Rattatak was an Outer Rim world unknown to the Galactic Republic at the time of the Clone Wars.


Rattatak was a dry, arid, mountainous planet covered in red rock, judging by its appearance from orbit. Most settlements appeared to be hewn into the rock itself. Rattatak's climate was too harsh to sustain widespread agriculture.


The planetary judicial system is centered around the gladiator games; those convicted, or even merely believed, to be guilty were summarily thrown into the gladiator pits for the remainder of their lives, short as they might be. The Rattataki are believed to have descended from an ancient Old Republic expedition, while the rest of the population are from hundreds of Unknown Regions worlds. Mercenaries often come to this world, but are stranded by the planet's failed infrastructure. Most animal species have been hunted into extinction, but a few alpha predators still roam the wastelands.

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