Remy Rat: the Collector's Edition was a 9 volume collectors' series of Remy Rat videos made in late 1999, all offered by Columbia House. These videos were never available in stores, and were only available through Columbia House. The videos are listed in the order they are shipped when you subscribe.

Unlike previous Remy Rat home video releases (expect the laserdisc releases), the color shorts are presented in their original color presentation.

Cover Title Shorts
Vol. 1: Playhouse Time! "That's My Cousins"
"Pantry Pirate"
"Spring Fever"
"Jojo's Wife"
"Franks a Bug"
"Pink and Purple"
"Remy's Purchase"
"Moon Dust"
"Bazooka Jojo"
"Boys of Summer"
"Deep Betrayal"
"The Sippy Cup"
"A Rat in the Corner"
Vol. 2: Masterpiece Collection "The Lonesome Paint"
"Minor Mirrors"
"Dancy Ballerinas"
"Walking Around the Way"
"Run Dodgers of the Century Whoville"
"Remy E. Rat and the Road Who"
"Maria Poppins"
"The Great Allied-Soviet War"
"Running in Fear"
"The Who in the Willows"
"Adin Maxwell Rides Again"
"The Magic Bullet"
"Kirby Air Ride Adventure"
Vol. 3: Pizza Party "Super Mexico!"
"Latin Mouse"
"Secret Spyrat"
"Little Shop Of Horrors"
"Mexican Vacation"
"Spanish Business"
"Big City Hotel"
"Hansel and Gretel"
"The Speedy Gonzales"
"A Little Bit Of Overwork"
"Pent Rat House"
"Remy's Mexican Fun"
Vol. 4: Fun of Whoville! "My Little Cindy"
"What's Your News?"
"Bedeviled Rat"
"O Sole Jojo"
"Sprites Taken a Built"
"Pet sematary 3D"
"Coffee Break"
"Hair Rasing Hare?"
"French Civil War"
"Mayor as Councill"
"Crows Got Corns"
"Thirsty Chocolate"
"That Way and This Way"
Vol. 5: The Great Outdoors! "Rat Amuck"
"Super Smash"
"The Rat's Bah"
"Whoville's Seasoning"
"The No Ordinary Guy"
"Crazy Night"
"Tabasco Time!"
"Favorite Krazy Tokyo"
"Red October Sky"
"Pictionary Road"
"Running Away with all the Girls"
"Remy in Space Whoville"
Vol. 6: I Love Whoville! "North and South"
"Ketchup O Cetchup"
"Feed the Seventh"
"The McDodd Family"
"Don't Do Dogs!"
"Walking with Sasquatch"
"Speedy is a Gonzales"
"The Shadow Person"
"Mantis Where Here!"
"Jojo Gone Phraggle"
"Mr. Albertson has Arrived"
"Weekend at Darcy's"
"Whoville and the Life of Dark Century 24"
Vol. 7: Animal Tales "Ned's Pet Goldfish"
"Ostrich 3D"
"Scarab Queen"
"Mantis Takes a Spring Clean"
"Sugar Rush Sprite"
"For Scent-Diary Reasons"
"Bedtime For You"
"Arttrade a Rat"
"Remy's Clean"
"Behind The Mask"
"Yummo Japan"
"Korean Sprites"
"Kenny's Snack"
Vol. 8: Welcome to the Town! "Great Hero Purge"
"Oh, Speedy!"
"Where's a Flower?"
"Galaxy War"
"Elmo of the Fire Blem"
"The Ghost And Paranormal"
"Space 1955"
"Where's Remy?"
"Egg's of Breakfast"
"Another Dimension"
"Runaway Rhubarbs"
"Daffy Dook"
"Seven Nights"
Vol. 9: Good Vs. Bad "Dr. Dracula and Mr. Rat"
"The Nice Little One"
"Fly Away Mr. Ralph!"
"Awesome Hawk"
"Ghosts to Ghosta"
"Quackbusters Alls"
"Quickiest Qrimpusticst"
"Feed the Sprite"
"Bewitched A Purr"
"Girlhood Daze"
"The Midnight Hunter"
"Fletch Ruff"
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