Ouroboros Crew TSASA

Ouroboros Crews in the flashback before the fight against Guinevere Squad

Resurgence of The Ouroboros
is the 38th track of The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices.

As Emily finally revealed other harrowing reason why Zacros betrayed her and Mr. Blake in the past, Janey's past friendship with her old friend and rival Modesty came into test with the latter's revelation of being Morganian...


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Stone's Theatre, Morpork District, Trostville. 02.00 PM. 6 February, 1939

When Raido was on his way for home, Janey spotted a silver-haired girl whom walked on the pavement near the academy gate. The girl somewhat familiar to her, due to her wore what appeared to be wolf ear-like acessory on her ears and tied her silver hair in twin pigtails. Just like her, she also brought an umbrella to keep her body dry from the rain. Believing that she once met her before, Janey goes to stalk on her.

She followed her to a dramatic art deco building topped by a breathtaking tower and a minaret ringed by six griffin gargoyles in Gryphon District. She saw the girl entered the building and has been expected by a grumpy-looking orc with brown shirt and white overalls, a pair of twin goblins with grey trench coats and matching tricorn hats, a man with top hat, a young man with white hair, an asian man with ponytail, and a mysterious girl with trenchcoat and hood that worn over what appeared to be 17th century puritan dress. The hooded girl then signal the people around her to follow her.

Ouroboros Circus crews?, Janey thought on herself as she observe them from behind a mailbox. What are they doing with those people?

Janey then goes to entered the building and followed the crew, where the girl and her companions met a mysterious black armor-clad figure whom accompanied by a man with Anubis mask, a demon-masked figure, and a young woman with orange hair at the library before all of them entered a secret door behind a bookcase that opened by the young man with white hair. Janey quickly entered the door soon after they did, but keep her distance with them and remained hidden in shadows so they didn’t notice her presence. She also uses Disguise Spell to morphed into a cockroach, and goes to eavasdropping their conversazation as they sat encircling the girl with hood and trench coat at the secret room which appeared to be the typical workshop for medieval times sorcerers. “Welcome, comrades”, the girl with hood and trench coat greets. “What we Morganians have started since centuries ago can never be undone! Soon, we shall opened a portal and release the Great One: Our beloved God and creator of maguskind, Creatures of Darkness, and magic. Our enemies will be destroyed! And from the ashes... the dawn of a New Age, an age of power and bewitchment, an age of glory of Dark Arts, and the Age of our God, will began. We shall ensure that our fallen comrades, especially Morgana’s, won’t die in vain to keep this purpose in secret from our nemeses Merlineans.” “Our comrade, Draco Stone, has found the way to start our righteous purpose. He has uncovered a pole of the Staff of Great Octopoid, the Great Beast that shall help us to summon our God.” The white-haired young man, Draco Stone, offered the girl with hood and trench coat the staff and said, “I was coincidently acquired this staff from an auction at Trostville Great Museum where i also identify those whom gained possession of other staff’s parts. But there’s a problem: one of the boy’s allies also there, and he also asked for the info about those whom gained the staff’s other parts.’”

“The Prime Merlinean’s friend?”, the asian man asked. “Did he was alone?” “He was only with his family”, Draco stated. “Does it bad?”

“It is”, the armor-clad figure stated. “By now he may learned the staff’s true nature with the cube on their hands. We must act fast. Retrieving the Staff’s parts and locating the Summoning sites of other Greater Creatures of Darkness would be our main priority from now on. We will deal with those Merlineans and retaking the cube later. Draco, did you know who have acquired the rest of the staff?”

“I have put them on the list that can you see here”, Draco said as he present a note to the girl with hood and trench coat, which she telekinetically took from him. The girl examined the lists and smiles. "Good. Now once we arrived at these people's residence, the cube would be the last to be aquired from them."

Have enough with the investigation, Janey exited the secret passage to the street and revert back to her original form at the alley before left.

Alley in Gryphon District, Trostville. 03.00 PM. 6 February, 1939

After morphed back to her original form, Janey leaves the penthouse for home. When she approach an alley in her route for Gryphon District, Janey was startled by a greet, “Hey, Janey!”

Janey turned around, and is shocked to see that the silver-haired girl, Modesty, standing behind her. Janey immediately calmed herself, trying to hide her strange feelings after discovering her loyality with Morganians, evil faction of sorcerers that happened to be her cousin’s enemies. Back when they worked for their respective circus group that rivaling on each other, Janey and Modesty have tense rivalries as jesters and fire performancers like Raido and Fletcher, where like both of them, they finally gained respect from each other. At least, until the tragic downfall of the circuses that they working with. Somehow the incident ended up worsened whatever relationship that Janey and Modesty had, but Janey doesn’t know how bad it was.

The thing is, Janey couldn’t tell whether Modesty may have severed their relationships out of believing that she despised her for causing their circuses went out of business considering the fact that Ouroboros Circus was her only home. If it do, it would be worse than she imagined with her learned her allegience to Morganians’ cause given the fact that Modesty also knows about her cousin Raido and with both her and Morganians knews that Raido is the Prime Merlinean, she would obviously in great danger. Although, Modesty is not intended to harm her as she greets again, “Fancy to see you again, old friend? I heard you have enrolled at an academy in this town.”

“I, uh...... yeah”, Janey said.

“Is it Trostville CrossMage Academy?”, Modesty asked, looked puzzled.

“Yeah”, Janey nodded.

“Thought so”, Modesty nodded. “Well, at least that will do to ensure your bright future.”

“Ensure my bright future?”, Janey repeated, whom could tell how little she seemed to care. She could guessed that Modesty may still home-schooling unlike her.

“My education may not as good as yours, but now i also have some interests in more modern subject though it’s still home schooling”, Modesty shrugged before spotted a fish ‘n chips cart on the nearby pavement. “Janey, you wanted some fish and chips? I remembered that you still like it.”

“Um, yeah”, Janey nodded.

Both of the uneasy friends are bought some fish ‘n chips and eat it together on a bench at the pavement. Janey kept an eye on Modesty: She appeared to behave friendly with her which shows that they still friends, but Janey couldn’t tell whether it was the ruse or not.

“I heard that you also worked as a private detective, Janey”, Modesty said after munch a big bite of fish ‘n chips. “Is it part time?”

Janey nodded. “Yes, part time. I actualy wanted to be an actual detective, but i won’t waste my talents as entertainer. For me, there’s no such thing as former circus performancers. One may be either fired or forced to quit due to the circus they worked with dissolved, but i still have my skills and still given the chance to entertained everyone.”

“I agree with you, Janey”, Modesty nodded. “Anyway, how’s your parents? Are they alright?”

“Well, i can say that they’re fine”, Janey nodded as she munch her fish ‘n chips. Seeing Modesty asked her about her family made her had a feeling that anything about her family have to be a secret. Even from Modesty.

“I see”, Modesty nodded before sarcastically said. “I do remembered well that you have close bond with a young boy named David. Was he your brother, or a cousin of yours? Oh, forget about it, as he and your family  will be dead soon anyway.”

Janey practically fell off the bench at once. “What?!”

“Just kidding. Guess those jokes still give you goosebumps. Sorry if it was sounds bad, if not just a lame joke. It’s kinds ironic that my jokes are bad, in spite of being a jester. Just forget about those, and i’m sorry if this reminded you with that incident” , Modesty apologized. “Anyway, i have to go now. Sorry if i kept you here. Savor the daylight, Janey, as things are about to get rather dark.”

Modesty stands up and walked away, leaving Janey stunned. Though not much changed in their relationships, it's obvious that she and Modesty now further apart than she had realized. Janey is obviously feels anxious about this, especially after learned about her loyalty with Morganians. Janey herself never fought Morganians before, but Raido does several times and it's still concerned her. Had she and Modesty met again, it would be likely as enemies....

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