Ratio Patet Dimension
Ratio Patet Dimension.jpg

Ratio Patet Dimension during the Peace Era
Government(s) Dimensional Lords
Dimensional-Diplomatic Council
Dimensional Council
Dimensional War Council
Spatium Dominus Peace Council
Species Dimensional Lords
Spatium Dominus
~More Species Coming Soon
Status Destroyed

The Ratio Patet Dimension was a legendary dimension that once was the home to the god-like beings known has Dimensional Lords. The dimension also once had other majestic, and powerful species, such has the Spatium Dominus that had the power over space, fire and anti-matter.


  • Omni-Era -
  • Civil War -
  • Omni-Cold War -
  • Peace Era -
  • First Dimensional War -


  • Endor


  • The Ratio Patet Dimension holds over 5.6 million planets with over 10 million planets and moons.
  • In the Ratio Patet Dimension, Stars can still age way after the supposed lifespan, going pass the Hypergiant lifespan, becoming the Omnigiant star.
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