Remembering Horror originally stylized The Teen Deaths In Morton is a 2010 American Ensemble Cast Slasher film much in the style of Scream and or Joseph Khan's Detention.

It is written by William Cooke and Paul Talbot the duo behind the 1991 slasher film Campfire Tales which starred Amy Smart and is directed by Jamie Blanks the man behind 1998 Intelligent Slasher film Urban Legend and 2001 Revenge Romance Slasher film Valentine.

It stars Emily Blunt, Saorise Ronan, Javier Barden, Lisa Kudrow, Martin Short, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Bailee Madison, Minka Kelly, Amanda Michalka, Alexandria Deberry, China Anne McClain, Daniel Radcliffe, Elijah Wood, Nicole Scherzinger, Shamari Fears, Naomi Campbell, Andrew Garfield, Mechcad Brooks, Amy Bruckner, Luke Macfarlane, Larenze Tate, Lauren London, Rebecca Black, Deborah Kara Unger and Angela Bassett.

Plot Summary

An Intrepid New York Times Journalist is fired after at her house she witnesses the deaths of her three teenage female neighbours and their mother and continues against the wishes of her employers to chase the killer.

She continues on and discovers a shocking secret as to the motive of the psychopath of the past and finds that the killer's next targets are a a select few teenagers from her town's local high school as well as their parents.

Twist Ending

It is revealed to us the Thorn costume dressed killer is in fact African-American female student Ilene Condry (Shamari Fears) mother Penelope (Naomi Campbell) who lost her husband after he committed suicide because his therapist (Deborah Kara Unger) hypnotised him and forced him to remember a shattering childhood memory.

The memory was him and his childhood friends: Intelligent Varisty Jock Martin (Javier Barden) his intelligent yet popular girlfriend Jenny (Lisa Kudrow) African-American girl Carrie (Angela Bassett) and fat-boy Timothy (Pruitt Taylor Vince) having a horror movie party when they were 12 years old.

The group played a nasty prank on the other boy which left him scarred for life and later lead to his suicide now at the age of 22.

Penelope from there swears vengeance and begins to kill the people who played the prank are now adults and have children of their own, she also takes aim at their children and the therapist who brought back the memory.

Penelope kills the victims via classic deaths already used in some of the classic horror films her late husband and his nasty friends watched when they were 12 years old.

It is also revealed that Colbin McKellan the boyfriend of Ilene is a helper to Ilene and Penelope in the vengeance murders and in the end tries to aid Ilene and Penelope in the murder of his twin sister Cassidy McKellan.

However Ilene turns on Colbin and kills him as her and her mother desire him dead for he is one the children of the people responsebile for their father/husband's suicide.

In the end the Intrepid former New York Times journalist Amanda Peterson helps Cassidy kill Penelope and Ilene.

The Children of those Invovled

  • Ellen Barrancas- The Overweight only child daughter of Timothy Barrancas
  • Wendy, Carmen and Jillian Sandruzzi- The Two biological daughters and one adoptive daughter of Carrie Sandruzzi
  • Cassidy McKellan and Colbin McKellan- The twin daughter and son of Martin McKellan and Jennifer McKellan


  • Emily Blunt as Amanda Peterson/ She in the end claims her favourite horror film is Black Christmas.
  • Saorise Ronan as Cassidy McKellan/ Her favourite horror film is The Last House On The Left for it's parental revenge theme.
  • Javier Barden as Martin McKellan
  • Lisa Kudrow as Jennifer McKellan/ One of four people attempting to help believed reporter Amanda Peterson catch the killer
  • Martin Short as Mr. Gregory/ One of four people attempting to help believed reporter Amanda Peterson stop the killings. He when asked in the film by Cynthia as to what his favourite horror film he answers with A Nightmare On Elm Street or House.
  • Vincent D'Onofrio as Principal Powell/ One of four people attempting to assist believed reporter Amanda Peterson stop the killings
  • Kate Hudson as Miss Pettell/ One of four people attempting to assist believed reporter Amanda Peterson stop the killings. She hates all film and prefers literature in preference to film.
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince as Timothy Barrancas/ He made Jack Condry watch Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning
  • Bailee Madison as Cassidy McKellan's daughter Jennifer Amanda at five years of age five years later
  • Minka Kelly as Roberta Capron/ Cassidy McKellan's best friend
  • Amanda Michalka as Cynthia Martinez/ Cassidy and Roberta's other friend
  • Alexandria Deberry as Wendy Matheson/ Cynthia's best friend
  • China Ann McClain as Nikkita Condry
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Jensen Walt/ Best friend of Colbin McKellan who harbors a crush on Cassidy. He doesn't like the horror genre and in preference prefers the Romance/Comedy Genre.
  • Elijah Wood as Colbin McKellan/ His favourite horror film is the same as Rena's
  • Nicole Sherzinger as Rena Lamb-Dee/ Friend of Cassidy, Roberta, Wendy and Cynthia. Her favourite horror film is all the Scream films in equal.
  • Shamari Fears as Ilene Condry
  • Naomi Campbell as Penelope Condry
  • Andrew Garfield as Simonssen/ New Student at Westorn Lake High School who was the other neighbour of Amanda Peterson. His favourite horror film is Suspiria and he loves Giallo Horror as well as death themed music.
  • Mehcad Brooks as J.T/ Friend of Jensen and Colbin and later best friend of Simonssen who is trying to start his own rap label and detests against horror films though his favourite being Somebody Help Me. He Harbors a crush on Rena.
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