About The Game
Developer NodWorks
Publisher NodWorks
Engine AnvilBox
Release Date 10 June, 2011
Genre Historical-Drama Action and Adventure
Modes Singleplayer
Platform/s Microsoft Windows
In Game
Setting Spain, Portugal, Southern France, Morocco and Italy
Time 1475-1505

 Real is a Historical-Drama Action and Adventure, Third-Person-Shooter game developed and published by NodWorks. Announced on 1 January, 2010 and released on 10 June, 2011 for Microsoft Windows (Steam).


In 3 November, 2009, NodWorks brought half part of Ubisoft's game engine for Assassin's Creed series for 10.000.000 $. Then the project of Real has started in December. In January 1, 2011, NodWorks developers announced the game and it's name. The game was going to be about Historical drama, in 1400s and placed in Iberia. The game plans went some-other way. The game's place explanded with announce of Italy and Morocco in March 7, 2011.

In March 15, NodWorks announced the story, time and setting of the game. Story was going to be about an old soldier named Rojas, a worker and an assassin too. There will be open world scenes and a lot of regions in game. The game was going be between 1475 and 1505, The Geographical Expeditions and Spanish Rebellion (The Imaginary History in The Game) Setting has expanded too. The game's setting regions announced too. Eastern Portugal, Cadiz, Granada, Valencia, Aragon, Leon, Toledo, Northern Spain and Southern France.

In April 1, the covers and first images of Alpha has been released. Story's start and first half has been released on the blogs too. Rojes de Larousan's story of Civil War, Destruction of Granada, Pirate Wars and G.E.

In May 7, the second pictures and beta has been shown to world. And In May 25, demo of the game, The Asores has been released by developer team for a time of one week.

The developers sayed development completed at 8 June, 2011.

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