Return to House on Haunted Hill is the 2013 sequel to House on Haunted Hill. It is also a remake of the 2006 film of the same name. It stars Vanessa Morgan, Mason Cook, C. Thomas Howell, Nick Cannon, Amber Heard, Mark Wahlberg, Reila Aphrodite, Jamie Kennedy and Ryan Phillipe


Ariel Wolfe finds out that her sister was killed after falling to her death at the House on Haunted Hill. She and her adopted brother Jermey go the house to investigate until they find out the house is alive.


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  • Vanessa Morgan as Ariel Wolfe
  • Mason Cook as Jeremy Wolfe
  • C. Thomas Howell as Paul
  • Nick Cannon as Desmond Niles
  • Amber Heard as Michelle
  • Mark Wahlberg as Kyle
  • Reila Aphrodite as Harue
  • Jamie Kennedy as Norris Boz
  • Ryan Phillipe as Leo Hammer


Ariel, Jeremy, Michelle and Paul


  1. Norris Boz - Torn apart by ghosts
  2. Kyle - Drowned in pool
  3. Harue - Dragged into wall by ghosts
  4. Desmond Niles - Absorbed by darkness
  5. Leo Hammer - Dies in explosion
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