ashley passes out, the first of many beatings Ashley would endure.

4 September 21, 2016
Hank is back in class in 2015 on the day Ella shot Ashley. After Ashley dies again, Hank rewinds back to 2010 where he hangs out with Ashley and decides to give her a night out before Josephine dies.

Hank and Ashley find a capsule they buried in 2005. Inside, they find a message Hank and Ashley had recorded warning them that Miss Phillips and Ella are part of a cult with Ella's mother.

Ashley later learns that her mother has died in a car crash.

5 September 28, 2016
6 October 3, 2016
7 October 10, 2016
8 October 17, 2016
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10 October 31, 2016
11 November 7, 2016
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