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February 16th, 1968


May 12th, 2028

Physical description




Hair color

Amber/Dirty Blonde

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Chronological and political information

Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science Bureau, Miami Court Systems


Assistant DA

Alternate mode
Cyber Key power

Stealth Force Mode

Reuben Harris is a main character in the American Crime Drama, Law & Order: Miami.


Not much of Rueben's past is known, other than he was born in Albany, New York, went to Harvard University and became an ADA before coming to Miami after CIFB's own Marsha Meyers died. He stated once that his father's name was Demitri and his mother's name was Zoe, and that they were both "rather wealthy".


In the first of the five-part of the Season 16 finale, Harris is shot by an unknown assailant and left in critical condition. During the search for the shooter, which had many twists and turns, including the wrongful arrest of Detective Isaac Fisher by a corrupt IA detective involved with the shooter, he awoke only once to see his wife and three kids at his side, and promise to go to Disney World with all of them as a family.

That would seemingly never come to pass, as shortly after the case was resolved, Harris succumbed to his gunshot wounds. At his funeral, many of his friends and colleagues, including former ones like Dante Vaughn, Tricia Harding-Vaughn, Walter Alston, and Russ Griffiths all spoke highly of him.

In the end, Fisher, out of respect for him, decides to take his widow Alice and their three children to Disney World with them, fufilling his final promise to them.


  • Is the CIFB's second ADA.
  • Has a wife named Alice. (Seize the Night)
  • Has a hard time making decisions. (The Trial - Part 3)
  • Has pyrophobia- the fear of fire. (From the Ashes)
  • Formally met President Ronald Reagan in 1984. (Deride)
  • Had worked with Marsha Meyers prior to her death. (Developments)
  • Is friends with New York DA Jack McCoy. (Deathly)
  • Is written out due to the real-life death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
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