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Martial arts, electric rod, control of water, pistols, teleportation

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Reno Byrd was a mutant who was later turned into a Bastavo vampire


Early Life


Reno as a teenager

Reno Michael Byrd was born in Northern Ireland, along with his twin brother Axel, and younger sister Kelsey. He was the oldest of three kids born to Tristan and Isolde Byrd. The young red head was born into a long line of Irish Mafia members. In fact, his forefathers had founded the Irish Mob, and expected him and his siblings to be a part of it somehow. Once Reno was old enough to walk and talk (around three or four months old), Tristan had begun to teach him the Family ways. Guidelines and rules were shoved down his throat as often as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reno was only three years old when he suffered his first bullet wound, from a drive-by intended to kill his father, who was at the time, the Consigliere of the Family. Tristan died later in the hospital, leaving Reno and his family to move along without him. By the time Reno was ten, he was considered a part of the Family, as well as the head of his own, despite the fact that Isolde was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, and her three children on her own. On Reno and Axel's twelfth birthday, as a way to, official mark them as a part of the Family, their Grandfather sent them along with their uncle Jeffery Byrd, to a raid of one of the Italian Mob's operations. There was of course a fight, and in the midst of it all, Jeff was injured. One of the Italian men was advancing on Reno and his brother. Seeing no other way out, the young red head took his uncle's gun and shot the man until he stopped moving. Reinforcements arrived moments later, and the three were escorted to safety. However, nothing could erase the damages done to Reno's mind. At the age of thirteen, Reno began to go through his mutant ability puberty. He inherited the ability to teleport, and to control water. During puberty, he would teleport at the most random of times to the most random of places, as well as cause nearby water bottles or faucets to erupt water from them. The process was quick and painless for the most part, although he did have some incidents of teleporting to the wrong places at the wrong time. Once he reached the age of fifteen, he was official a Soldier for the Family, and he was running around the streets like he owned them, getting himself in an out of trouble as if it were second nature. As a tradition, he was taught the old Irish (otherwise known as Gaelic) language, and therefore was able to communicate with his family while the majority of the population had no idea what they were speaking. By the time he turned sixteen, he tired of the life he was living. The red head, packed up everything he could and took the first flight he could to Germany.

The Holocaust

There was only one thing Reno had never admitted to anyone in his family, and that was that he was Jewish. Once in Germany he was able to make friends with other Jews, and he began to feel more at peace. He confessed to the sins he committed while living with his family, and overtime, he changed his ways, successfully washing out all of the brain wash his father, grandfather and uncles had set into his brain. However, happy times were not meant to be for the mutant. In 1941, only months after his arrival in Germany, the Nazis went into small apartment and dragged him out of it, torching it to the ground as they made their exit. He awoke in what Nazi Germany called, Jewish Ghettos, areas of a city sectioned off for only Jews to live in. They were forced to work, starved and constantly beaten. Before long the Nazis gathered all of the Jewish people from those Ghettos, and they were all shipped off to concentration camps. Reno, wound up in Auschwitz. Along with the majority of the males, he was forced to work, and they were starved. Anyone who showed weakness or tried to retaliate was taken away and never seen again. Reno tried to escape a few times, trying to teleport his way out, but the electrical fences around the area interfered with his powers, and he could not even teleport from one building to the other, let alone out of the camp. A series of numbers were permanently burned into Reno's left arm, his identification numbers. The Nazis had found burning them into the skin a lot more convenient than sewing it on the uniforms the prisoners were given. Four long years, Reno stayed in Auschwitz, fighting to stay alive even as so many of his friends died around him. Finally, on January 27 1945, the Soviet army located and liberated the Auschwitz camp. Three million had died over the four years, and when the Soviets arrived the Nazis, who had already cleared out of the camp, had removed the majority of the prisoners. Leaving only seven thousand for the Soviets to save. Half-starved, and exhausted beyond the human capability to be exhausted, Reno allowed the doctors to examine him and to treat him for any of the diseases he had contracted while in the concentration camp. He was suppose to be twenty years old by then, but his body had been so malnourished, Reno could barely pass for seventeen. Once his health was back up, and the doctors managed to get him at a healthy weight, the mutant was able to leave. Determined to get as far away from the horrible memories the Nazis had given him, Reno took the first flight to Midgar.

Life in Midgar


Reno and Rude, classmates and co-workers

At first, Reno had trouble making friends. His years in Auschwitz had frightened him into being unable to trust people well, though he had a very good reason not to. The red head applied to take a test for his GED, since he had his high school years taken away by the Nazis. Over time however, Reno began to open up and it was a couple of months after his arrival that he met his best friend, Rude Osaka. Rude proved to be a very good friend, and offered Reno to share his apartment, because the mutant hadn't been able to find one yet. Once he got settled with his new friend, he met Rude's girlfriend, Janine Carter, and they all became rather close. The red head still refused to talk about the Holocaust, though his friends new something was up, especially because of the numbers on his arm. They weren't easy to hide, and the news of the concentration camps found by the Allies had already been released to the public. Eventually, Reno told them everything and the bonds of their friendship tightened, bringing the three closer together. One night when they went out to a club, they met Elena Suzu, a spunky blonde who didn't let anyone push her around. She and Reno hit it off right away, flirting and messing around by spilling drinks on each other. The four of them became great friends, but the only problem was that they were all going to different colleges. Reno and Rude were staying in Midgar to go to the University there, while Janine was heading to Arcadia and Elena to Japan. They all promised to keep in touch. During college, Reno and Rude picked up a cab-driving job to earn spending money, as well as money for their books. Reno, naturally, was an insanely fast driver, and usually ended up completing more fares than his best friend, although his car always came out more beaten than Rude's. One night, the red head picked up two women, who threw some cash at him to keep him from looking back at them. They were Kiara Shion and Ashlie Lynn, two very beautiful, and very naked girls, seeing that they were changing their clothing. Being sneaky, Reno managed to get pictures of them, and once his shift was over, ran to share with Rude. In hopes of running into the two women again, though this time, Rude rode in the passenger seat, Reno drove around the same area he had picked them up before around the same time, for about a week. On the last day, the two were ready to give up, but fortunately for them, the girls showed up again. This time, instead of just getting dropped off, they invited the two to go to the clubs with them. Rude stuck to Kiara's side, while Reno and Ashlie hit it off right away. The two danced for hours, before they found their way to Ashlie's hotel room. They slept together, giving up their virginity to one another. However, the four never saw each other again beyond that night, and the boys were forced to push those memories to the back of their minds.


Reno and Elena's wedding picture


Reno and Elena

A couple of years after college, Reno met back up with Elena. After years of being apart, the two's attraction towards each other increased somewhat, and they started dating within two days of their reunion. They shared stories of their college adventures, though Reno left out the night with Ashlie. Elena had majored in English and minored in Criminal Justice while Reno had majored in Criminal Justice and minored in Theater Arts. They shared what their classes were like, their teachers and the classmates, as well as the different fraternity like organizations on campus. It was like the two had never been apart, and within two years, Reno proposed. The two worked hard to find a way to make a living, and soon Reno got them hired with Midgar's secret police. The ones who went undercover and did missions for national security, under the radar. To Elena's surprise, Rude was also working there, but the hyperactive teen from high school had changed into a much more reserved, serious and mature adult. Neither Reno nor Elena let that affect their friendship, and the job kicked off well. While it was dangerous, the three of them together were a wonderful team, even if Reno preferred his electric rod to a gun no matter whom they were fighting. Reno and Elena happily married four months after their engagement, fortifying their strength as a team while on the job. They were the talk of the town, always seen in public together and they were always bringing up the idea of children, deciding on names and when would be the proper time to have the children. Rude and Janine had gotten engaged a few months prior to the Byrd's wedding, but before any finalization could be made on the wedding day, Rude broke it off, and, in her heart broken rage, Janine left Midgar. This event didn't really disrupt Reno and Elena; they had never thought she was right for their best friend. After four years of a blissful and peaceful marriage, tragedy struck. While on one of their missions, a massive explosion took out a quadrant of the facility they were infiltrating. Elena and Rude were able to get back to Midgar, Reno however was lost in the explosion, and the two were forced to pronounce him as KIA (killed in action). However, Reno had managed to survive, with a heavy amount of injuries. He was transferred over to the best hospital in the world, in Hyrule.

Life in Hyrule


Reno after returning to good health

Reno recovered quickly, thanks to his Mutant genetics, and was on his feet in no time. However, the red head had suffered severe trauma to the head, and had amnesia. He remembered his friendship with Rude and Elena, but nothing about his marriage with the blonde. Sadly enough, because he was officially pronounced dead in Midgar, their marriage was null and void, making both of them single. While Elena mourned in Midgar, Reno began to get closer to the people in Hyrule, worming his way into the Palace. He was quick to become friends with Yazoo Itou, the head of the Royal Guard and soon, the elf had managed to get the red head an interview with Mimi Murritta, the Queen of Hyrule.

Behind the scenes

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