5 years after Chucky dies,his remains were given to the care of Gracie Mayan (Markéta Horká). She has call of her sister Bonnie (Tereza Hausová). Then her husband,Jack (Daniel Masařík) find the doll's body and bring it to his repair shop. Then he Gives him new eyes new hands and a complete new body. When the the repair is complete he hears his wife screaming, "Where is that idiot doll, Jack?" Jack says "I don't know, honey!" Then he turn back and Chucky isn't here. He hears laugh. He turns and start finding that doll. He goes to the kitchen and looks in those sockets with knifes and he noticed that one knife isn't here. Then he looks behind curtain. The doll was there. He was holding a knife. When he is looking into eyes of that doll the doll stabbed him in left eye. The doll probably runs off window. Gracie, who was gardening finds him finally in pile of leaves. She sent him post his niece Betty (Eliška Zaplatílková). Betty who lives with mom,dad,aunts and cousins were really happy. Her cousins Kyle(Viktoria Šourková) and Andy( Saša Zuzánek) play with her and him. Chucky still has that knife, as we can seen. Aunt Nica (Filip Turna) comes to her and smiles to chucky. Bonnie,that mom says to Nica,dad and aunt Maggie(Markéta Horká) to go on that party, she will babysitting Betty,Andy and Kyle. Alice (Markéta Horká) takes that doll and says she will keep it, but she just throws him on sofa and starts reading. Chucky quietly comes to kitchen. She comes for knife and cut a salama and starts eating. Chucky losts his knife and takes Alice's knife. She looks for knife and chucky slit her throat, she backs and fallen off window,causing her to die. When Nica,Maggie and Ian (Daniel Masařík) comes home they find doll on sofa, bloody knife before window and broken window. When they look off window they find corpse Alice. Maggie said that Kyle must do that. She comes for her daughter and asks why she do that. Kyle says she doesn't. When Nica looks at corpse of her sister she noticed that she has throat slit. When she turns behind she was scared because she saw Ian holding Chucky. Much to her panic she noticed that chucky has knife in hand. Ian comes to attic to find his daughter. He leaves him at the staircase. When Nica hears scream of Ian that comes from attic she goes for look in there. She founds corpse Ian ( probably dies when Chucky stabbed him in heart.) Maggie comes and see what she does. She think she really do that and takes Kyle and Andy off the house. They come to their new house. "B..B..BETTY!" She screams when she hears walking and laughter. She turns behind and saw Chucky. "JILL!!" she screams. Jill ( Áda Štastná) comes and says " Why you were screaming?" "Here, take care of that doll, i will find Betty!" "Well" Jill has a phonecall of Maggie. Maggie says to her to keep her body out of Nica,or she will kill her too. Jill paid it out. Chucky see her and comes to her with an axe. He slit her leg, she falls and he shed her phone on floor then he comes with water and throw phone in it. Then he pour the water with phone on her. It electrized her and she starts burning. Nica goes to living room when her body were and calls police. When police saws corpses of Ian,Jill,Bonnie (and probably Jack) they deliver her to the prison. Two months after Chucky comes for find Betty. She and grandma were playing hide and seek. Betty were in wardrobe. She hears her grandma screaming. She comes out of it and saw chucky on table he says he killed mom,dad,Jill,Jack,Gracie and her granny Norma (Filip Turna) and now he is gonna kill her. The camera turns off and then the grandma wakes up with plastic bag over her head and she screams. She probably saves Betty. Another two days after Chucky wakes up in prison. He looks around and saw Nica holding a gun on him. She says " You deserve it!" and she shot him in heart. Nica probably comes from prison and lives with Norma and Betty.


Jack- eye gouged out

Bonnie- Neck slit

Ian- stabbed in heart three times

Gracie- Stabbed in heart with scissors.

Jill-Electrized and leg stabbed

Chucky- Gun shot in heart.

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