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Raven is a half-demon, half-human hybrid who is one of five founding members of the Teen Titans.




Raven is one of the most mysterious characters throughout the series. She is quiet, emotionless, studious, and sarcastic. She can always come up with a witty remark, specifically in reply to most of Teen Titans' antics and attempts at humor. Her appearance and attitude appears to be that of a typical modern goth female.


Raven wears a blue/purplish cloak with a hood, behind it being a leotard-like suit with long sleeves reaching to her hands, though she is only seen without her cloak in which she meditates or uses her telekinetic powers. She has light gray skin, blackish-purple hair, purple eyes, and a red, diamond shaped gemstone on her ajna shakra on her forehead. She has skulls at the soles of her ankle boots.

Raven true form

In the Teen Titans Go! episode "I See You", Raven's true demonic form is revealed. In her true demonic form, she resembles her father. She has red skin, four yellow eyes, horns, and white hair. She uses a powerful spell to cleanse herself of darkness, transforming herself completely back to normal. Getting rid of her full true demonic form. Cleaning the darkness completely out of her also gave her a white cloak which means she's more powerful than before.


Annabelle Sullivan

Raven was also friends with Annabelle in The Portal: Part 1 when Raven opens her Ancient Legends about the portal and Serana.

Kyle Sullivan

Lucy Reede


Serana was Raven's biological mother and paternal aunt.






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