Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7: The War Ends Now, known in Japan as Biohazard 7, is a 2016 survival horror videogame developed by Capcom for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It is the seventh and final installment in the Resident Evil series and the sequel to Resident Evil 6.

Gameplay Features

  • Return to Survival Horror Roots-The game is returning to the series' atmospheric survival horror roots, with many jump scares and chilling environments featured.
  • In-Game Profiling-At certain points in the game, you're asked a question or questions regarding choices your character makes-in which the player must often decide between the "harder" choice vs. the more jump scare-filled option-each impacting the course of the game in different ways. Decide quickly, though, as in-game interactions (i.e: zombies/B.O.W.s approaching you) occur as the in-game questionaire appears on your screen!
  • Over the Shoulder Camera View-Control each character with over-the-shoulder third person view as seen in more recent Resident Evil installments.
  • QTE-triggered animations-New "struggle" animations and other QTE animations built into the game.
  • Star-studded Cast-For the first time ever, every notable Resident Evil character-Chris, Jill, Claire, Leon, Ada, even Barry-are playable in their own story chapters.
  • Simultaneous Play and Co-Op-For select chapters, you can either control both characters simultaneously-as seen in Resident Evil 0-or play with a friend in Co-Op mode. You can also play with a friend in linked chapters via Split Screen in the game's Co-Op mode.
  • Interactive AI (Pick Your Poison)-The game adapts itself to the choices of the player all throughout the game. Searching for ammo/herbs? Be prepared to see more "hidden", jump-scare zombie/monster attacks than usual. Prefer running from danger? Increase the chances of being chased by zombie dogs. Whatever your strategy, use your ammo and bide your time wisely because the zombies/B.O.W.s are much more intelligent in this game, always knowing where you are, and each level becomes more and more infested with them, literally caving in on you as time elapses!
  • Special GameStop Exclusive DLC Bundle Pre-Order Bonus-Pre-order the game, and you'll receive a code to download an exclusive DLC bundle:
    • "The Meta Project" Prequel Chapter-A two-part special prequel story inside the Umbrella Chicago Lab, set one month before Resident Evil Zero-you unlock after completing the game, featuring newcomer Lena Corvin and Alice from the Resident Evil films as playable characters. Battle your way through the first of Umbrella's deadly viral mutations beneath the infected Windy City and stop the experimental T-Virus outbreak from spreading into nearby Raccoon City using your advanced mental and physical abilities before it's too late (as you literally have a 2 hour time limit by which to complete the story, at which time, the virus will reach and infect Raccon City, hence you're advised to keep backup saves). 
    • Alice Raid Character-Play as Alice Abernathy from the Resident Evil films in Raid Mode.
    • 2 additional Raid Mode costumes: Lena's Gown costume and Ada's costume from Resident Evil: Damnation .
  • Return of the Classic Warning Message Screen-The classic Resident Evil disclaimer message appearing before the title screen has made a comeback as well (with an additional blurb regarding disturbing content due to the game's rampant use of jump scares, similar to RE4/REmake's additional "Strong Language" warning), letting fans know the SH is back!:


The game features playable chapters featuring all of the mainstays of the Resident Evil series with a couple of new characters making appearances as well:

Main Characters

  • Jill Valentine: Ex-member of BSAA and intensive care patient suffering from PTSD following years of being used for experimentation from arch-nemesis Albert Wesker. Continues to see hallucinations of Wesker throughout the game, swearing him to be still alive all these years, a belief not shared by the rest of her (former) colleagues.
  • Chris Redfield: BSAA agent, and withdrawn partner of Jill, who he desperately tries to get in contact with throughout the course of the game. 
  • Claire Redfield: Sister and BSAA teammate of Chris
  • Lena Corvin*: The first of the two experiments of and twin sister of Alice Abernathy-a fact Wesker had successfully hid from her for years-her partner in Wesker's Metahumans Project (project before STARS). Enhanced at birth from the T-Virus after surviving a stillbirth, she was involved in an incident following an infiltration of the underground Umbrella Chicago research facility, where experimentation for several "miscellaneous" Progenitor-based projects would be held-after a T-Virus outbreak in Chicago-in a special prequel pre-order bonus chapter-that left her permanently disfigured and separated from her partner and twin, Alice, after being captured, of which she has no memory after being injected with a dose of anesthesia by her captor Umbrella operatives. She has since dedicated her life's work to the research and eventual eradication of bio-weapons, becoming the lead researcher and one of the founding members of BSAA. Later disbarred for using antigens created from the G-virus to heal herself-in addition to samples of the G-virus itself-in violation of their anti-B.O.W. policy, becoming the very thing they've sought to destroy.
  • Leon S. Kennedy: Former STARS member now working for the U.S. government investigating a series of murders taken place within Raccoon City.
  • Ada Wong: Partner/love interest of Leon.
  • Barry Burton: BSAA member and ex-STARS officer.

Supporting characters

  • Rebecca Chambers(**SPOILER) Former STARS officer, now works as a field agent for BSAA's science and research division. Spent years studying and perfecting a global antigen for the Progenitor virus and all its deviants following the events of RE0, helping eradicate all viral mutations across the globe once and for all via satellite.  (/END SPOILER)
  • Alan Trevathan*: CEO of TrevCorp, company who purchased shares of TRICELL-successor to Umbrella-following its BSAA investigation for propogating Uroboros in order to gain access to its products to produce a vaccine for the latest viral outbreak.
  • Steve Burnside : (**SPOILER) Revealed to have been kept in cryostasis following the events of Resident Evil Code: Veronica . Romantically involved with Lena for a short period of time after her departure from BSAA (thus being the person she'd secretly been "seeing" and keeping in contact with shortly before her termination of employment). Secretly hired by Alan to further his "hidden agenda" through his research: the launching of the new "advanced" Uroboros virus.(/END SPOILER)
  • Matt Corvin*-Lena's adoptive father following her stillbirth survival and ex-officer of the US military, in which he sacrificed himself after becoming infected to save the convoy. 
  • Red Queen: Umbrella Super Computer.
  • Chris Winters*: leader of DSO Bravo Team.
  • Jane Abernathy*: Deceased mother of twins Alice and Lena Abernathy (who later took her adoptive father's surname, Corvin) and ex-employee of Umbrella. Upon discovering that she has a rare blood type, she'd been used for an IVF procedure in which she would be artificially inseminated with Wesker DNA using the T-Virus as a bonding agent. She's since been carrying a resulting pair of "meta" twins who miraculously bonded with the Virus, gaining advanced mental and physical capabilities in the process-a feat which later inspired Wesker to inject himself with the virus to further his agenda-albeit with alterations in their genetic makeup (which explains Lena's raven black hair and blue eyes in stark contrast to Alice's natural blonde hair and green eyes). 
  • Alex Wesker: The "other" surviving member of the Wesker Children. (**SPOILER) Revealed to be Alan's assistant and wife after he betrays Ada and Leon, having helped him obtain a sample of Albert's DNA from the databank in order to reanimate him for their "ultimate" creation following his apparent death in Resident Evil 5(/END SPOILER)
  • Alice Abernathy*: Twin sister of Lena (**SPOILER) and the first subject from which Wesker begun testing Uroboros-after capturing her from the Umbrella Chicago lab many years earlier-before turning to Jill to conduct his experimentation. (/END SPOILER)
  • Albert Wesker : Ex-researcher of Umbrella, appears in flashbacks throughout the game. (**SPOILER) Revealed to be the secret host of the "Ultimate" B.O.W. end boss, revealing Jill's theories truthful all along, and those "images" she constantly saw ofhim to be the real deal. (/END SPOILER)


Chapter Level Characters Co-Op In-game profiling Boss(es) File
1 Arklay Forest (Raccoon City, Illinois) Leon S. Kennedy (and Chris Winters; Co-Op Only) Yes (SS [1]Only) No Zombie Bear Jill Suicide Note, Natalia Missing Person Flyer
After a group of Raccoon City researchers are reported missing 15 years after the Raccoon City Destruction event, The DSO (Division of Security Operations) is sent to investigate. The Alpha Team, led by Leon S. Kennedy, and the Bravo team, led by newcomer Chris Winters follow a trail of blood leading them from the sealed-off Raccoon City remnants straight into the Arklay Mountains, where a series of gruesome deaths and unparalleled horrors awaits them. After venturing through the dark, foggy Arklay forest, Leon eventually stumbles across a suicide note by Jill in a valley, the blood on the bottom portion of the letter leading his team directly to the nearby vine trees, also sprinkled in blood. After getting a lead, they discover a number of murder victims, who's bodies-butchered in graphic detail-are ominously wrapped in the vines, when they hear something slithering nearby. They intercept the sound and follow it straight to a burning house, where the Alpha Team attempts to extinguish it shortly after entering. After smashing the skull of a random burning zombie emerging from the flames via extinguisher, Leon puts out the fire, dimming the house to the nearby site of flickering flourescent lights through the nearest door. They enter the next room, carefully panning around and observing the nearby contents via flash light, finding blood, decaying corpses and empty cages on the nearby walls when Leon is attacked by another random zombie (in a flourescent lit shaky cam cut scene). After evading the zombie girl, his team proceeds to the next room, where they walk through a corridor barricaded with flickering zombie hands reaching out at them through the flourescent light. They proceed out the back, to be once again greeted by mysterious hissing sounds. Looking for more leads, they discover the blood soaked Victory Lake, eventually finding more victim corpses in the ravine after following the trail leading them to a ravaged bus. They search the bus, finding more corpses inside, when his crew are attacked by leeches. After one of his partners is killed, Leon shoots the nearby fuel tanker, disintegrating them, where he and his sole surviving partner are then chased by zombie dogs into a nearby cave after contacting Bravo Team via headset and fleeing. During the search, dripping noises can be heard when a drop of contaminated blood falls from the ceiling and infects his partner, at which point, they are suddenly attacked by zombie bats. Leon attends to his partner after killing them with his gun, only to turn on him after turning into a zombie. Against his will, Leon reluctantly shoots his own DSO mate, killing him. Once again attempting to get a hold of Bravo Team, Leon is terrified when he receives no answer, a fear that is heightened when a terrifying zombie bear emerges, emptying Chris's devoured body from its mouth as it ambushes him. Leon kills the undead bear and exits the cave, only to be ambushed once again by undead. After calling for backup, Leon escapes the horde of zombies and is picked up via support chopper at the Arklay entrance. Before takeoff, Leon is stunned by a Missing Persons flyer with Natalia's name and photograph. Leon spots her approaching the extraction point upon takeoff. Begging to turn the chopper around to rescue her, Leon is starstruck when she mysteriously heads the other way, at which point, something unforseen attacks the helicopter, sending it crashing into the Sears Tower in nearby Chicago where it then collapses to the ground.
2 BSAA Lab (England) Barry Burton & Claire Redfield Yes (SS [2]Only) No Vulturos (as Claire Redfield) Alex Wesker file
After finding his daughter, Moira, in the Arklay Mountains where various Raccoon City researchers reportedly went missing, Barry, now concerned about Jill's reclusiveness, heads over to the BSAA testing facility to get the whereabouts of Jill. Desperate for answers, a lab assistant informs Barry and Claire of Jill's fallout and apparent demise in Kiuju: during her tests, Jill has been reported as having suffered from flashbacks and hallucinations as a result of the trauma she suffered during her time as Wesker's test subject, which included her claiming to still be tormented regularly by the actual Wesker himself despite watching him die many years prior. As a result of these purported delusions of grandeur, she has been deemed unfit for BSAA operations and transferred to a Rehabilitation facility near Raccoon City in Oak Park, where she would be treated for mental illness. Claiming "we have to find Jill", the lights suddenly go out, and Natalia goes missing in the midst of crossfire. Battling through legions of deadly contraptions and undead, Barry searches the premises for Natalia along with Claire, eventually finding her in a hangar. However, Natalia, in a shocking turn of events, Barry is suddenly attacked by her teddy bear, Lottie. In a fit of maniacal laughter, Natalia shows her true colors and reveals her dark secret to her father, shapeshifting into Alex. She then resumes reciting the verses from Frank Kafka seen in the good ending to Resident Evil: Revelations 2 and unleashing Vulturos, a genetically-altered vulture mutated from the T-Phobos and walks away in the ensuing distraction.
3 Rehabilitation Clinic (Oak Park, Illinois) Jill Valentine No No None None
In 2009, Jill was placed in a laboratory for observation following Wesker's demise. After being subjected to a series of tests, Jill had been diagnosed with PTSD. Claiming to have nightmares from her 3 year ordeal with Wesker-which included seeing illusions of him-and "being reminded of him every time she looked in the mirror" as a result of the changes to her skin and hair via the P30, Jill is placed in a rehab facility, deemed unfit to partake in BSAA operations any longer. She is shortly introduced to a man named Alan Trevathan, a bio researcher. Alan works as a psychiatrist figure for Jill, lending her a vaccine that eradicated all strands of P30 from her system. In doing so, Jill returns back to her natural brunette hair color and skin tone, but trauma persisted. Fast forward seven years later to the game's present time (2016), Alan is attending on Jill for his daily checkup routine when the lights begin to flicker. This commotion is immediately followed by a frantic woman's screams heard down the hall as Alan shifts his focus the other way. Alan leaves Jill's cell to investigate when a noxiating gas suddenly reeks through the ventilation system. Escaping from her cell after consuming the gas, Jill notices her body slowly mutating-albeit at a much slower pace due to the antibodies in her system-with a quick glance at her arms. Before she can move an inch, however, the remaining cell doors behind her open just as a sliding gate closes in front of her, trapping her inside as now-zombified inmates emerge from each of the spontaneously-opened doors. Jill uses her lockpick[3] to open the gate in a race against time as they chase after her. As she proceeds down the hall, Jill is faced with the disturbing sight of an infected patient shaking while strapped to a gurney, eventually breaking free. The zombie slowly gets up and trembles after Jill. As it does, the zombie inmates stagger through the unlocked gate behind her, attempting to make her into a Jill Sandwich as she's being pursued from both ends of the hall, only made scarier by the flickering flourescent lighting. Jill escapes down the middle hall, but her horrors continue as staggering shadows light up the cieling, revealing more zombies. Growing sicker by the second, Jill barges through the set of double doors in front of her, running straight into the terrifying site of an infected nurse gnashing its teeth against a patient while pinning him against a gurney. Alarmed, the nurse turns its blood-smeared, mutated face towards her. Needing to find a green herb in a hurry, Jill escapes through the ventilation system, observing the halls for any signs of infected life through the gratings below. Jill eventually finds a first aid kit on the nearby wall through one of the grates and breaks through. After fully healing herself with a First Aid Spray, Jill ventures throughout the complex in search of a gun. She finds one in the Emergency Room, fending off a randomly-attacking zombie [3] to obtain it. Jill continues to search the premise, eventually finding Alan, who escapes with Jill in his car, taking her to a safe house in nearby Chicago. 
4 Umbrella Lab; Chicago, Illinois) Ada Wong (and Leon S. Kennedy, Co-Op Only) Yes (SS-Only) No None CCTV Footage
After Leon's extraction chopper crashes into the now burning, collapsed Sears Tower-just days following another reported chopper crash in Cambodia-Ada, now working for the DSO as a field agent, desperately undergoes a search for him in downtown Chicago. After finding the downtown area to be scattered with zombies, she runs from them and takes refuge in the partially-ravaged underground Umbrella experimental facility (now property of Neo Umbrella) from which her ex-boyfriend, John Clemens, was transferred from many years earlier. Upon her arrival, Ada discovers the Umbrella logo hidden within the shattered Sears Tower remains, revealing that Umbrella had owned shares of the landmark tower and had conducted experimentation beneath it in a secret lab. As she ventures through the facility, Ada starts learning the truth of Umbrella's past operations there: this had been an experimental facility where testing for the T-Virus took place. She also learned of Wesker's Metahumans Project involving a pair of Wesker DNA/T-Virtus-advanced twins via IVF (explained in cut scenes), whom he counted on as his insurance policy in the event an outbreak were to occur during experiments. Ada is soon followed by the zombie mascarade, but is rescued by Leon, who had secretly been hiding in a hidden bunker inside the now shattered train for cover after evacuating the chopper. Now with everything they need at their disposal to prove criminal activity on the part of Umbrella and all associated companies-past and present-they come across an unsettling discovery while inside the train: a camcorder with what appears to be Jill viciously killing various humans right beside a TriCell capsule leaking some kind of viral contents, thereby infecting them. In utter disbelief, Ada and Leon leave the abandoned lab with all collected evidence.
5 Safe House (Chicago, Illinois) Jill Valentine No No None C-Uroboros File
Jill winds up in a safe house for protection on a dark, stormy, foggy night, but is faced with a new wave of unspeakable horrors peaking around every corridor, beginning with Jill waking up to a Plaga-headed nurse. After shooting it dead, Jill grows suspicious of Alan and searches the dark, chilling premises of the safe house for leads. Along the way, she encounters zombie bunk beds, zombies lurking behind doorways, zombies appearing out of invisible metal gurneys, in hidden cubbies and crevices, but nothing could prepare her for one of the horrors that awaited her next: as Jill ventures down the hallway, she is startled when a chainsaw-wielding zombie randomly barges out of a trapdoor randomly opening out of the floor. Jill cautiously backsteps as it makes it way out, running right into a set of mutated hands that reach out of the nearby barricade and pin her when it guns in to attack. Jill breaks free[3] and kills the chainsaw zombie, then ventures down the staircase leading to the basement, only to find it sealed shut. Needing a keycard, she ventures back up the stairs into the back-most room, leading to a rusty bathroom. In a chilling cinematic, Jill approaches the sink area and opens up the medicine cabinet, obtaining a green herb, then sees a reflection of Wesker in the mirror after closing it. Jill gasps and turns around, finding not Wesker, but a zombie that grabs her after breaking out of the nearby stall (as evidenced by the previously-closed stall door in front of her). After breaking its stronghold[3] and killing the zombie, Jill picks up the keycard lying near the sink, but is bewildered by a blood-filled bathtub to the right of her. "Something" was lurking inside, with only a pair of mutated kneecaps visible above the bloodbath's surface. Jill walks over to observe it, but, much like it happened in RE1 , a (girl) zombie creeps out of the tub and approaches her. Jill kills the zombie and proceeds back down the stairs when "something" magically appears at the bottom of the staircase. After killing the B.O.W., Jill journeys through the bottom floor, encountering B.O.W.s emerging from cabon imprints on walls, paintings-in the form of liquidized monsters-and other random, disturbing moments along the way. After finding a blueprint of the C-Uroboros virus-a combination of Uroboros and the already-present C-Virus-she discovers a subsequent file for the "H-Virus"-a hallucinogenic deviant of C-Uroboros-as well as a complimentary file for Specters-a type of hallucinogenic Ooze-variant B.O.W. monster formed from the H-Virus-she journeys into the back-most room on the bottom floor, finding a B.O.W. pierced through a spike-filled table. In gruesome fashion, the  B.O.W. levitates itself up off the spikes, dragging its peeled-off flesh as it does so. Jill exits the house through the back door after evading/killing it, only to find herself chased by C'Uro (official name given to the C-Uroboros zombies, also on file) and zombie dogs. She escapes through the fog into the nearby downtown Chicago area. Along the way, Jill eventually meets up with Ada and Leon, arriving just as they made it out of the abandoned train-linked Hive laboratory and is delighted to see them. However, that feeling is short-lived when Leon handcuffs and arrests her.
6 BSAA Headquarters (United Kingdom) Chris and Claire Redfield Yes (SS Only) No C-UroMajinant TrevCorp File
After learning of the incident in Arklay and Chicago via newsfeed at the BSAA Headquarters, a paranoid Chris, after being asked for coffee from Jenny Coughlin, a BSAA barista, reveals the whereabouts of Jill to his sister, Claire-now a BSAA agent-following the events of RE5: Jill is now a recluse, having suffered from PTSD as a result of years of Uroboros experimentation performed on her by Albert Wesker, a man she now despises and continually sees illusions of. In a state of paranoia, she has sworn time and time again that these are not illusions, but the real Albert and he is still very much among her, a view leading to her termination with the agency on grounds of schizophrenia. Their relationship now rocky as a result of her trauma, Chris desperately attempts to reach her via cell phone, but is hit with a lack of reception. Desperate to patch things up and ensure her safety in light of recent events, Chris attempts to go to the floor level to call her on the office phone. Before leaving, he hands Claire a disc, instructing her to give it to Barry in the computer lab. Chris attempts to take the elevator, but is shocked to see it infested with zombies feeding on Jenny's corpse when the doors open. The place crawling with zombies at every turn, Chris ventures through a series of relentless horrors (which includes being tackled through a table by a hidden zombie in a dark room after retrieving a 12 gauge) when he hears the relentless cries of Anna Trevathan, BSAA's new head lab researcher, via walkie talkie. The elevators compromised, Chris takes the stairs, but is tripped halfway down by another horde of zombies breaking through the stair entrance. Chris gets up and evades the zombies into the parking deck below. After rescuing Anna from a zombie trapping her in a corner, she reveals Neo-Umbrella's acquisition of her her father, Alan's, company, TrevCorp, which has now become a subsidary of Neo-Umbrella. She then reveals an infection on her arm before unveiling her father's plan to create a vaccine through her research. Anna then sends Chris on a wild goose chase to the facility's lab to retrieve the vaccine, protecting her from incoming zombies along the way after taking the elevator to the top floor. She stops to thank Chris as they arrive at the lab entrance, but is torn apart by zombies in graphic detail as they spontaneously rip through the door behind her. Devastated, Chris flees the incoming zombie horde and makes it into the office and calls Jill's apartment number, but receives no answer. A frantic Chris leaves the office to meet up with Claire, who journeys through a series of zombie death contraptions of her own, eventually finding a syringe near the stairway entrance along the way. She later meets up with Chris inside the lab, who grows suspicious after learning of the syringe lying right near the area where Anna was supposedly infected. They run it through the DNA scanner, attracting the remaining zombies to them through the loud noise as they do so. Chris agrees to fend them off and sends Claire to meet up with Burton inside the computer lab after transmitting the sample to them. Upon their arrival, Claire hands Burton the disc where they learn of Alan's supposed "cure all" endeaveurs and retrieves the DNA transmission, revealing samples of the C-Virus. Proving that Anna was involved in infecting the lab researchers with said viral mutageon-thus unveiling a secret agenda against BSAA, using her as a plant-they begin to suspect that she's not alone after discovering a battered corpse suddenly lowering itself from the ceiling, to which Burton insists "she couldn't possibly get him up there." They are then confronted by a Uroboros-infested Majini -Licker hybrid, breaking through the window with its 4 large tentacles. After defeating the B.O.W., Chris once again meets up with his sister, who are once again ambushed by hordes of zombies who followed them there. Death supposedly starring them right in the eyes as they're swarmed on all sides, they're suddenly rescued by an unforeseen female-her catsuit matching her hair-who comes flying in, decapitating all their heads in a single swiping motion. This woman reveals herself to be none other than Lena Corvin, their ex-head lab researcher who they fired for using a combination of G-virus samples and antibiotics to heal her crippling injuries suffered many years prior after a Hive infiltration, becoming a bio-weapon in the process. Knowing the truth behind the origin of the latest viral outbreak (C-Uroboros), she reveals Alan's shady plan to them in a flashback chapter. 
7 TriCell Research Facility (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) Lena Corvin No No C-UroLicker Steve CCTV Footage
In a chapter-opening cutscene, Lena reveals a dark secret: after her termination from BSAA, she had been seeing a "special someone". That someone is none other than Steve Burnside, who had been secretly kept in cryostasis for years before taking refuge on an uncharted island where she met him. He reveals the truth to Lena beside a couple nearby pictures of Claire, sharing his feelings for her shortly before his "death" in Code: Veronica. Lena similarly recollects her past as a bio-weapons researcher before becoming one herself, leading to her termination. The two start a romantic relationship shortly after. However, Steve shows his true intentions when he sends her onboard a private jet to "meet" someone that is suddenly destroyed in similar fashion as Leon's chopper three days earlier. Now cutting to the prequel chapter's present time, she is being strolled in a body bag inside a TriCell research facility. After receiving word of Wesker's extracted limbs and her and Steve's research files being used for perfecting the C-Virus-still present post-RE6-a la eavesdropping, Lena emerges from the body bag, violently slitting their throats before escaping. Meanwhile, Steve is watching a hidden complex, warning "she has no idea what's coming". Lena exits the room when the lights suddenly flicker, eventually going out after suffering a random power breach. After quietly venturing the darkened facility complex, carefully scanning the halls for any horrors that await her, Lena is startled by a bloody mutant hand that randomly pounds itself onto a nearby window, leaving a nice bloody print. The creature then creeps up face-first against the glass interior before escaping. Needing to find guns and ammo-including her confiscated gun-and a light source of some kind, Lena goes through various puzzles, barging through many random rooms in the darkened facility. Little did she anticipate the various random encounters with the undead that would shortly follow, however. She eventually battles her way to the lab entrance after snatching a pair of night vision goggles from a researcher, only to be blocked for entry by the door's fingerprint scanner. Needing the fingerprint of a lab researcher, she goes back and imprints her gloves with dead researcher's prints. Upon leaving, she is shocked to see all hallway doors open simultaneously on her block. She races against zombies coming out of every single door in the hall and escapes through the lab entrance via the extracted fingerprints. She discovers Wesker's bones on a table and observes them when mutant gurgles catches her attention. Lena turns and observes the nearby slabs of meat hanging from the ceiling when a pack of Lickers suddenly tear out of each of them just after the camera shifts to a greenlit first person cinematic through the nightvision lenses. Lena runs through the back into the meat processing room, only to be met with zombie dogs breaking through the glass. Lena proceeds through the backway leading into the quarantine zone, hitting a switch that seals it shut as she's being chased. In a cutscene, she proceeds to pick up her dropped nightvision goggles off the floor when something can barely be seen lingering in the darkened distance. Startled by the gurgles, Lena frantically scans back and forth. Finding only the dark contents of the room, she picks up her goggles, only to then be confronted by a freakish Uro-infested Licker in a scary first person greenlit shot from up close as it crawls towards her. With only nightvision to aid her, Lena defeats the C-UroLicker. Panting vividly, Lena is shocked when an invisible TV monitor suddenly lights up, revealing a haunting image of a Demonic Alex Wesker's face, who has now become its avatar after transferring her consciousness into the Super Computer. Red Queen/Alex warns Lena "this is only the beginning", with a faded image of a terrifying monster residing over her face as the the monitor goes out. 
8 Armada S1 Carrier (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) Lena Corvin No No C-UroHydra Tape Recording
After surviving the first series of horrors inside the TriCell Research Plant, Lena proceeds out the back of the facility and boards TrevCorp's cruiser laying outside known as Armada S1, where "advanced" experimentation of the C-Uroboros virus had secretly taken place. Lena's endurance and status as a bio-weapon-and the player's courage-are put to the ultimate test as she searches the premise on a rainy night, coming across running zombies and Specters that run, vanish, warp, camouflauge, morph (from dust particles in midair, similar to the unknown B.O.W. that attacked Leon's chopper and Lena's jet), even hide/blend within walls and objects along the way, often appearing at random in doing so. With such scares/dangers as dead bodies revealing holograms when the lights vanish, randomly-opening doors (where Specters appear/attack at random), barely visible background slithers (blanketed in darkness), secret dead end (hallucinogenic) hallways appearing real, Specters randomly emerging from pools of blood (even bonding with it in doing so, their feet/limbs somehow "attached" to the bloodbath), ghastly zombified images flickering on camera (down dark hallways), and Specters bursting through invisible doors-many with various accompanied noise distractions (i.e: door knobs churning, haunting background screams/moans)-almost nothing could prepare even the most advanced super soldier alive for the dangers that awaited Lena inside the ghost ship. Noting their advancements from past mutations she'd encountered at the TriCell lab, Lena searches the ship (both the interior and deck) for evidence, finding only a distorted tape with Alan conversing with a woman, who vows to "finish what Albert started" with Alan courtesy of the "new-and-improved" C-Uroboros virus. As Lena reaches the end of the deck, a cargo ship lands. Steve is greeted with a handshake from Alan, who's seen holding a briefcase in hand. Lena confronts both men, gun in hand, looking for answers when she is suddenly cut off by a giant hydra B.O.W. with 9 distinct, severely mutated and disfigured heads as it splashes its way on deck from under the ocean. Lena defeats the C-Uroboros-mutated hydra B.O.W. and chases Steve, who attempts to flee with Alan in his cargo ship. However, Lena shoots Steve off the cargo bay ledge with a shot ringing in the knee. Lena follows him, ending a brief taunting/interrogation with a bullet to her former lover's head before watching Alan and co. take off.

After cutting to the present, Lena reveals the reason for "betraying" BSAA by turning herself into a bio-weapon: claiming she goes "way back, before BSAA, before STARS, even", she informs them (via cutscenes) of infiltrating the vague Umbrella Chicago lab with her partner, destroying their first mutations together and stopping the very first T-Virus outbreak after an experiment gone awry via a vaccine they created, using their advanced knowledge and expertise in bio-weapons. She then remembers escaping with her partner, who's name she can't recall after suffering from nerve gas-induced amnesia post-escape, remembering only being hit with the nerve gas and watching her partner-who is hidden in said cut scene, cutting away to keep her identity a secret-being taken away by Umbrella agents as she's being dragged to a separate facility, where, being told "we don't have any further use for you" by Wesker, she is thrown into a glass cell and shortly gassed. Using her advanced powers/strength, she narrowly escapes death after breaking free, but suffered many third-degree burns all-throughout her body, leaving her crippled and unable to continue her fight as an agent. It is from these injuries, she reveals, that she'd taken the next step, fighting not as a field agent, but as a researcher, using her expertise to battle bio-weapons as one of the founding members of BSAA. However, over the years, she'd been dying to know what happened to her partner, hence obtaining samples from William Burkin's G-Virus and combining them with antigens to "heal" herself, avoiding mutation and gaining even more powers in the process. With the threat of now global-contamination looming over them, they reluctantly enlist Lena's services as she rejoins BSAA. 

9 Jill's Apartment Complex (Chicago, Illinois) Chris and Claire Redfield Yes (SS & SP) Yes G-Hunter (Claire)[4], C-UroLeech (Chris)[4] None
Cutting back to the present time, Chris and Claire go searching for Jill inside her apartment complex, but find the apartment campus scattered with zombies, having only grumbled moans and shadows to track them as they venture through the apartment grounds on a foggy Chicago night. They eventually encounter an explosion nearby, out comes a burning zombie, leaving a nice burning trail to guide them through the fog after shooting it dead. They follow the trail into Jill's apartment, carefully checking each corner as they slowly venture each darkened room. They enter a hallway and are each ambushed by zombies who creep around the corner (one from behind Chris and several in front of Claire), in which the player must (quickly) answer a profiling question that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • "Take One For The Team": Chris rushes over to Claire and must grab and drag her out of harm's way before the zombies get to her, proceeding out the back door in doing so. They proceed through the back yard, evading/killing any zombies that get in the way and escaping into Jill's barn. They obtain any goodies lying on the shelf (which include an SMG w/rounds, pistol and shotgun ammo, green herbs if need be) when something reaches out and grabs Claire's ankle. Claire backs away to the sight of a zombie randomly crawling out from underneath the shelf. They then turn around and be confronted by more random zombies who followed them approaching from each side. After evading/shooting them, Claire, on Chris' instructions, must find and open the attic before it's too late. They venture up the stairs, sealing the lid on the undead below them. The sound of the lid shutting is immediately followed by an evil hiss as they turn around and are confronted by a Hunter mutated from the G-Virus! After killing it together, Chris breaks through the window at the end of the hall, which they use to (more safely) exit the barn. They venture back into Jill's apartment, immediately chased by zombies along the way. They proceed into Jill's bedroom, wherein Chris instructs Claire to watch the door (after barricading it) while he uses Jill's piano, playing the familiar "Moonlight Sonata" [3] to open the basement door. The zombies quickly break through the barrier as soon as it opens. Chris hurriedly grabs Claire and they quickly run into the open stairway, shutting the door on them in the flip of a switch. They proceed into the basement, but are deeply disturbed by the sight of a skinned dog-Jill's German Shepherd-who mutates into a zombie as Chris goes to check the body. He/they kill the dog, only to come across a trail of blood. They follow the trail of blood to the horrific site of battered corpses hanging within silky cobwebs. They carefully pan back and forth through each when they come across a slithering sound. They turn to their right and find a horrific-looking tenticled leech blob latched onto the wall. They defeat the monster together, but are suddenly attacked as something slithers in after morphing through dust particles and sneakily attacks them from behind, knocking them both out cold.
  • "Shoot First, Ask Questions Later": Chris will shoot each of the living room zombies, saving both himself and Claire. They will then split up, facing each obstacle/boss separately, with the player first controlling Claire as she goes into the barn, then Chris as he enters the basement. Claire will "follow" Chris off-screen (including playing the Moonlight Sonata piece on Jill's piano), meeting up with him in a cutscene as soon as the player defeats the C-UroLeech B.O.W.
10 Hollywood Hills (Los Angeles, California) Barry Burton and Lena Corvin Yes (SP[5]-Only) No None BSAA Arrest Warrant
After finding evidence of criminal intent on the part of TrevCorp, BSAA is faced with another catastrophe as they uncover satellite footage of suspicious activity within Hollywood Hills on the eve of C-virus vaccination in LA, just outside the mountains. Picking up an explosion resulting in the destruction of the first "L", BSAA conducts a search of the Hollywood Hills. After their search leads them to an arrest warrant of a fugitive named Barry Smithson for armed robbery, Barry recollects BSAA pursuing a man for raiding and looting the LA pharmacutical plant for C-vaccine mere days before vaccination was to take place. They continue their search through the moonlight hills, finding ravaged homes, broken windows and other abnormal findings. After eventually finding Barry's corpse with a syringe containing the vaccine lying right beside him, things take a turn for the worst as they suddenly find themselves being ambushed by zombies. With more evidence on their side, Barry and Lena march down the Hollywood Hills and escape in their chopper.
11 Vaccination Facility (Los Angeles, California) Barry Burton and Lena Corvin Yes (SS-Only) No None Refugee Archive Footage
As TrevCorp kicks off the first day of C-Virus vaccination at an LA pharmaceutical facility, a BSAA investigation goes awry as they find themselves followed by undead searching Hollywood Hills. After finding the nearby Hollywood Hills to be compromised, they learn through PDA file that much of the world had now become infected by the rapidly-spreading C-Virus. Their greatest fears now a reality, they continue their search in downtown LA, arriving just as civilians lined up for vaccination are ambushed by zombies at the facility. After Barry attempts to lure the zombies away while fleeing the city, Lena searches the subway for survivors, encountering many sudden encounters along the way. Leaving the subway station, Lena continues to search the city, rounding up more survivors and protecting more refugees from incoming zombie attacks as she does. After rounding up the last of the city survivors, Lena loads them onto a bus for dispatch. However, one of the refugees becomes infected and bites the bus driver, flipping the bus over. Lena ventures out the bus, to find the remaining survivors emerging from it infected as well despite being vaccinated. Lena flees from the infected survivors and safely makes it onboard dispatch, fleeing the zombie-ridden LA downtown area.   
12 State Prison (Boulder, Colorado) Leon S. Kennedy & Ada Wong and Jill Valentine Yes (SP & SS) No None None
Following her arrest, Jill is brought in for interrogation by the D.S.O. (Division of Security Operations), wherein she is implicated via the testimony of a paid physician, Dr. Maria Haggerty, revealing that her symptoms-including delusions of grandeur, in regard to the "illusions" she saw of Wesker which she claims to be real-are consistent with an individual suffering from Schizophrenia. Denying any wrongdoing or even being there at the time these events occurred, Jill is shown the recovered tape with "her" killing and infecting various civilians in Umbrella's Chicago lab and is subsequently booked and detained inside the State Prison. During her incarceration, the prison is hit with a zombie heist. Ada and Leon take on the incoming zombies together. Being greatly outnumbered, Leon orders Ada to stand guard[3] while he ventures through the prison to retrieve a rocket launcher, going through infected inmates and prison guards-occasionally at random-along the way. The zombies eventually make it onto Jill's block at the far end of the prison, which receives the attention of the guards putting her on 24 hour surveillance. In the distraction, Jill retrieves a series of materials from inside her prison cabinet and, using her wits, creates a lockpick that she uses to unlock her cell and escape. Haunted by Wesker's voices calling to her, she ventures through the backway. The guards follow her lead and chase after her, but are attacked by random C-Lickers, who chase Jill down the hall. Jill continuously runs for her life, but is about to be devoured as it leaps at her from behind when "someone" shoots it dead in midair. Jill's relief  is short-lived, however, when this "man" is seen donning a familiar set of blond hair and black suit: Wesker, who "talks" to Jill, further tormenting her as "he" forces her to turn around, dodging any zombies and gunfire as she escapes through the front entrance, with Barry giving her a hand as he arrives via chopper. Ada and Leon shoot at Jill, trying and failing to stop her in a last ditch effort. As they escape, they track Chris and Claire's location via radar and satellite feeds in an attempt to rescue them.
13 Uncharted Island (Pacific Ocean) Chris and Claire Redfield Yes (SP & SS) No None C-Uniboro File
After being attacked and abducted by the still anonymous B.O.W., Chris and Claire wake up on separate ends of an uncharted island in the Pacific. Claire wakes up in a concentration camp-style dungeon complete with rusty torture cells containing the likes of holding cells, an electric chair, bunkers full of zombies, blood-stained walls and floors, corpses lying in dark corners, and other hellish monstrosities aided only by disturbing flickering lights. In a chain of frightening images that ends with Claire escaping through a zombie-filled dorm into a darkened back hallway, with only a looted flashlight to guide her, Claire finds a key lying on the floor, but is then faced with a nearly invisible zombie randomly creeping out of the shower stall at the end of the hall. Claire escapes down the hall, to be side-tracked by another zombie randomly limping at her through an open crevice to the right of her. After escaping the dungeon, she runs over a motion trip-wire, randomly opening up a pair of hatches. A couple of emerging zombie dogs chase Claire through a gated maze, escaping only to run into a chain of huts, trailers, and gated enclosures with hordes of zombies on the other side, occasionally breaking free awaiting her. With zombies approaching her around the nearby huts, Claire escapes into a forest, escaping more zombies, zombie dogs and mutant spiders along the way. Meanwhile, Chris wakes up in a mortuary, coming across a number of frightening images of his own, the last of which included walking into a dark embalming room with nealy-invisible zombies emerging from each of the scattered gurneys everywhere. Chris barely escapes through the exit door, out into a cemetery, where hordes of zombies randomly emerge from the soil, reaching and grabbing his feet. Chris breaks free [3] and escapes through the forest on the North end, meeting up with his sister, Claire at a meadow leading to an abandoned hostel. Upon entry, Chris is devastated when he discovers what appears to be a maimed Jill lying on the floor. Disheartened, he nonetheless proceeds through the wretched hostel with his sister, with such scares as a burning zombie crawling out of an incinerator, walking near-blind through a series of dark corners in the kitchen, running by a zombie-bombarded backdoor to retrieve a key card in a dark crevice after flipping the light switch, and being grabbed and pinned down by a random zombie after proceeding through the opposite door just as they break through awaiting him. After meeting with his sister after running back up the stairs, they continue to venture through the hostel, finding a file revealing the "top secret B.O.W." to be a hybrid controlled by a host. They proceed further and are eventually "greeted" by eviscerated clones of Jill, Leon, Ada, Barry and themselves hanging via rope after being dropped from the ceiling after completing a puzzle in moving various objects. Initially horrified, Chris is nonetheless relieved to know that the real Jill is still alive. He is then delighted when he receives a call from her immediately afterwards onboard Barry's chopper, letting them know they've come to rescue them. Chris and Claire escape through the back door as legions of zombies come busting through, escaping more hordes of them in the meadow as they make it onto the evac chopper and escape. 
14 TrevCorp Facility (Hong Kong, China) Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong Yes (SP & SS) Yes HUNK/Jake Mueller[6]

C-Uro Satellite Feed

After failing to recapture the escaping Jill, Ada and Leon are confronted by Alan for a business proposition as members of TrevCorp. After accepting, they obtain access to a secret facility where he plans to unleash a "top secret project" to stop the now global C-Virus infection. Promising them to be the first ones to see it in action, his seemingly good intentions grow suspect when Ada and Leon are suddenly ambushed by B.O.W.s, leaving the scene in the ensuing distraction. They search the premise together when they hear something gurgle in the background. Distraught, they carefully check around each corner at which point something "slithers" past the door and drags and pulls Leon away. Destined to find the man she cares for most, Ada ventures through Alan's private lab alone, finding a distorted monitor screen with a barely visibly guard speaking to a completely invisible man, each behind a modified voice at the end of the hall. Ada proceeds to the next hallway, going through a series of contraptions-which include test tube monsters suddenly awakening and randomly sliding test tubes opening for B.O.W. monsters to come out and chase after Ada-eventually finding a tape recording lying on the floor at the end of the next-furthest hall. Ada walks over and picks up the tape, at which point an in-game profile questionaire appears on screen, dictating future events in the game:
  • "The Truth Shall Set Me Free (Red Pill)"-Ada will backtrack through the now-darkened facility following another security breach. Along the way, she will battle through another series of sudden encounters with the undead: Lickers, zombies and Specters-(**SPOILER)including one posing as a terrifying clone of burning Alexia that will stalk you through the door if you dare try to turn back from this choice(/END SPOILER)-en route to the computer lab at the east end of the facility, needing to obtain a scanner-which she uses to obtain and e-mail a PDF of the recording to herself-and voice decoder app file-if you haven't already done so-upon arriving. After finding the facility's control center to being compromised through additional CCTV footage, Ada then soon finds herself being ambushed from all 3 directions upon arriving at the computer lab entrance. Fending them off down each flanking hall via gun with one hand[3] while running each opposite hand through the fingerprint scanner-in a multi-screen battle-she safely ventures through. Upon entry, Ada eventually finds a datapad file containing the password, which she uses to log onto the system.[3] Ada proceeds to decode the modded voices on the tape[3], only to be interrupted by a sudden system hack, at which point, all previously-sealed off doors begin to open. She flees into the back of the facility where she came, finding Leon strapped to a chair through the window in the back-most room as the door behind her randomly closes. In the ensuing distraction, Ada is confronted by none other than HUNK himself, who removes his helmet and shows his true identity. In a shocking turn of events, he reveals himself to be none other than Jake Mueller, showing his true colors and striving to avenge his father, Albert's demise. After defeating HUNK/Jake, Ada proceeds to the backroom where Leon is held hostage.
  • "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Fear No Evil (Blue Pill)"-Ada will instead collect the tape for evidence and proceed to the next hall, where she finds Leon being detained on the other side. (**SPOILER)Unless you're playing Co-Op, this option will forego the HUNK unmasking altogether (publicly) as it will instead take place during Chris and Barry's infiltration in the final chapter, which occurs off-screen in Solo Play (also available via DLC).(/END SPOILER)

Determined to free her man, Ada attempts to untie Leon when she is suddenly attacked by an unforseen female upon entering. Alan walks in, introducing his wife assistant: none other than Alex Wesker, the last surviving member of the Wesker children, who then straps Ada to a chair right beside Leon before revealing a dark secret to them both: (**SPOILER)Believed to have been killed on Zabytij Island five years ago, Alex had inserted her consciousness into Natalia Korda 6 months prior, now posing as her conscious self.(/END SPOILER) Alan then reveals his true intentions: he was responsible for the now global infection of the C-Virus, his "vaccine" actually containing samples of Uroboros, cultimating in the "ultimate" contagion, dubbed C-Uroboros. He then sternly vows to follow in Wesker's footsteps and fulfill his destiny along with Alex with the world soon bowing at their fingertips as King and Queen. In his final summation, he asserts to keeping his word when he promised Ada and Leon that they would be the first ones to see it in action, but, he warns, "it's to die for": he created the "ultimate" weapon from a triplet virus, combining the DNA of Chris, Claire, Jill, Barry, Lena and even themselves with the "advanced" C-Uroboros virus after obtaining their samples-Chris, Lena and Claire via abduction, Jill's from vaccine he gave her, Barry's from the DNA databank, and Ada and Leon's via fingerprint scanner used to open various doors within the facility-and meshing their 3 most sadistic creations-Hunter, Licker, and Tyrant-together into a monstrous shapeshifting hybrid, dubbed C-Uniboro, who he reveals they used to frame Jill by posing as her via her DNA. But that's not all, Alex warns: this "ultimate" hybrid B.O.W. relies on a host for substinance, that host being none other than her brother, Albert, who Alan used to obtain Wesker's DNA from the DNA databank and reanimate him. They are then "blessed" with his familiar sadistic laugh as the creature, C-Uniboro, appears in full for the first time ever in all his barbaric glory. With death starring them right in the eyes, Ada finally professes her love to Leon, which he reciprocates in their final moments as he "kills" them both.

15 Neo-Umbrella HQ (Moscow, Russia) Lena Corvin, Chris Redfield & Barry Burton (Co-Op Only) and Jill Valentine Yes (SP & SS) Yes Nemesis Clone (Sub-Boss, as Lena), Alex Wesker (as Lena), Reaper (as Lena)[7], Alice Abernathy (as Lena), Albert Wesker/C'Uniboro (as Jill) Metahumans Project File
In a cut scene preceding the game's only Action-Horror chapter (as seen in Resident Evil 5&6), the BSAA members arrive via chopper, landing at the site of a top secret research project they've been perfecting for years, in which the fate of Rebecca Chambers is finally unveiled after all these years: since RE1, she had been working as a researcher for BSAA, putting her life's work-much like Lena before her-into perfecting the ultimate vaccine that they plan to unleash all-around the globe to eradicate all traces of bio-weapons across the lobe: the Proliferator Vaccine. Said to have taken years and tons of resources, Rebecca claims it can even cure infected humans posthumously. Standing together as one, Jill vows "we've been fighting this war for the better part of 2 decades. Well today, it finally ends."

As Lena Corvin: as one of the two "original" bio-weapons and one half of the Metahumans twins, race down the streets of downtown Moscow along with Barry and Chris. Help them battle their way through thousands of zombies scattering the city streets with never-before-seen arial and ground melee attacks in the Resident Evil series. As they finally reach the Neo-Umbrella HQ premise, they split up, with Chris and Barry searching the HQ grounds together while Lena jumps onto the balcony to confront Alex in a chamber. Speaking over the telecom, she puts Lena's bio-weapon skills to the test by sending a clone of Nemesis and two zombie dogs after her as a warm-up. After defeating them with relative ease, Alex Wesker finally drops down from the glass window to confront Lena, fully humanized-as distinct from Resident Evil: Revelations 2 as Overseer. Alex pulls out a syringe and vows to "follow in her brother's foosteps", injecting herself with the same Prototype Virus as her brother before her as the two bio-weapons embark in battle. After a hotly-contested battle, Lena defeats Alex, viciously decapitating her after literally snapping her skull off of her neck and emphatically kicking it aside in the following cut scene. As she does so, she exits into the next room, finding it buried in darkness, the only light source being a batch of of B.O.W.-carrying glass test tubes. The lights suddenly commence moments later, however, to which Lena turns around and finds "Albert" barricaded in a glass room, holding both Chris and Barry captive as they're tied to chairs. However, the lights begin to flicker on-and-off repeatedly before turning back on, at which point, Lena finds Wesker is now gone, revealed to be an illusion. However, she begins to hear a familiar voice (Alex's) through the PA as the Red Queen Computer system is spontaneously activated, where Lena must venture through a series of horrors-including more Specter's "magically" appearing inside random trap door containers after camouflaging themselves in the darkness and breaking out to chase after Lena-and personal tests as she ventures through Neo-Umbrella HQ. She eventually stumbles across a carousel in a dark room, holding 6 terrifying-looking zombie girls who look up to face her when she least expects it. They begin to break free of their shackles binding their arms to the device when a terrifying buzsaw-wielding B.O.W.-known as the Reaper, who Lena had previously encountered in Umbrella's Chicago facility many years earlier-randomly emerges in the window behind her, unbeknownst to Lena. Lena turns to face the creature after hearing grinding metal when it cuts through the glass and slices her open in a graphic display of goriness, leaving a nasty gash in her collar area. Lena is bleeding profusely as it stumps through the open glass, at which point, the 6 zombie girls are now completely free and stumbling towards her in the dark. An in-game profiling questionnaire opens up at the bottom of the screen as she's being surrounded on all sides by the 7 critters:

  • "The Easy Way": Not really the "easy way" as the question was actually referring to your death, you must take on the Reaper B.O.W. and all 6 zombie girls (who you do NOT want to have to lay your eyes on in the dark) in the dark and somehow defeat them quickly enough to proceed to the remaining parts of the lab and find a First Aid Kid before Lena bleeds out and dies. While in the "Bleeding Out" status, the screen lights up an increasingly darker red hue around your character-thus making enemies and objects even harder to see-as your character inches closer to death. In order to "kill" the Reaper "quickly enough" to have a chance (**SPOILER)you must lure him towards the generator as he lunges to attack you and dodge the buzzsaw, "frying" him as it hits the device.​(/END SPOILER). After patching herself with a first aid kit, Lena continues to battle her way through Red Queen's contraptions as she ventures through the linked rooms, the Red Queen taunting her through Alex's demonic voice several times throughout. After escaping from a boiler-filled hallway, she proceeds to a metallic double door at the end of the hall, leading her to a darkened hallway where an aerosol form of the T-Uro virus eventually chases her down after a security breach. As she approaches the middle of the room, a pair of red laser trip wires activates, where you must hit the "Action" button at exactly the right moment via QTE to sprawl in between the lasers and safely make it to the next room.
  • "The Hard Way": Lena will automatically leap through the glass window, allowing you to avoid facing them directly. A first aid kit is lying on the wall towards the end of the room, however, you must encounter and get by a couple invisible zombies lurking in the dark corners of the room (that are nearly impossible to see with the "bleeding out" effect taking up the screen). The Reaper and carousel zombies will also follow you through the glass opening and. The next room adjacent to this one also contains a couple "jump" scares. When you make it to the laser contraption, you will instead be chased by the Reaper, causing him to be sliced to pieces after dodging them.

After making it to the end of the facility, Lena stands in front of a large monitor screen. The terrifying Red Queen appears on the large LCD screen in the form of Alex's augmented demonic face avatar, where she confesses to having found a new vessel from which to transfer her consciousness into (much like she did Natalia following her first "death") as part of an ongoing contingency plan. Vowing, "I will finish what my brother started... by literally following in his footsteps", Alex reveals it to be none other than Albert Wesker, her brother, himself, who's face then surfaces over the Red Queen/Alex's. Demonizing her for "killing" the last surviving member of his family, and the one responsible for his resurrection-Alex-Wesker vows to reveal a dark secret regarding hers, speaking through Albert's voice: unbeknownst to Lena, she had secretly been born to Jane Abernathy, an ex-employee of Umbrella, as one of a pair of twins in conjunction with his Metahumans Project, a secret project he operated before S.T.A.R.S. In doing so, "he" reveals that her partner, Alice, was her biological twin sister all along, her "father", Matt Corvin, merely adopting her after surviving a supposed stillbirth. "He" goes on, adding that "his" genetic makeup was used to breed the two twins into existence, using the T-Virus, the first in a series of bio-weapons that Lena had dedicated her life to stopping, as a bonding agent. Lena already petrified at the secrets laid out before her, Wesker caps it off with the darkest secret of all (revealed in a flashback cutscene): after being separated from her twin sister as she helplessly watched Umbrella agents carry Alice away-to which she previously told her fellow BSAA agents she had no memory of upon being hit with a nerve gas after stopping the first T-Virus infection from reaching nearby Raccoon City-they had secretly kept Alice away in cryostasis for years in a secret facility, where she would eventually be used as the "Beta" test subject for Uroboros/P30 before ultimately settling on Jill (in which Jill experimentation scenes are revealed for the very first time in flashback cut scenes). However, they had kept her in a safe place all this time and performed "other" experimentation on her. As Lena had used a mixture of the G-Virus and antibodies on herself in conjuction with the T-Virus already in her system, "he" reveals to her that they had done the same with her sister minus the anti-bodies, making Alice her "opposite equal", citing Newton's theory. Wesker unleashes Alice, appearing more mutated than ever before seen, as the two twin bio-weapons do battle. Lena reluctantly kills her twin sister to cap off a heated battle when the game cuts away.

As Jill Valentine: meanwhile, Jill, in an ultimate twist, injects herself with a modified version of the P30 Virus Wesker injected her with years earlier. Containing enough antibodies to make her both aware and in control of her actions while reaping all of its benefits, she admits she had created the virus as a Wesker final solution, breaking her vow against bio-weapons in order to finally put an end to her pain once and for all. More advanced than Lena's T+G Antibiotic virus, Claire and Rebecca fly her over to Neo-Umbrella HQ, where she takes an emphatic dive from the chopper into the front of the facility. Jill sees hordes of zombies follow her, to which Jill emphatically signals to "bring it on" via han signal. Blonde once more as a result of the virus-which she continuously administers via tubes attached to the back of her head and veins through a device planted on her spine this time-Jill uses her superhuman strength, reflexes, and speed to take them all out with extreme ease. Jill ventures through the facility, eventually stumbling across the beheaded corpse of Alex after which a familiar laugh taunts her. Jill attentively looks the other way when a monster shadow/silhouette blows by her. Jill continues her journey, eventually finding her next "clue" in the Alex-Albert portrait lying on the floor in a dark, seemingly empty room. Alex's voice can then be heard over the PA through the Red Queen computer, touting the "Ring Around the Rosie" nursery rhyme as a disturbing montage of Specters flashes on screen. "Ashes To Ashes, We All Fall DOWN!" to which the lights flicker, revealing a unique cyber maze trap as a spiked ceiling slowly comes down, paying homage to the Jill Sandwich trap from the original game. After narrowly escaping the trap, Jill continues her journey, fighting her way through more death traps, at one point being dosed with the T-Uro Hallucinogenic Virus as the doors close in the ensuing distraction. Fighting through hallucinogens, Specters, and other random jump-scare filled traps, Jill is taunted by a hallucinogenic form of Wesker along the way, further stirring her intense hatred of him.

As Chris Redfield/Jill Valentine: After successfully clawing her way to the end of the facility in a seemingly endless test of endurance that pushes her mind like never before, Jill marches to the chamber. The game then picks up where Lena's chapter left off, cutting back to the aftermath of her fight with Alice. Wesker gives a congratulatory hideous laugh somewhere in the distance, then reveals himself through Alex's transferred consciousness, smothered within the hideous hybrid monster as the sustinent host. Arrogantly asked "care to meet your maker?", Lena responds "I think it's time you finally met yours!" Lena tries battling Wesker within C'Uni to avenge her sister, but is easily overpowered. Choking and infecting Lana with the C'Uni's mandible jaw, C'Uni opens its agape mouth as he attempts to devour Lena. However, C'Uni/Wesker glances at the monitor and, noting Jill and Chris approaching, puts her down and quickly escapes into hiding into a crevice via wall slinging. Jill and Chris enter the chamber, and are dismayed at seeing an exasperated Lena lying on the floor. Noticing an infection via bite mark, Chris attempts to inject Lena with an emergency syringe derived from the Proliferator Vaccine. However, by this time, Lena has turned, succumbing to the C-Uro virus in conjunction with her G-Virus genes, thus turning her into the Ultimate Neo-Umbrella super soldier. Chris manages to inject Lena with the antidote (via QTE in which you must "hold" Lena in a standing headscissors position long enough for Chris to inject Lena with the syringe in a "struggle" animation, and only be pressing "Action" at exactly the right time as Lena dashes at you with her superhuman speed) with the help after Lena seemingly gets the better of both of them in battle.

As Jill Valentine: After curing her, Lena informs the two that she was infected by none other than a revived Albert Wesker after Alex transferred her consciousness into his reconstructed corpse. The three are then met by Barry and Rebecca, who split up in preparing to launch the satellite containing the Proliferator vaccine. Jill rejects an offer from Chris to help his partner, Jill, to finish Wesker off once and for all, noting "before, it was strictly business, but now, it's personal" as a split second flashbacks to the ending of Lost in Nightmares flash on screen. Jill is haunted by evil laughter as the 4 of them leave. They have a brief emotional exchange when Wesker hops own and approaches Jill in a one-on-one confrontation, appearing just as "he" remembered her with the purple battle suit and blonde hair. Her super soldier powers are put to the ultimate test as she battles the most advanced form of Wesker yet, controlling the ultimate weapon from within. Jill defeats Wesker (via Alex's consciousness) after a heated battle, who retreats just as Chris rushes in to greet her. They share an emotional hug, even tease a kiss, thinking the battle is over, when Wesker attacks and drags Chris and carries him across the facility. Jill follows him over to a boiler room that's crawling with C'Uni. Jill eventually retrieves a rocket launcher and launches it at a nitrogen container, supposedly killing them all. Jill breathes a sigh of relief, but is soon disturbed when an engulfed hand reaches up and grabs her in the following cutscene, lifting itself up to reveal a burning C'Uro. Jill flip kicks the zombie in midair, then lands on and stomps it right through the grating and to the floor below using her P30 advanced reflexes, crushing its head. She then proceeds to the next room, where Wesker, eager to finish his bitter arch nemesis, Chris off for good after being denied the opportunity twice, is met with a grenade launcher right through the back of "his" throat, separating the host from its body as it bursts into flames. A burning Wesker is limping on all fours, stopping right at Jill's feet. Jill, in vengeful fashion, puts a gun to Wesker's head, her eyes widened with rage as she pulls the trigger, killing her bitter archnemesis and captor for good. After finally killing Wesker and gaining closure from her 3 year ordeal as a test subject-and the nightmares and visions that soon followed-the player gets to choose one of two game-ending cutscenes decided by one final in-game profile question:

  • "Be My Valentine": Chris and Jill explicitly make out for the first time, Jill pins Chris against the control panel as they do so. However, she inadvertantly hits the light switch, blanketing the facility in darkness, and accidentally presses the door closer after Chris falls out the doorway. Trapped inside, a pair of mutated hands pound on the glass behind Jill. Chris soon watches in horror as a mutated Leon and Ada devour Jill while trapped from outside. You must then venture out the facility while the satellite prepares for launch while being chased by zombies in the dark. 
  • "Bros Before Hos": Chris and Jill hug, but are interrupted by the sound of a pair of mutated hands knocking on the glass behind them, with a mutated Leon and Ada emerging from the hatches. After chasing them out the control center, the two venture out the facility together as zombies follow them in a lighted complex.

In both scenarios, Rebecca launches the satellite after Chris escapes (with or without Jill), completely eliminating all traces of Progenitor-based bio-weapons across the globe-and thereby eliminating any chance of either Wesker being revived/reanimated again as the Wesker Strain was used to create the latest rendition of Uroboros-even curing those already succumbed/mutated from viruses. In "Be My Valentine", Chris searches the facility, finding a live and brunette-again Jill (as the "advanced" P30 had been erradicated from her system a la Proliferater Vaccine) with a now fully-human Leon and Ada, while in "Bros Before Hos", Chris and Jill find and meet up with a humanized Leon and Ada together. Both scenarios end in ChrisxJill and LeonxAda making out simultaneously, and finally giving into their feelings for eachother with the world now safe from bio threats.

In a game-ending cutscene, with the threat of all bio-threats-past, present and future-now gone and all infected invidiuals returning back to their humanistic forms, the US Senate decides, by marginal vote, not to destroy one of The US's most populace cities in Chicago like it had nearby Raccon City, Rockford Island, Tall Oaks, and Sheena Island before it. The war against (Neo)-Umbrella and all bio-weapons had officially been over. 

"The Meta Project" (Prequel Bonus Chapter)

After pre-ordering and completing the game, you will unock a special prequel bonus chapter, "The Meta Project", set one month before the events of RE0, featuring Alice (whom you also unlock in Raid Mode as a pre-order bonus) as a playable character for the first time. Before launching, however, a command prompt will open up, informing you of your option to purchase an additional Alice "Apocalypse" DLC costume from either the Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Store.

The bonus chapter is playable in both Solo and Co-Op, where you or a partner can choose between one of three Lena costumes-the third of which ("Gown" costume) is also available in Raid Mode via pre-order bonus-and one of two Alice costumes-three if the Alice DLC is purchased and downloaded-at the Character Select screen. If playing solo, you have the option of either controlling both characters simultaneously or having the other AI-controlled. You or a partner may also choose to split up or venture side-by-side during certain intervals. 

In addition, you may also select between the Classic Cam-style gameplay of early Resident Evil games or the newer, Over-the-Shoulder cam style as seen in more recent titles.

Chapter Level Characters Co-Op In-Game Profiling Bosses File
Bonus Umbrella Experimental Facility (Chicago, Illinois) Alice Abernathy and Lena Corvin Yes (SS & SP) Yes Alex Wesker (T-Virus), Reaper Wesker Children File, Missing Persons File
After her partner, Lena, blacks out from a sudden panic attack inside of the Umbrella's corporate facility in Raccoon City-where training of B.O.W.s would take place-after seeing monstrous "visions", Alice receives a tip from Wesker pertaining to a deadly crash in the Chicago subway station. Meanwhile, a rogue Lena later awakens, and spontaneously murders attending Umbrella operatives before running away. After Alice is sent to investigate, she navigates through the ravaged subway train, encountering zombies along the way. She is later confronted by Lena, who, upon fleeing with her, informs Alice of the truth: a T-Virus outbreak had just occurred during experimentation inside the Umbrella Chicago lab and will spread and infect nearby Raccoon City-which had been linked through the subway station leading directly into the underground Raccon City laboratory-in 2 hours. Needing to create a vaccine, she escapes with her partner through the darkened subway tunnel into the Chicago laboratory located underneath the Sears Tower. Upon entry, they venture through the facility, racing against time in one of two different scenarios:
  • "We're In This Together"-Alice and Lena will venture together at all times. After discovering a Wesker children file, they will then be confronted by Alex Wesker, in her mutated T-Virus form, and fight her together. However, Alice will then be ambushed and dragged off after being clubbed by an unforseen claw-wielding B.O.W. Alex will then use her remaining life force to insert her soul into a super computer, known as the Red Queen, becoming its avatar, who activates several deadly traps as Len searches for Alice (and finds the needed vaccine Base and Medium agents if she hasn't already done so). She will then be forced to fight alone as she is confronted by the aforementioned Reaper (the original Umbrella B.O.W.) upon finding her close friend's body. After defeating the Reaper-much easier said than done solo-Lena will take the vaccine and attempt to unleash it via cloud herself, having to fend off hordes of incoming zombies along the way as it prepares to launch. After launching the vaccine through the air and curing the T-Virus infection, Lena escapes with Alice after lending her hand.
  • "Divide and Conquer"-Alice and Lena will split up in separate playable segments. Alice will head to the central lab to obtain the agents needed to produce a vaccine while Lena will venture through the remaining parts of the lab, looking for leads and confronted with grueling dangers along the way. After discovering a file for the Wesker Children, Lena is confronted by Alex Wesker, who had been experimenting with the T-Virus on herself. Lena defeats a mutated Alex, during which time, Alice attempts to reach her at the other end of the facility. However, after Alex transfers her soul into the Red Queen computer, she creates a number of obstacles for each as they attempt to meet. On the plus side, selecting this option lends you the chance to obtain a Gatling Gun (hidden in a secret location) after coming across a blueprint for a "Nemesis type B.O.W." as Lena and Alice will later rejoin and sabotage Red Queen/Alex's controls-after revealing the "Override" password (Ada, from a John Clemens PDF file) in a choice-exclusive cutscene-unlocking it's secret hidden location. Lena will be lended the opportunity to "protect" Alice as she attempts to synthesize a vaccine from the  via capsule at the far end of the lab. They will then be lended the opportunity to fight the lurking Reaper together as it emerges from a pair of double doors.

After escaping with Alice and curing the T-Virus infection, they are suddenly abducted by Umbrella agents. Lena is dosed with an anesthetic as she watches her ally-and secret twin sister-being dragged off by Umbrella captives in the aforementioned flashback cutscene. 

Raid Mode

Character Costume(s)
Chris Redfield STARS, BSAA, Arctic[8]
Jill Valentine STARS, BSAA, Skirt[8],P30[9]
Ada Wong Skirt, Assassin, Damnation[10]
Leon S. Kennedy RCPD, DSO, Retro[8]
Claire Redfield TerraSave, BSAA, Retro[8]
Rebecca Chambers STARS, Cowgirl[8]
Lena Corvin Catsuit

[11], BSAA, Gown [10]

Alice Abernathy[9] Hive, Umbrella Prime, Apocalypse[8]
Carlos Oliveira UBCS, Apocalypse[8]
Nikolai Zinoviev UBCS, ORC[8]
Alex Wesker Battlesuit, School Girl [8]
Albert Wesker Umbrella, STARS, Uroboros[9]


The game had been hit with stunning reviews from fans and critics alike. IGN rated it a 9.0, calling it the "scariest Resident Evil yet". GameSpot rated it an 8.5, saying "it mixes tons of scares with a very compelling and all-around entertaining final chapter in the famed saga".

It also became the hottest-selling title in the Resident Evil franchise, beating out Resident Evil 5 's sales of 6.7 [12]million with over 7 million copies sold across both next-gen platforms.

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