Remek is the main antagonist of Dark Chronicles: Wrath of Remek. He is a powerful necromancer who wants nothing more than to destroy the kingdom of Jadea and appease his master, Lucifarron.

Remek the Necromancer as he appears in the game

Remek the Necromancer

The protagonist Drake Dragonmuster and his companions face Remek in his first form in the Seventh Hell, where he confronts them as they try to steal the source of his power. He is a powerful mage in battle, and can summon undead. He can be killed by either Geldan the Red using Red Inferno or by Sophia using Mystic Tempest, both high-level spells.

Remek in his true form, as a towering turtle-like demon

Remek in true form

After Remek is defeated, Drake Dragonmuster and his companions continue to destroy the source of power. After they do, Remek returns in his true form: a huge turtle-like demon that is powerful in both attack and magic. Remek is one of the game's toughest foes, but can be beaten. After Remek is defeated entirely, the heroes believe that Jadea is saved, until Lucifarron Master of Hell surfaces, as the true antagonist.

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