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Return Ticket to Melbourne is an Australian-American romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Ifan Barber and starring real-life couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. It is a sequel to the 2019 film One Way Ticket to Sydney. It was released on January 28th 2021.


Jackie (Jessica Lange) and Kurt's (Geoffrey Rush) wedding day has finally arrived and Danny (Keith Urban) and Alex (Nicole Kidman), both fresh off a worldwide tour of their joint album, have agreed to perform at the reception. They sing Macy's Song for the newly-weds' first dance. The pair then reunite with the now-college graduate daughter of Alex, Macy herself (Alycia Debnam-Carey), who introduces her boyfriend Richie (Liam Hemsworth) to them for the first time, but Macy also reveals something less exciting for Alex. Her ex-husband, and Macy's father, the office worker-turned-actor Ben (Hugh Jackman) who left his family to pursue a new career is back in Melbourne for good, and is apparently dating someone new. Alex brushes this news off and then is surprised by the arrival of her siblings, older sister Lucy (Cate Blanchett) and younger brother Stephen (Eric Bana), the arrival delights Jackie and the four embrace on the dance floor. Alex then dances happily with Danny, who goes on to quietly ask her to marry him. She agrees and he surprises her with an engagement ring, which he slips onto her finger. They carry on dancing and Alex forgets about Ben and his alleged new girlfriend. Later that night, Alex reveals she's engaged to her best friend Emma (Isla Fisher) as the family wave Jackie and Kurt off to their honeymoon.

The next morning, Danny is making breakfast when Alex gets an urgent call from Jackie on her honeymoon, asking her if she knows who Ben's new girlfriend is, but the signal cuts out before she gets the opportunity to reveal who. Confused and curious by the whole situation, she gets her laptop and searches the internet for answers and is horrified to learn he's dating Claire Cassidy (Rose Byrne), Danny's psychotic ex-girlfriend and newly-released from prison stalker. When Danny returns from the kitchen, Alex informs him of the news and he's equally shocked.

Meanwhile, Macy is hard at work writing songs for her mother's next album with the help of her boyfriend Richie, who's also an aspiring songwriter. Macy has been trying to get Richie to open up to her, and she tells him she draws songwriting inspiration from her childhood, trying to prompt Richie to talk about his to no avail. She then gets a phone call from Alex, who invites her to a lunch meeting with Emma and Alex's publicist Edna (Judy Davis) to talk about her next steps.

At the lunch, Macy pitches some new songs for Alex, but before Alex can even comment on them, Edna dismisses them and tells her they're now hiring professional songwriters for Alex and Danny due to their success. Edna then reveals she's hired two new assistants for Alex to help her with daily tasks, when Emma tells Edna that she is Alex's assistant, Edna tells Emma that now Alex is a celebrity, she needs a professional assistant, not just an inexperienced friend. Edna introduces her nieces, Rebecca (Rebel Wilson) and Sally Field (Margot Robbie). When Alex asks if she's named after the famous actress Sally Field, Sally snaps at her and tells her that Sally Field is her least favourite actress of all time. Alex apologises and they finish the dinner, Sally and Rebecca say they will drive Alex home. When Emma offers Alex a drive home, Sally snaps again and tells Emma to back off. As they leave, Emma and Macy criticise Alex for not sticking up for them and tell her fame has changed her, and they leave abruptly.

Macy goes to meet her father for the first time and is surprised when Claire answers the door, Ben tells Macy he knows about Claire's past with Alex, but asks for her to give her a chance. Macy agrees, explaining that she's fallen out with her mom and isn't happy that she's famous now. Ben then tells Macy he feels the same way, and asks if he wants to help him and Claire take her down. Macy, shocked, disagrees immediately and calls her father bitter. She tells him she now remembers why she stopped talking to him and she leaves.

Now back at home, Alex is being pestered by Sally and Rebecca when Danny returns home and tells her that he's booked them a gig at a festival in Adelaide followed by an outdoor concert back in Melbourne the following week. Danny presents Alex with a business class Return Ticket to Melbourne. Sally and Rebecca are outraged, and insist that Alex must fly first class.


  • Nicole Kidman as Alex Weathers
  • Keith Urban as Danny Hart
  • Alycia Debnam-Carey as Macy Weathers
  • Isla Fisher as Emma Crawley
  • Rose Byrne as Claire Cassidy
  • Jessica Lange as Jackie Russo-Monroe
  • Geoffrey Rush as Kurt Russo
  • Cate Blanchett as Lucy Monroe
  • Eric Bana as Stephen Monroe
  • Hugh Jackman as Ben Weathers
  • Margot Robbie as Sally Field
  • Rebel Wilson as Rebecca Field
  • Judy Davis as Edna Slopes
  • Liam Hemsworth as Richie Simmons