Archtypal American Varsity Jock, Clean and Easy.

Raphael refers to his assigned victim Walter Foreman whilest conversing with the other Angels.

Rapahel is an Angel appearing in Luc Besson's Thy Kingdom Come portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson.

Angel Of Effectiveness
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family God and the Holy Angels
Status Active
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color None
Height 6'2
Affiliation Castiel,

Michael, Annabelle, Gabriel, Uriel, Zachariah, God

Weapons Light Beams
Species Angel
Home Heaven
Appearances Thy Kingdom Come
Quests Elimination of Walter Foreman
Performer None

He is assigned to the Accursed One Walter Foreman.


Raphael is one of God's Holy Disciples and most trusted angels.

He is ruthless, cocky and aggressive but effective.

He co-incides well with the other Angels though is very independant.

He controls large light beam weapons which emanate from his hands and can cause a large concussive blast by forcing his hands together in a deadly clap.

Thy Kingdom Come

Raphael is assigned to Walter Foreman and tasked with eliminating him by any means by God.

He dispatched alongside angels Michael, Annabelle, Castiel, Zachariah, Uriel and Gabriel.

He appears firstly at the Hotel Montgomery in London where he along with Michael, Castiel, Annabelle and Uriel watch over the Accursed Ones partying in the Hotel Lobby.

He then appears again killing his assigned victim Walter Foreman in his apartment room before the eyes of other Accursed One Gina Truman.

He then upon killing Walter walks out after Gina and breaks the Elevator Buttons leading to the exits of the building allowing for angel Annabelle to come and make her kill.

He then appears again outside Jennifer Morianis' rented Liverpool cottage conversing with Uriel about the trickster angel Gabriel.

He makes a final appearence at Pryor Rock, Liverpool before Julian Scott, Whitney Timer and Daniel Bishop.

He is attacked briefly by Julian Scott who he propels backwards many times and then brings his hands together to sweep Julian, Daniel and Whitney off their feet and away from them.

Following Daniel's execution and Julian's brave leap in front of the spike blade meant to pierce and kill Whitney a prayer is made to god by Whitney stating they know now the disaster that will occur because of them.

They promise to leave and not come back and that the deal won't happen henceforth neither will the collapse or any of the traffic jams.

God then appears and sweeps away Raphael and the others despite their detesting.

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