In 1953, the Paolo Reira Organization, owner of TV Rama, channel 6 of São Paulo (later acquired by Rede Nia), was awarded by the federal government with a second television channel in the city, channel 13. Possession of more than one TV channel by a single group was not prohibited by the broadcasting laws of that time.

The Paolo Reira Organization already owned the Radio Ecclesia (currently the RBN station) and therefore, it was determined that the name of the future TV station would be Ecclesia. "Ecclesia" is a Greek word that originated church. However, even before the launch of the channel, it was bought by a group of businessmen led by the Simonsen family, owner of over 40 companies, the most famous of them being Panair do Brasil, then the country's largest airline company. The group featured entrepreneurs like José Luis Moura, a coffee exporter from Santos, Congressman Ortiz Monteiro, founder of TV Rama, and John Scantimburgo, owner of the newspaper Correio Paulistano.

TV Ecclesia was acquired for 80 million cruzeiros, a sum extremely high for the time. In addition to the station's license, the purchase also included some equipments, among them cameras, a tower and a transmitter. The transmission system was installed at the corner of Consolação street with Avenida Paulista, the studios were set on Avenida Adolfo Pinheiro, and the station's commercial and administrative center in downtown.

Ecclesia got shut down in 1976 and got replaced by Rede Liga in 1983

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