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Town destroyed by dragons

A small town that was recently destroyed by an attack from dragons, possibly from monstrous nightmares or mountain dragons.

Real Life Dragon Disaster (1950's-today) is an event that occurred due to humans either intentionally or accidentally introducing various dragon species to real life, from series like Skyrim, How To Train Your Dragon franchise, and The Last Dragon. All known species of dragons, ranging from the famous night furies, to mountain dragons, to red deaths, to bewilderbeasts, have all established their feral populations in real life, resulting in damaging some small towns by breathing fire at flamable structures while attempting to attract mates or just by males to prove dominance against other males.

List of dragon species that were successfully introduced to real life

How to survive from dragons


This spray is very useful as protection against dragons.

Fortunately, there are ways to survive from dragons in your area. To keep your or your house from burning, you can use fire-resistant spray on yourself and in/on your house to keep you and your house from burning from any flamable stuff, including dragon breath.

Fireproof suit, another protection against the fire breath of dragons.

If you want more protection for your body, you can use fireproof suits as protection if you're in an area that has very large dragon populations.

Dragons as pets

Despite efforts of protecting against dragons, some people (who has houses that are big enough) even tamed certain dragon species like night furies, deadly nadders, etc, as among the common household pets.

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