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Change the future.....with true power....

Rangers Of Honor is a 2019 live action comedy, drama, superhero supernatural film and is only the SIX film based around the "Power Rangers" T.V series and to be included into the Power Rangers movie franchise. This film by far took the longest time out of all the other Ranger films combined to be produced, directed and completed in an extended period of time. Even after the finale of "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Legendary Battle", fans were more eager to see the Rangers on the silver screen once again; only this time: a brand new team. Haim Saban was happy to comply with that, but it still cost him a lot in the long haul. This film was released in fall of 2019, directed by J.J. Abrams, produced by Haim Saban and distributed by Saban Films and Columbia Pictures.


It's the year 2063. The entire city of Angel Grove, California is under the control of a now vicious and ruthless Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank). The heroes the world once knew as the Power Rangers are either imprisoned, pinned down or already dead and so help me God, everyone is stuck in controlled chaos: no liberty, no freedom, NOTHING. However, there is a small glimmer of hope. A young woman by the name of "Jacqueline Anderson" (Victoria Justice) has admired the Power Rangers since her very young days. And she soon finds out she's not the only one. But once she finds out the some of the retro Rangers are STILL ALIVE, she desperately tries to rebel, along with her best friend (China Anne McClain) and three other former refugees (Jessie. T Usher, Noah Munck, Griffin Gluck) to put a stop to the tyrannical leader and somehow, change the future for the better. Unfortunately, Tommy's history in the future is far from squeaky clean, and when both sides of his past are revealed, it may just become ONE VERSUS ALL.

Main Cast

  • Victoria Justice as "Jacqueline Anderson"/Dawn Oliver (Future Red Ranger)
  • Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver/ Future Tommy (Dark Ranger (Future))
  • China Anne McClain as Alyssa Morgan (Future Pink Ranger)
  • Nick Robinson as John Oliver (Future Green Ranger)
  • Jessie T. Usher as Charles (Future Black Ranger)
  • Griffin Gluck as Drew (Future Blue Ranger)
  • Noah Munck as Noah (Future Yellow Ranger)
  • Bryan Cranston as Zordon
  • ???
  • Stephen Kramer Glickman as Cypher
  • Tanya Chisholm as Mirage
  • Bill Hader as Alpha 5
  • David Yost as Billy Cranston/Original Blue Ranger
  • Walter Emanual Jones as Zack Taylor/Original Black Ranger
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Hart


The screen shows its transition over the Columbia Pictures and Saban Films logo as thunder invades the screen and cuts to the melancholy, ashy, dark atmospheric future of what used to be Angel Grove, California in year 2063.

We see high tech ships flying, with futuristic buildings, bridges and stuff like that. On the ground, there's inmates being transported, lifeless "civilians" with visors around their heads and just.....everything in all incomprehensible blandness.

We soon cut to inside of the tallest building in the area (I forgot what it was called in Revelation Of Thrax) as four guards (two human, two robot) were approaching a security guarded door. One of them brought out its security card and swiped it along the access terminal.

Computer: Access granted.

The door opens and all four of them walk in and stand still while they look up at a throne.

Robot guard #1: Master.....

The Unknown master (you'll be surprised, or not, when you find out who it is) slowly removes its cloak from around his head and stands up to face them. The part of the room he was on was completely shadowed, so there was no way to see his face.

Unknown: Where. Is. The inmate?

Guard #2: She refuses to inform of us in any information, sir. She's loyal to their code.

Unknown: *sighs* To think I once lived by the same thing. Bring. Her. To me. AT ONCE.

The two robotic guards left out the room, in a attempt to get who they were talking about, but they realized something.

Robot guard #2: What?!

Robot guard #1: Huh? What is it?

The one guard just stared at the modified lock cell and realized it was other words, the inmate escaped.

We then cut to above the cell chamber in which Alyssa Morgan (China Anne McClain) managed to barely get out the top of the cell alive. As she managed to use her wrist device to break the the auto cuffs, she spoke into it.

Alyssa: Come in, guys. Do you copy?

Loud and clear, did you get everything we need?

Alyssa: I got all that was necessary, ok? Where's the quickest way out?

It's the farest route to the left side of your position.

Alyssa: Good. Listen, we're on a ten by ten here, so we only got one shot at this. Let's finish this before dawn. We're humanity's last hope here.

Roger. Everyone's in position. We're ready to move in on your signal. Rangers, are you set?


Alyssa: Then it's go-go time.

She immediately made her way left and after making another turn, she eventually runs across another hatch locked from the outside on the floor, where below it lies an office.

Alyssa: Hey. Is this where it is?

Familiar voice: Ahhh.....yeah. From what I can tell, I got a lock on the signal. And it's currently coming from the room you're above right now.

Alyssa: So if I were to open this, it'll take me straight down?

Familiar voice: That's the plan. But be wary. Heavy resistance outside of the room: both guards and super solider robots are present. Be careful and get that "package".

Alyssa: Don't need to tell me twice. I was born for this.

She takes out Explosive Gel (you know where that came from), sprays it all on the top of the hatch....and gets to cover.

When it explodes, the soldiers immediately armed up for battle as Alyssa made that classic superhero landing and just stood in front of them all.

Guard: YOU! Stand down!

Alyssa: Guys.....I hope you're ready.......

She pulls out a gauntlet with a crystal locked inside of it, snaps it on and says.....

Alyssa: It's MORPHIN' TIME!

As soon as she said that, the guards shot at her and she seemingly vanishes immediately. It was briefly silent for a moment, but then two guards bump into each other and three super solider robots were pushed back with force as Alyssa reappeared before the rest of the guards as the Pink Ranger.

Alyssa: Want some more, boys?

Without even pulling a muscle, she managed to fight them off. But in midway through, she gets cornered. At that point, three more Rangers (Yellow, Blue, Black) came blasting in and they got them off her

Alyssa: You guys have sense of timing.

Moses (Noah Munck) (Yellow Ranger): So did Tommy Oliver, right?

Alyssa: Point taken.

Charles (Jesse T. Usher) (Black Ranger): No sense in stopping. We gotta keep moving or he'll get away.

Drew (Griffin Gluck) (Blue Ranger): These guys ain't staying down for long. Come on.

So they went pass the unconscious bodies of guards and robots and headed forward 'till their paths were blocked by.....Puddies from Zedd and Rita's forces.

Drew: Puddies?!

Alyssa: We hadn't faced these guys in awhile.

Charles: Then as Andros use to say....let' ROCK IT!

As a team (without a leader yet), they fought off the puddie patrol, but as strong as they were, the Puddies numbers kept growing up until they were surrounded and put their backs to each other.

Noah: Oh god....whose idea was this again?

Alyssa: Not now. We're clearly neck deep up in here.

As that was happening, the mystery master stared through a screen watching it all; clearly aggravated.

Unknown Master: Breaking through our defenses. This is asinine. We won't be able to win this.....least not in this time. Fire up the portal and prepare for dimensionalization.

Upon his command, the portal was slowly connected and once it turned on, it cuts out all the power to that specific building as well as the rest of the city. And it didn't take long for the team to notice from where they were.

Charles. Oh god....don't tell me.....

Noah: He's activating the portal. That lunatic's actually gonna do it!

Alyssa: Not if I have anything to say about it! You guys just get the package, I've got the portal!

She charges up her suit and unleashes a shockwave, disposing of all the putties around them and heads off to the upper level to stop the Unknown master. Unfortunately, by the time she got to the gateway room, there was nothing.

Alyssa: Alright, you son of a--What the--

Eventually, Charles, Drew and Noah managed to reach the gateway room and all of them were standing together.

Noah: Alright

The whole room was empty; no noises, cracks sparkles, NOTHING.

Charles: There's no one in here.

Drew: Damn it. He went already.

That's when they heard wiring and electricity in the background, and Alyssa turned to her left to see the Unknown master appear and walk towards the portal.

Alyssa: THERE!

They ran towards him and tried pulling him back with energy tightropes.

Alyssa: Where you think you're going?!

They tried pulling him back as much as they could, but then HE pulled them towards him and knocked them defenseless.

The Rangers just lied there groaning, defenselessly as they saw the Unknown master vanish into the portal as the power shuts off from the machine.

Charles: Ahh damn, we were so close!

Noah: In more ways then one, but what is this thing?! It's magnificent.

Alyssa: It must be the machine Alpha warned us about. He said in case the battle was lost to him, he constructed this to change history.

Charles: Then we got to go in after him or we'll all cease to exist.

Noah: Hold up, guys! We don't even know where he went. He's bound to leave a gap in the timeline.

Drew: Not only that, but the return circuits are fried. *points up at them* We wouldn't even be able to make it through even if it was set up on the other side. We'd be stuck in the past, but considering how assed backwards everything is at the moment, that might be irrelevant at this point.

Alyssa: Maybe not. Oh god, no.....

Drew: What's wrong?

Alyssa started to get flashbacks to a dark day in someone's life, leading all the way up to this. From once it happened all to way to the events that followed through, it ate at her. And she knew it was involved with this.

Noah: Alyssa?

His voice snapped her out of it, but she got the motive.

Alyssa: He's going after the Red Ranger.

Drew: Wait. Rocky?

Charles: No, it's Jason.

Alyssa: Neither.....there is.....a friend of mine from back long ago....who was supposed to be chosen as the next Red Ranger. But she was killed in a car accident Way before she could even get the call. Now he looks to take her out the equation indefinitely. If I can somehow bring her back here.....give her the chance to be our leader.....we'll have a chance.

Drew: Wait. Who exactly is she?

Alyssa just stares into the time portal as it sparkles and flickers into......

~Title sequence~

As soon as the flickering stops, there's rain. The constant, repetitive pitter patter of raindrops on the sidewalk, the road, rooftops, pretty much EVERYWHERE.

We're in the year 2032 as we see a few cars passing alongside the screen and we then see Jacqueline Anderson (Victoria Justice) quickly exiting a grocery store with groceries and make a right towards the nearest alleyway. As soon as she goes in, she tries going for one of the doors, but both of them are locked.

Jacqueline: Damn it.

With her umbrella the only thing she had to shield herself from the rain, she sat down and tried to clear her mind of everything at that moment. That was, until she heard a horn honking on her left. It took her a while before she finally turned around to see the horn was being directed towards her. She got up with her groceries and stuff still in hand, and as soon as she approached the car, she saw the windows roll down from the inside.

John: Hey. Mind if I give u a ride to my place?

Jacqueline: John?

John (Nick Robinson): You look like you had your hands full, so maybe I thought.....

Jacqueline: Oh I guess....what the heck.

She hurriedly loaded her bags in the back seat and came in on shotgun as John drove off.

John: You been ok, lately?

Jacqueline: Yeah I just......I had my hands full with classes and therapy and....uh..... I had to quit the cheer leading squad.

John: Yeah, I heard about that. Why'd you quit? I mean, weren't you the captain?

Jacqueline: Yeah, I just....wasn't so good at it. I mean, I couldn't lead them well during football games. Kept getting cursed out.

John: dad always said...things happen for reason. And speaking of Dad......

Soon as they pulled up, they saw Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank) and Kimberly Hart (Amy Jo Johnson) packing up for their anniversary trip and John got out while Jacqueline sat in there.

John: Dad.

Tommy: Hey John. We're just about to leave gonna be ok on your own for a week?

John: Dad, I think I got it covered. Besides, I was just helping Jacqueline with groceries.

Kimberly: That's awfully nice of you honey. I--

Kimberly took a good look at Jacqueline and.....something inside her thought she looked familiar to her.

(No, she doesn't figure it out yet......But she, at least, suspects it)

Tommy: Kim?

Kimberly: Sorry. It's just.....Jason.

Tommy: Ugh.....I don't wanna talk about it.

Kimberly: I know, baby.

John: Wait, what do you mean about that? What happened to him?

Tommy: I'll tell you about it when we get there, ok? In the meantime, make sure you enjoy yourselves and make sure you finish strong tomorrow.

Kimberly: Oh....and if you don't mind giving Jacqueline a place to say for a while....

John: Oh, no worries. I have no problem with that. Just....make sure you don't run into any....

Tommy: No need to worry. They're gone now.

John hugged and kissed his parents goodbye and watched them drive off into the distance. And that's when the rain lets up. Jacqueline then steps out of the car and walks beside him as she gave him a mischievous look.....

Jacqueline: Hmm.....

John: What?

Jacqueline: *chuckles* When were you gonna tell me that your parents were the Power Rangers?

John: Son of a--you weren't supposed to find out.

Jacqueline: Hello, I watched the show. And they weren't that hard to recognize. Especially Tommy.

John: Yeah well.....they don't even know that I know. So.....please don't say anything when they get back.

Jacqueline: Don't have to worry about me spilling anything. I'm kind of irrelevant at school anyways. But.....when are you gonna tell them anyway?

John: When I'm UP for it.

Jacqueline: And....who was this Jason they mentioned?

John: Oh uh.....someone they knew during their high school years. But he died long before we were born.

Jacqueline: Oh.....

John: doesn't matter; come on. I'll help bring in the bags.

So, anyways, John helped Jacqueline bring the bags inside and as soon as Jacqueline entered the house, she realized the T.V was on.

That's when she noticed the VCR.

Jacqueline: VCR? You still have one of those?

John: Helped me go back to the old time when movies used to be good.

Jacqueline: Aww come on. We still have Marvel.

John: BESIDES those ones.

Jacqueline took off her rain coat and got settled in, when she realized that John was watching the Mighty Morphin' movie from 1995.

Jacqueline: *chuckles* Seriously?

John: Hey, I'm retro. Besides, I'm just curious of how many other things he tried to keep from me.

Jacqueline: Like, "Who's Ivan Ooze"?

John: Somethin' like that.

Jacqueline: It's funny they made movies of the events with the Rangers even though most of them are accurate. Next thing they'll do is make the ones with the Legend Ranger and Zooze.

John: I heard from the rumors both Lord Zedd and Ivan Ooze bonded together and formed into that guy.

Jacqueline: Actually.....Ooze was dead years before that and....Zedd really went crazy with some of his remaining ooze while he was loosing the fight.

John: Yeah, I guess.....

Jacqueline just sighed heavily and laid back.

Jacqueline: I want to ask you something. I'll need a honest answer cause you know of the B.S I'm going through.

John: Yeah, sure why not?

He sat down beside her as she explained her question out to him.

Jacqueline: To be honest with me, based on everything that I'm going you think....I have what it takes a Power Ranger?

That statement puzzled John cause of how random that was.

John: Wha--of course. What makes you say that?

Jacqueline: It's just.....I don't think I have the leadership qualities in order to be considered a leader. Every opportunity that I've had to be one, I've failed MISERABLY. It's....well.....

John: Hey....we all fail miserably. It's that imperfection that makes us what we are. I mean....since I learned my parents secret, I wondered too if I had what it takes to be one with them. But....heck, I suck at basketball.....I mean I guess that's why I convinced myself of trying out karate.

Jacqueline: And I had a few classes myself, if you remember. Wasn't your dad our teacher?

John: Yeah. He was rather impressed that you caught on real quick. He almost thought you were......

Jacqueline: What??

John: You know I used to have a sister, right?

Jacqueline: Oh yeah....It sounds familiar somehow. Didn't she die in your parents car accident....?

John: No.....I mean....I don't think's just....we hadn't seen or heard from Dawn in almost forever. It tore Mom apart. Dad felt guilty and....I was only 6 when it even barely knew her. But I always get the feeling that she's closer than I know.

(Yeah. Very close)

Jacqueline just looked down and suddenly felt guilty.....and strangely tired.

Jacqueline: I think I better get going. We have the final part of our end of the year test tomorrow. I don't wanna slack up.

John: I feel ya. Alright, see ya in the morning.

Jacqueline: Night.

It cuts to the next day in the afternoon at cut to a slumbering Jacqueline on her desk. The final school bell just so happened to ring and everyone else grabbed their items and walked out the door to get to their rides home. But she was still knocked out.

Teacher: Jacqueline?

The sudden sound from her teacher kind of.....reflected off of her as she still didn't move at all. But.....all of a sudden, a huge thud on the door was heard and it woke Jacqueline up.

Jacqueline: What?

Teacher: You ok? You seem really tired.

Jacqueline: Ahh, y-yeah. It's just....signing up for college, the admissions, finding a part time takes hours off of you.

Teacher: True....true......

The thud on the door happened again, but this time, there was no one there.

Jacqueline knew something was up, but since it was the last day of school, she was in no need to to be grumpy or have a fit. She finally willed herself to get up before more snoring erupted behind her.

Jacqueline: Aww come on.

Teacher: John?

Teacher: Mr. Oliver.

John Oliver bolted up and swung his head up to the teacher after dozing off

Teacher: Are you still with us? You're gonna be able to finish?

John: No I....I'm still with ya.

Both (Teacher/Jacqueline) : Well then.....

We cut later a couple minutes later as John was walking out the room with his ear plugs and saw Jacqueline walking with her friends as he tried to catch up with her. But they were both unaware that a wormhole from the ceiling appeared and Alyssa came down through. She landed feet first and after observing where she was, she took a glance over at John, for she knew who he was

Alyssa: My god.....the son of Tommy and Kimberly from the old Mighty Morphin force.

She brings out her pager and she speaks into it.

Alyssa: Noah. It's Alyssa. You're not going to believe this.

Noah: I know. I'm a step ahead. But where exactly are you going with this? You know what happened to him in our time.

Alyssa: You'll see, Noah. You gotta be steady to make progress, remember? But you got a point there. John is....still in jeopardy, even in this timeline. But Jacqueline will trust me on this. She always did back in our time.

Noah: But have you forgotten? She isn't really--

She sets off the pager and goes after Jacqueline, but also keeping track of Johns movements. Cause.....she was cautious of him.

Jacqueline eventually parted with her friends, but she didn't seem to have any sort of way to get home. Cause she had no parents.....(at least not in that time) to come pick her up. So she had to walk her way "home".

Alyssa saw her opportunity and took it. As soon as Jacqueline was alone and walking outside, she came out of hiding and called her out.

Alyssa: Jacqueline!

She heard her voice from behind and turns around to see Alyssa there. But, in this time, Jacqueline doesn't know Alyssa's real name. So she called her something different.

(This is getting interesting)

Jacqueline: No way......Casey?

Alyssa (Casey): Long time, right?

Jacqueline hugged her supposedly old friend and John saw them from across his position, still from the inside.

Jacqueline: God, it's been forever. Where have you been, Case.....?

Alyssa: parents and I did a lot of traveling. In fact, we, uh....we went across the Power Rangers Memorial Bridge. You've heard about that, right?

Jacqueline: Damn girl, I'm jealous.

Alyssa: *chuckles* Well....I'll tell you it's the longest bridge I'll ever cross again. Your legs break down just from doing that.

Jacqueline: Well.....I'd like to hear more about that trip.

John: As would I.

The girls looked over, seeing John coming at them from inside of the school.

Jacqueline: John, hey.

John: How's it going? How you been Casey?

Alyssa: Like......I remember it like the long roads were a war.

John: Yeah. Tell that to my dad.

They all laughed and chuckled upon hearing that.

John: *to Jacqueline* Oh that reminds me, you've been to that bridge, right?

Jacqueline: The Power Rangers Memorial? John.....I haven't. I really, really haven't. It's just been a train-wreck trying to get into college, and the findings and all that stuff....there's just....there's just not enough time to be able to....bask in the marvelous view of what used to be our top heroes.

John: You forgot the Avengers.

Jacqueline: No....don't start there. I haven't admired them as much as I admired the Power Rangers. Like, ever since the first season, I was hooked.

Alyssa couldn't help but to get involved in the conversation.

Alyssa: Are you familiar with "Green With Evil"?

Jacqueline: Oh my god....YES.

John: As am I. My dad told me stories about it. Said the Mighty Morphin' team had a Green Ranger who was under a dark spell by that Repulsa lady and.....that he later joined the team all those years ago.

Jacqueline: Yeah. But he lost his powers after a green candle burnt out. But there later came a White Ranger.

Alyssa: Talk about making a comeback. Tell me, John: did your dad tell you any inner parts of the stories? Like, you he met your mom and all?

John: Well....all they said was they dated since High School, but broke up in college back together years later. Although.....he did catch the interest of another girl after they broke up.

Jacqueline: No.....

Alyssa was silent for a moment while John and Jacqueline were talking 'till.....

Alyssa: Listen, you guys you go on ahead. I'll...uh....catch up.

Jacqueline: Where you going now?

Alyssa: Just to check back with my parents. I'll meet you guys back at your place, Jacq.

She ran as John and Jacqueline looked at each other puzzled. Alyssa went behind the side of the school and once again turned on her pager to contact Noah. But he wasn't on the line when she answered.

Alyssa: Noah? You catch all that?

Charles: Huh? Oh, sorry Alyssa. He's checking on Alpha with that package we stole. What's going on?

Alyssa: Did you know that Tommy and Kimberly broke up once.....but got back together?

Charles: No....then again.....that must've happened when....Nope. Wrong period in time. Never mind.

Alyssa: Stop getting them mixed up. I literally just left speaking with our Red Ranger.

Charles: I wouldn't be so confident about that. She won't be unless you get her back here. Time is on the essence, here.

Alyssa: I'm working on it, but do you even know what this means for us?

Charles: It's the risk we're all willing to take, Alyssa. Just promise that you'll tell her everything about who she REALLY is, and soon. And hurry up before the master gets there. He wants her too.

Alyssa: Right. I might as well get it over with.

She peeked out of the corner to see if they were still there and she sees them walking away together.

Alyssa: Oh man.....

But that's when thunder strikes the area....and not your typical, average thunderstorm. Alyssa looks up above and sees the cumulonimbus forming together in the sky and that's when it became apparent to her: something or someONE was coming.

Alyssa: Charles....I think you spoke too soon.....

She then turns off her pager and hurriedly runs to catch up with Jacqueline and John as the storm continues to grow heavier each passing second. Jacqueline notices the storm getting worse and tries to pick up the pace, but all of a sudden, lightning suddenly cracks and strikes right in front of Alyssa, causing the shockwave to push her back through a tree branch and she laid unable to get up.

The sudden crack of lightning and the crack in the tree branch caused Jacqueline and John to turn around and see it.

John: Casey?!

Jacqueline: No! Case!

They both ran to her aid, but then oddly gray hands popped up in front and behind them and soon.....the putties surrounded both of them.

Jacquline: Oh great! Who are these creeps?

John: I think these are the putties?....

Jacqueline: Oh. These goofballs. Right.

John: Jacq, you still got moves from what he learned at Angel Grove karate center?

Jacquline: Been a while since I used any......but I guess it's time to put 'em to a test.

They both got in a back to back fighting stance and prepared for a real test as they yelled and fought on against the putties. Each putty went down with each attack and even though they were more relentless, the double teaming between John and Jacqueline was too much. Meanwhile, Alyssa had gotten out under the tree branch and was just about to get up until.....she saw that they were holding their own and was....amazed.

They did a back to back once again and pushed the last few back as John lifted Jacquline up and spun her around as she took a page out of Jason's playbook and did a Dragon kick on the last ones.

Alyssa: Wow....

Both of them turned around to see Alyssa watching the whole thing.

John: You saw?

Alyssa: Yeah. That--that was amazing.

Jacquline: Well....we had some marshal arts classes in Junior high and John's dad was a great karate teacher too.

At that moment, smoke slowly appeared on their path and who appeared before them.....was the Unknown Master himself!

Alyssa gasped; but the other two were puzzled by the masters mere appearance.

John: Who are you?

Unknown: Who am I? I?

He casually removes his hood.....and reveals Dr. Tommy Oliver himself. And everyone was shocked to no end. NONE of them knew that the most Legendary Ranger of them all was now the evil mastermind of the future.

John: Wha--Dad?

Alyssa: Tommy? You're still here?


Tommy (Future): ".....can't be." Yes, why do the people always say that?

Alyssa was completely and utterly out of words and so was Jacqueline. But John protested.

John: What are you doing here, Dad? I thought you were on your anniversary. Does Mom even know you're here?

John, unfortunately, didn't know that this was the future version of his Dad and Tommy.....had other matters to attend to. He simply grabbed him by the throat and tossed him aside. It knocked him out, but it didn't kill him.

Jacqueline: John!

Alyssa: You son of a--

Blinded with rage and disappointment, Alyssa brought out her tri-force escrima sticks, went on and attacked with as much as she could, but considering that Tommy was the legend Ranger, he barely pulled a muscle. As Alyssa uses her invisibility technique (I'll explain that in a little as well) to try and get an edge, Tommy hears the footsteps and he blasts her out of midair, rendering her helpless.

He then turned his attention to Jacqueline, for he was her main priority at this time around. With each step forward, Jacqueline stepped back.

Tommy (Future): So.....the refugees, the rebellious soldiers, the new generation of Rangers have chosen you to be their next leader? Brings quite a tear to my eye.

Jacqueline had no identification with her future self whatsoever, so she didn't know what he was talking about.

Jacqueline: Tommy.....I--y-you got me confused with somebody else. I don't know who you're taking about.

Tommy (Future): Of course, of course you do. I've only requested just one simple thing from you. Is the fate of all that lies here not worth a single life?

Alyssa: Not on hers!

Both Jacqueline and Tommy heard her voice and as Tommy turned to face her, he got knocked upside the head by an escrima stick and he became woozy. The stick reflected back towards Alyssa as Jacqueline just gave her a "What did you do?" look.

Alyssa: It'll all make sense later. Just follow me.

Jacqueline: Wh--

Jacqueline didn't know what to make sense of the situation, but she got John back up on his feet and they eventually followed Alyssa back to the R&L warehouse where they set up shop. As soon as they went inside, Jacqueline and John noticed Alpha setting up the package they got from the tower.

Alpha: Ayiayiayi! Welcome back, Alyssa.

Jacqueline: Alyssa??

Alyssa: Like I said: It'll make sense later.

Alpha: Ahh....John and Jacqueline. Welcome. I am Alpha 5.

Jacqueline: Alpha 5? Oh yeah, I've heard of you. You're that annoying bot that trained the Power Rangers, didn't you?

Alpha: Not exactly. And I'm NOT annoying. That was my creator Zordon of Eltar, who as we speak is regaining full power after 16 years ago from the battle with Thrax. Along with a few more of our Mighty Morphin' friends. John. You must know that your parents were once Rangers themselves before retirement.

John: I'm well aware of that, man. But I don't know what's going on.

Alpha: What?

Alyssa: Sorry, Alpha. I hadn't got to that yet.

John: Quite frankly, I don't give a rat's ass! I just....don't understand why my dad would....try and kill us. How could he?

Alpha: John, there's a LOT.....and I mean a LOT you don't know. The Tommy Oliver that attacked you is not from this timeline. He's from a dark and horrible future where he got so twisted over so much....we'll show you. Observe the screen.

The globe showed the Tommy from the present and Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson) having dinner celebrating their 17th anniversary.

Alyssa: As you could see, your dad in this timeline is still the good man we all know and love him as. But unless we stop this dark future from happening, a certain event will twist his mind becoming the monster we saw him as earlier. And possibly disrupt the proper peace and prosperity to our world and yours.

John: Ok, so......

Jacqueline: "Our world?" "Yours?" Hold on. Pause right there. If his dad who attacked us isn't really....from this time, then what is he? And what happen to him in this future of yours? Just....answer this, please.

Alyssa just smiled a little bit at them as she said.

Alyssa: We might just have to show you. Fire it up!

Some random shmucks from the outer end of the shop brought out the "package" out of hiding and opened it up to reveal.....another portable time machine.

John: Oh my god....

Alyssa: Time travel.....right?

Jacqueline: Yeah.....but you still haven't answered my questions. Because nothing's making any kind of sense. Who are you, really? What's up with Tommy? And what do you mean by YOUR future?

Alyssa just smirked again and held her hand and held Johns hand.

Alyssa: Is it ready?

Alpha: As ready as it'll ever be. I'll see you on the other side.

Soon after he said that, he turns it on remotely and then vanished. Soon, it was just Alyssa, Jacqueline and John staring down the portable time machine.

Alyssa: Hope y'all didn't pack a full stomach......things are gonna get a little nauseating. Jacq, do you mind giving me a countdown?

She was still confused, but still, she found it hard not to tag along with all of this. She prepped herself up and got into position.

Jacqueline: *sighs* One.....Two........THREE!

On her count, they immediately made a run for the portal and jumped through into the dark and gloomy future of 2063. John, however, wasn't able to make it through the portable time machine.

(Some are not mentally prepared enough for alternate dimensions)

As Alyssa and Jacqueline stepped through, Jacqueline was taken aback by just how abnormal and dark and gloomy the scenery was. She felt like she was in a disturbing thriller film.

Alyssa: So, this is the world......that exists now. The world that I live in.

Jacqueline: Wha--what has he done to all of this?

Alyssa: *whispering* Hide.

Jacqueline: What?

Alyssa: *whispering* HIDE!

She immediately pulled Jacqueline over with her to an alleyway as they got out of sight of security jets and robotic officers scouring the area.

Alyssa: Gotta stay clear of the Public Eye.

Jacqueline: Public Eye? Government officials, right? Some of the most fearsome military defense forces in the history of the world.

Alyssa was kinda stunned that a part of Jacqueline's future self actually remembered that. But then she snapped out of it.

Jacqueline: Wh--what'd I just say?

Alyssa: No, you got it right. They were out together by Tommy back when he first ruled over us and took heir to the throne. Around these guys, there aren't that many survivors. Anyone who's crazy enough to rebel or TRIES to rebel gets fried immediately.

Jacqueline: Well, how do we get past them?

Alyssa just smirked at her and went to her pager.

Alyssa: Drew, you got a lock on us?


All of a sudden, flickering occurs and Alyssa and Jacqueline were immediately transported to their base of operations where they were confronted by Charles, Noah, Drew and Alpha (again).

Charles: Hey, you made it.

Alyssa: Had a bit of a delay before I came back, but I got what we came for.

And she just pointed to "Jacqueline".

Drew: Ahh....the lady of the hour!

Charles: You--You're back!

Jacqueline: Back?! W-What do you mean?

Just before Charles could reply, they were startled by John's arrival as a mini portal opened up and came through with a second try and he hit the ground as Jacq rushed to his aid.

Jacqueline: John. You ok?

John: Not really....

He gets up and soon saw the others who were stunned of him too

Charles: John Oliver. Son of the White and Pink Rangers from the Mighty Morphan team. It's a privilege.

John: Yeah....part of me wish I wasn't, though. Casey? Or---whoever you are.....You still have NOT answered my question. What happen to MY father in this stupid future of yours?!

Alyssa: *Sighs* I'm sorry you're right.

Drew: Wait, Alyssa....are you sure about this?

Alyssa: If we're going to earn their trust during this mission then we need to trust 'em with the truth.

Jacquline had a bad feeling about this story, so she held on to John's arm as Alyssa got herself together and told them the truth about why they're here.

Alyssa: What happened was.....Lord Zedd's remaining armies found some way to revive him and bring him back. He immediately tried to take his revenge on Tommy and found where he and Kimberly settled in their retirement. Without their morphers, they had no way of beating him. But if when they did....he....

She slowly turned to John and flat out said.....

Alyssa: Zedd killed your mom.

John: What??!

Alyssa: Sorry to be the barrier of bad news, but that's what happened. Tommy was able to avenge her death, but his grieve for Kimberly triggered his insanity. He somehow got a hold of Zedd's septer and the power corrupted his mind as he took command of his army. We took you into our care way before the event spread, though.

Jacqueline: His car crash.

Alyssa: And then....with nothing to lose....your father just destroyed everything. Desperate times sinked in and when all seemed lost, you and Jacquline became Rangers to help us stop him. And eventually, you did. both died along with a few others during the war.

Jacquline: My god.....

Alyssa: Yes. But eventually we won the final battle. But....Tommy had a backup plan in case he ever lost the fight.

Noah: He build a time machine to destroy us all before the battle started. At least.....that's the theory.

John: If he built this time machine, why didn't he go back to save my mom? That would've solved all his problems, you think?

Drew: Zedd's power has the best of him. Nothing can save him....unless we stop it from ever happening. We followed him to this timeline in hopes to prepare for it before the disaster starts. And that's why you two are here right now. To help us change what happened. Save your parents and stop your father from being the maniac he is now. But we need both of your help.

Jacquline: Just answer one question, first: Who am I in this time?

Charles: just as complicated as Johns. I dunno 'bout that.

Jacqueline: Just give me the important stuff.

Alpha: Your story, on the other hand is.....the more complicated of the two.

She turns to Alpha behind her.

Alpha: In this time are filled with lots of hope, dignity, strength, courage.....but.....

Drew: From what Alyssa had told us long before, your name is not Jacqueline. Your real name is....

Noah/Charles: Dawn.

Both "Jacqueline" and John were confused with the name.

Dawn (Jacqueline): Dawn?

Alyssa just nodded her head.

Dawn: But what...what is all this? Why did you drag me to your time? And what Tommy want with me?

John: Let alone me?

Alyssa: Like we said: To help us save the future. It's more than about saving our world, it's about saving theirs. Dawn, we get it. You're confused and maybe a bit scared. But we have the brink of humanity resting on our shoulders. If we can't stop him soon, he'll have what he needs to go back in time and he'll ignite the spark to the war. There probably won't be a tomorrow if he succeeds.

Dawn just looks down and around to everyone in the room and then Alyssa says.....

Alyssa: Dawn.....we need you to guide us to victory. We need become our RED RANGER.

Upon hearing this statement, Dawn was absolutely flustered. And soon enough, she backed up away from her.

Dawn: Cas--Alyssa.....I'm sorry. But this--I'm not the one you're looking for.

Noah: Damn it.

Alyssa: Dawn, I-

Dawn: Stop. Please...........Look...I'm sorry for your tragedies, but what can I do about it? I mean: Me? A ranger? I can't even keep my own book shelf set nicely, let own guide a full four or more people. I mean, if this is about my karate studies.....I'm still not cut out for it. I--I'm not your girl.

John: Wait, Jacq.....if my parents were Power Rangers.....then.....then it must be in MY blood as well. And if you're in greater importance maybe.....

Dawn: John, you're not SERIOUSLY gonna go on with this madness, are you?

John: I don't really know.....but if what they say is true and after seeing my....."Dark Future" Father....maybe, things are taking the turn for worst. I mean....Mom dies, Dad turns evil; does that sound familiar at all?

Charles: That's Star Wars: Episode 3.....

John: Yeah. I know that.....*turns back to Dawn*......but if this event actually happens in our present time.....I honestly don't know how I can live with myself. Maybe we should reconsider.....

Dawn: Recons--Argh. You want to go along with this? Fine. I thought we would be on the same page after growing up together know what? This is too much. I don't know about you, but I gotta take a breather. So you guys want a leader? Pick him.

She then turns away from them and storms out.

John: Jacquline, wait!

He was about to go after her, but Alpha stopped him.

Alpha: Let her think it through. She'll come to.

It then cuts to Dawn walking onto the ashy yet non-deserted streets of what was once Angel Grove as she suddenly gets out of the way and hides to avoid more of the Public eye. Once the coast was clear, she gets out of cover and she eventually walks past a nearby prison facility entitled "District 12" which held only the most dangerous of inmates in the state.

......which is ironic cause when we take a sneak peek inside of the prison system and in one of the high octane security cells, we see TWO, that's right, TWO of the original Mighty Morphin' Team: Billy Cranston (David Yost) and Zack Taylor (Walter Emanuel Jones).

Ironically enough, they were the ONLY two, besides Tommy, of the original team that was left alive. But they weren't in good condition. They've been stuck in "District 12" for years and surprisingly, haven't found a way out.

Billy: *breathes heavily* V-LOG: Month: March. Day: 12th. Year: 2063. Time in lo--long has it been, Zack?

Zack: I've lost count. They don't bother putting calendars up in these cells.

Billy: Well, we can't give up. Somehow, we got to try and reach Tommy.

Zack: He's long gone man. Ever since Kim and the others died, he's just been.....

Billy: There is still good in him. Zedd's power hasn't driven it from him completely. That's why he didn't kill us when he captured us.

Zack: *Sighs* I don't really know, Billy.....

They soon heard a noise and looked over outside their cell and saw some movement.

Billy: Who's there?

Eventually, Dawn soon peeked her head out from the side wall and was too stunned for they knew who she was too.....

Zack: Dawn.....

Billy: Alpha must've finished the machine.

Dawn, upon hearing that, removed herself from the wall, and approached the two veterans.

Dawn: Who are you, guys?

Zack: I guess Alyssa forgot to tell you. Zack Taylor and Billy Cranston from.....

Dawn: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Billy: You know of us.....That's good.

Dawn:'s a real honor. But why....what are you guys doing in here? Ok.....maybe the better question is what did you do?

Billy: It's not what we did. It's who we did it to.

Dawn: Tommy?

Zack: *to Billy* She knows her rangers.

Dawn: I've watched the show.

Zack:'s Tommy. He had us incarcerated in here since he went rogue and got twisted. We've tried getting out of here in every possible way. But.....the guys smarter then I remember. He can really think outside the box.

Dawn took a look at the high tech cell and realized something: the sliding door that kept them inside the cell was slowly eroding away after years of use.

That gave Dawn a very clever idea 💡.

Dawn: The door.

Billy: What?

Dawn: Billy, the doors eroding. It's rusting away. If you think about it, this metal is probably one of the strongest in the state. Possibly the world.

Zack: No, that's adamantium.

Billy: Wait.....she's onto something. Maybe there's a way we can accelerate the process of the erosion and break down the door completely. But with what?

Dawn: Well.....umm.....I do have some anti-acid tablets that I keep for rare occasions. We all know we happens when they react with water.

Zack: Anti-acid, water combustion......Dawn, that's genius! No wonder why Alyssa made you the new Red Ranger!

Upon hearing that again, Dawn went silent again.

Zack: What's wrong?

Dawn: Nothing. Take the tablets and I'll get the water......somehow.

She rushed out to find some water until......

Putties came at her again!

Dawn: Oh, give me a damn break.

Using her marshal art skills to fight the putties, she made several eye contacts knowing what was coming behind her and made swing kicks each chance she got and Billy and Zack saw the whole thing.

Zack: Wow...this girl could've gave Kimberly a run for her money.

Billy: I can see now why the new force chose her as the leader.

As we cut back to the hidden base, the alarms went off as Alpha jumped back of what he saw on the viewing globe.

Alpha: Oh no! Ayiayiayiayi! Dawn's out numbered by Tommy's new powered putties!

Rangers: What?!

They all looked to see Dawn holding out with Billy and Zack locked up, but the puddies kept coming

Charles: That's Billy and Zack from the Mighty Morphin team. Guess Tommy wasn't THAT out of it.

Noah: She won't be able to hold out for long. No doubt Tommy will be coming.

At that point, all of them just turned around to John behind them and he got confused and surrounded.

John: What?

Alyssa: John. I know this is still sudden for you, but we could use your help on this.

John: What can I do, though? I'm not my father.

Alyssa: But in our time, you carried out his vision and honored him to be in our force. Just as he was in his earliest days as Ranger.

She held out his hand as she handed him a power gauntlet with a Green crystal embedded in it and he took a moment to look at it.

Noah: Fight by our side and we can save the future of your time. Will you join us, John?

John thought about it and finally said.....

John:.....I say.....IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!

And in a thunder clash, he vanished in his newly Ranger color.

Drew: He's got his fathers blood in him.

Charles: True.....but how exactly are we gonna handle Dawn? If she finds out about him or Tommy, I could spell out more chaos for the rest of us.

Noah: Gotta be honest with you, guys.....I'm not sure about her.

Both Charles and Drew were puzzled.

Drew: Meaning what exactly?

Noah: You know I'm all hands on with the technology gizmos and stuff's the truth that none of us know her as well as Alyssa does.....or Alpha.

Alpha: Aye yi yi.

Noah: So....I had to go ahead and dig through a little bit of background info based on the Dawn from his time and.....oh god.....

The alarm went off again, but it went faster this time.

Alyssa: it for later. Focus more on the action then behind the scenes.

Noah was still distressed on what Alyssa refused to tell them, but he let it go for now for there was much bigger risks at hand.

Noah: Alright then.....lets do it.

Alyssa: READY?!

They brought out their gauntlets and said......


As thunder clashes again and they disappear into their color auras, it cuts back to the District 12 prison system where the numbers game was getting the better of Dawn.

Dawn: C'mon. I liked it better when you creeps had "Z's" on your chest.

Dawn made a jump over the rest of the putties and made a run for the breaker room. She found the main component that keeps the water from flowing into the building.

Dawn: I hope this works.

She clicked off the buttons and tried to pull the lever, but it wouldn't budge. At least, not at first. The putties found her again and shot at her (Yes, in this future, they can shoot now) and Dawn immediately used her bag to deflect the blasts. But the blasts hit the lever, critically severing the components and causing the water running in that building to spill into every single room there was.

And in the room Billy and Zack were in, they were lucky.

Zach: Ah-ha! She pulled it off!

Billy: Come on, give me the tablets. We gotta make this work.

He held the tablets over the quickly rising water and dropped them in. The fizzy reaction caused a chain reaction with the water and started to bend the metal door.....and then it blew open completely, spilling the water over the floor and freeing Billy and Zack.

Billy: It worked.....just like I thought it would.

Zack: Man, come on. I don't think you knew--

Billy: Not now, ok. Dawn is somewhere in here.

Zack: I saw her go that way.

Before they could even move out the cell, the new Ranger force appeared in front of them with their teleportation, reminding both Billy and Zack of the good old days.

Zack: Wow, the new Ranger force.

Billy: With a new Green Ranger.

Alyssa: Better yet. The son of the Original Green Ranger.

Billy: John Olivier?

John quickly turned around towards the two and unmatched his helmet. And, I guess you could say, the two were rather flabbergasted.

John: It's an honor to meet you two, really. I'd love to stay and chat, but times against us. Where's Jacqueline?

Billy: She ran that way, but.....


Alyssa: Oh no.....

Zack: Hey, we hadn't heard that laugh since....

Billy: The green with evil.....

That's when more smoke crawled up from out of nowhere and the Dark Tommy appeared making that same evil laugh he made when he was the evil green ranger.

John: Dad....

Tommy: Son.....

John: Guys, you find Jacqueline.....and I'll hold him off.

Tommy just balled up his fist and approached him slowly.

Drew: He's all yours.

Charles: Go get him, John.

Noah, Charles and Drew went off in that direction, and while Alyssa just stared at him momentarily, she too went off with the others to find Dawn.

Billy and Zack might've been defenseless now, but they wanted to see how this would go down. So they got out and observed.

Zack: This is gonna be a good one.

Billy: No question.

John, suddenly brought out the old green ranger sword and held it up.

But Tommy still had an arsenal.

Tommy: Warrior mode.....NOW.

He brought out his wrist morpher, pressed it and with a flash of light, he morphed into the Legend Ranger again.

(You already know what he looks like)

And that's when he pulls out his warrior saber.

Tommy: So then.....don't hold back.

John charged and tried his best to attack his father, but Tommy, being the Legend he is, was too good for him. But it was a even sword battle nonetheless.

Eventually, after knocking him back and kicking his sword out, Tommy went for another clash but John was lucky to block it.

John: Come on, Dad! I don't wanna fight you!

Tommy: Cause you know I'll win.

John: No. Because if you're really half the person I know you are and everyone says you are, you'd still be fighting WITH them, not AGAINST them.

Tommy: Please.....the Resistance Rangers....they've made no such effort in halting my progression. If only they'd know their leader has a higher purpose.....with standing by a higher family conquers all.

That statement got John confused and it had him thinking.

John: Wait.....wh-what? In that sister....WHO IS MY SISTER?!

Tommy: *chuckles* Not yet, son. NOT YET.

John squinted his eyes furiously and then Tommy picked him up and threw with power across the floor as Billy and Zack watched on.

It then cuts back to the four in which they had found Dawn, but she had locked herself in the breaker room to prevent the putties from breaking it down.

Alyssa: These cockroaches.

Drew: Hold on, I got this.

He charged up his suit and then.....he bursts out his hands and FREEZES the putties just as they turned around to face them. As soon as that happened, Charles made his way to the door.

Unfortunately, the other remaining putties ganged up together and what they did.....surprised them.

Drew: Uhh.....Noah?

Noah: Don't look at me, I have no damn clue. But I'm not liking it.

Alyssa: god.....

The putties all formed together increasing in size, and turning into some.....some......Gigantic monstrous putty with claws and pointy sharp teeth. It eventually; Screeched and started devastating everything as it went out towards the city.

Noah: This. Is. Not. Good. We need the Megazord but we still don't have our Red Ranger in action!

Drew: God, help us all!

Back with the father and son fight, they abandoned their swords and went to combat, banging at one another with blow after 'till John surprisingly kicked Tommy off his balance.

John: Don't make me hurt you, Dad! I'm damn serious!

Tommy: Are you....? Well, so am I.

They continued to clash back and forth till Tommy broke Johns guard and kicked him down into the doorless cell. He then made quick eye contact to Billy and Zack as he brought out his sword again and pointed it at John.

Tommy: You are beaten. It is useless to resist. Don't destroy yourself as the other past Rangers did. Join me. And I will complete your Ranger training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the world as father and son!

John: Ugh....I'll never join you!

Tommy: If you won't help me restore order and prosperity.....then perhaps.....SHE will.

That's when he vanishes right in front of him.

John: Wha-who's she?! Jacqueline? Why would-

Billy: You don't know?

John turns around to see the Billy and Zack standing behind him.

John: What do you know?

Zack: More then you could imagine.

It cuts back to the huge puttie monster as it tears s**t up and eventually stomps out of the building and into the emotionless city 🌃.

Noah: Ok....I don't what this atrocity is. In fact, that's what I'm gonna call it: ATROCITY. Cause "Big Scary Monster Thingy" takes WAY too long to say. Well, that and...."Fing Fang Foom" was taken......

Drew: Focus! How they hell we gonna bring that thing down?

Alyssa: Alpha, get Cypher on the line!

A couple seconds later.....

Cypher (Stephan Kramer Glickman): Yello?

Alyssa: Cypher, please tell me the zords are ready. You promised they'd be done yesterday.

Cypher: I'm still working on it. They're still in the prototype stage.

Aylssa: Never mind! I'll check on you later!

She signs off.

Charles: I need to get Dawn out. You guys try and catch up to the Atrocity.

Noah: Good luck with ya.

The three vanishes into their auras as Charles tries to open the door that Dawn locked herself.

Charles: Ugh! Come on, you gotta let me in!

Dawn: No!

Charles: Dawn, we need you! The future is lost without you!

Dawn: This isn't my fight, ok?! I never asked for this!

Zack: You never had to ask.

Zack, Billy and John appeared behind Charles as Dawn looked at all of them from behind the door.

Dawn: I-I just got y'all out cause it was the right thing to do. I wasn't trying to-

Billy: still have time.......

Dawn: For what?

Billy: To know your true heritage. To know who your family really is. Cause they've been closer to you then you know.

Billy handed her a gauntlet morpher with a red crystal embedded in it, just like Johns. Dawn took time to think about her decision as a tear falls from her eye and then she looked at Billy.

Dawn: Do you know who they are?

Billy: So does John.

Dawn: John?

Zack and Billy move out of the way to reveal John behind them as he approached the room. He looks deeply into Dawns eyes and a pear of Dawn started to get some flashbacks. The John slowly backed up.

Dawn: Oh god....

Zack: You two are more connected than you know.....

Dawn: That means......

She was starting to get the picture as she sat back and realized just how much everything meant to her now. The crash, Tommy, the sudden collapse of the future, everything. Eventually, she sighed and looked up again

Zack: So what'd you say?

Dawn didn't need to say anything.....she just reached out and took the gauntlet morpher.

As that happened, the Atrocity was still plummeting the city as it was and the Rangers couldn't really do much without their zords.

Noah: Son of a....there's gotta be SOMETHING we can use!

Alyssa: I'm not really seeing anything!

Both of them looked around and didn't see nothing, but then they saw Drew running his way to the Atrocity.

Alyssa: What the--Drew?!

Drew was already far gone, so he couldn't hear her. He caught the Atrocity's attention and tried to set him in a trap.

Drew: Over here!

He once again powered up his suit and tried to freeze the huge Atrocity with liquid nitrogen; unfortunately due to its size advantage, the freezing didn't really work. The huge monstrosity swung at Drew and it knocked him all the way back to where Alyssa and Noah were. But luckily, he caught himself.

Drew: Damn.....sure packs a helluva punch..

Aylssa: What else do you expect? It's like 50 feet tall.

Once again, the Atrocity caught the Rangers presence and tore its way back to get to them. But that's when a huge fireball erupted out of the prison, shot out and struck inside of the Atrocity.

Drew: Woah! Holy--

Noah: The hell was that?

Aylssa: I don't know, but sure as hell moved with a purpose. It struck the thing dead in the center.

The atrocity was stumbling over, as it felt a sudden heartburn and a ominous red glow sparked from inside of it. Soon, enough it starts screeching and the whole thing explodes.

All three of them (Aylssa, Noah, Drew) back up to block their way from the sudden light that appeared right after the explosion. But as they moved their hands away and look at it, they realize it was no light.

It was the Red Ranger, who had just made her long awaited arrival.

Aylssa: *chuckles* No way.....

She watched as the Red Ranger slowly levitate over to the three of them and descend down to the roof they were on.

There was a moment of silence until Red Ranger removed her helmet......revealing herself to be Dawn.

She shook her hair back as the others were stunned about it, even Alyssa.....

Noah: Whoa....

Dawn: guys need a leader?

Alyssa just smiled as Drew and Noah nodded at each other.

Dawn: What?

The second that happens, John popped up from what was left inside of "District 12" along with Charles, Billy and Zack as he locked eyes on Dawn in the distance with the Red Ranger suit on.

He cracked his shoulder back into position and took a look down at the rest of the team, staring at them. They both slowly approached each other as anxiety filled both of them up. Their breathing was irregular, their hearts each skipped a beat and with each passing step, the world seemed farther apart.

But a moment later, they were face to face with each other.

Dawn: John....

John: D-Dawn....

Both of them slowly smiled and grabbed each other in a tight hug.

Dawn: I can't believe it took me forever to realize this.....this was brother.....back in my arms......

John: So....*chuckles* this is what it feels like.....

Noah, Drew and Charles were relieved, but Alyssa just looked in worry, because.....there was a part of Dawns past that she was desperately trying to keep hidden.

It then cuts to a bar (yes....they have these in the future) we see a middle aged bounty hunter by the name of Mirage (Tanya Chisholm) who was working herself over a few cups of alcohol.

(They can still exist in the future)

Mirage: *sighs* One more on the house.

Bartender: Want that on your tab?

Mirage: No...I got that covered.

All of a sudden, the light starts flickering and a sudden mist appeared as everyone in the bar, except for Mirage backed up. She didn't have to say anything, but she knew who it was.

Mirage: Tommy Oliver.

She turned around and faced him.

Tommy (Future): Outside.

They both disappeared in the cloud of smoke and ended up back in Tommy's tower.

Mirage: If this is about what I think it's about....

Tommy: We're talking about the chance for prosperity and real peace, and all that stands in the way.....the children......No matter.....they cross me again, and they'll suffer for this all the same.

Mirage: No matter of them? What does this have to do with me?

A serious look of concern crossed Tommy's face as he faced closed her.

Tommy: I'm putting out a bounty on the heads of those who reviled against my glorious future: Noah. Charles. Drew. Alyssa. Pretty soon, I'll have nothing to worry about.....but the aftermath for an brighter and better tomorrow.

Mirage: Quite the fatalist. How much?

Tommy: 💯 million.

That struck Mirage like a gold rush was just announced.

Mirage: know I do it, if the price is right.....I, um....

She turned away, but smirked with greed as she looked back up at Tommy and confirmed their deal.

Mirage: Consider it done.

We then cut back at the base where all of the new Rangers transported back as Alpha finished scanning the new designs or the Zords and turned to see everyone back.....even Dawn in her Red Ranger suit

Alpha: Welcome aboard, Dawn.

She and the others powered down out of their suits.

Dawn: Thanks. Zack and Billy told everything. It makes better sense now.....or at least, it's beginning to.

John: So....have you found our....."Future" Father?

Alpha: I'm afraid not. But on the other hand, WE, however, finally finished the new designs of your zords.

Noah: About time. We were getting our asses stomped out there.

Alpha: I'm sorry for the long wait, Rangers. However, with all of you together, it is FINALLY time to meet the one who began this whole legacy. 50 years ago in this time, there was a proud, powerful but loyal interstellar being. And he had a great struggle against all evil in the past. But....he was destroyed during the battle with Thrax.

Charles: Aww come on.

Alyssa: Shh.

Alpha: But the remaining Rangers who stood by him to continue their battle against the forces of evil, spent two years rebuilding our command center and repaired him as they did me. And now my young friends, it is time.....

John: Time for what?

Alpha: Time to meet the creator of the Power Rangers. Zordon?

Suddenly, the lights start flickering and the place starts shaking as if the very force of the earth is being pushed on their chests.

Dawn: What's happening?

Noah: HE'S happening.

Suddenly, everything goes stationary again and the screen turns itself on as Zordon (Bryan Cranston) appears in a small time warp inside of the screen.

Zordon: Greetings, my new friends.

They all backed up in shock, for they all heard the legend of Zordon in childhood. But, this is the FIRST time they have actually seen him with their own eyes. In fact, Alyssa was so stunned, she dropped to her knees.

Zordon: Noah. Charles. Drew. Alyssa. John......Dawn. For too long, I've waited for this. I am finally see all of you.

Alyssa: Zordon....of Eltar.....

Noah/Charles: Awesome *fist bump*

John: This....this can't be real.

Zordon: What is real? How do you define real back in your time? Down here, that word is almost never used or said anywhere. Not after.....Thrax.

Dawn: What exactly HAPPENED to you? How did you get in this screen now or what not? More specifically, what is being brought about this change? Did....did Tommy do this to you?

Cypher: He sees truths where he did not before.

They all turned around to see Cypher walking into that specific room.

Alpha: Cypher.

Cypher: Alpha. Rangers. Zordon. Sorry I took so long, but the zords were the longest piece of work I've had to endure. I couldn't tell whether it was or not, because the amount of quantum energy that I used was--

Drew: Whoa whoa whoa. Quantum energy? The ones they place in canisters?

Cypher: Yeah.

Alyssa: Cypher, how did you get them? I thought they were illegal.

John: Like Peltonium "Back To The Future" illegal?

Dawn: Yeah, something like that.

Cypher: That's the problem. I had to borrow a few.

Alyssa: Borrow? From where?!

Dawn: Relax, it doesn't matter now. Cypher, are they ready at least?

Cypher just smirks and says.....

Cypher: Come with me.

It then cuts back to Tommy's tower where in the gateway room, they were advancing or reprepping the portal even more for Tommy's next scheduled stop back to the past. But he was missing the last two canisters that Cypher unwillingly borrowed.

Tommy: I need you to track down those canisters; make sure they still have juice left in them.

Super solider robot guard: Yes, sir.

Tommy: *over pager communicator* Mirage, where are you? You've got them.

Mirage: I've got a lock on 'em. They'll never see me coming.

Tommy: Good. Wait for your moment and then.....when you get them......

He walks to another machine covered in a sheet and pulls it off.

Tommy: will witness the end of the war of all wars. The reactor HFIL put this baby to good use last time. It would've sucked not just the earth....but the entire universe if it felt like it.....

At that point, he got emotional and lost track of focus.

Tommy: Kimberly and I......

Each time he said her name or when someone else did.....let's just say whatever good he had left in him dropped a small tear from his eye.....

Tommy: She was still and loyal to the end.....until fate took her FROM ME!

His fury combined with the energy in his morpher caused the ground to shake making everyone in the room back up or take cover. Eventually, he calmed down and everything stopped.

Mirage: Tommy? What happened down there?

Tommy: Just go. Destroy the remaining resistance. Destroy the Power Rangers and if not, at least bring their asses down here.

He cuts off his pager as we cut back where Cypher lead the young heroes out to where the new zords were being constructed.

Cypher: These I said, took just about forever to build. I was gonna go for a Mighty Morphin' touch and make them animals, but....they're barely around anymore. So I had to go futuristic.

Charles: Makes sense. It's 2063.

Drew: Animals were so 2062.

John: Actually, they were VERY B.C.

Both (Charles/Drew): B.C?

Dawn: *chuckles* Y'all gotta catch up on your history.

Cypher: Alrighty.....

Cypher typed into a computer pad by a locked door and with another punch, the door opened.....revealing their new zords.

Their zords were just as high tech as they could get.

(Lets face it, they're in the future after all)

Charles got a Black Hovertank.

Drew got a Blue Raptor Mark III Chopper

Noah got a Yellow dropship

Alyssa received a long Pink Aeon T3 missile submarine.

And Cypher saved the best for last......cause he got both Dawn and John TWO Red and Green Assault Mech Exosuits.

And all of the zords were insanely HUGE.

All: WOW.......

Cypher: I know, right? Far out! Charles, as the Black Ranger, the Black Hovertank will serve you will. Drew, the Blue Rapter chopper carries the highest amount of skill and weaponry you could possibly ask for. Noah, the Yellow dropship is yours to command to rule the seas. Alyssa, the Pink Aeon T3.....*chuckles*.....missile submarine is enough to wipe out Megalondon in itself. And John and Dawn, as the newest Red and Green Rangers, the Assault Mech Exosuits allows you to extract and enforce tremendous power in force. Together, They all form into the newest generation of Megazord battle modes.

John: Wow....I've never seen anything like it.

Noah: Then I guess we're ready to kick ass.

Cypher: Not quite. The Zords had not been tested yet. So we'll have to give it a few tries before we act.

Noah: Why do we ALWAYS have to have tests.

Drew: Cause what if our zords act up during battle?

Charles: Got a point there. I mean, technically we all asked for these.

Noah: Of course......

John: This should be fun.

Dawn: Well, you may have a main zord too, but don't forget who the leader is.

John: Don't abuse your power, sis.

Dawn: Aww....

And that's when Cypher opens the hatches open up to let each of the field zords the water zords out onto the field.

Each member were once again in awe as they jumped inside their individual zords and looked around.

Drew: HOLY SH**!

Alyssa: Nice stereo.

John: WHOO!

Dawn: Alright then, Rangers. Let's give them a REAL test. ACTIVATE MEGA ZORD BATTLE MODE!

Rangers: POWER UP!  

Soon, each one of their zords quickly brought out their weapons system, but the mini guns on Charles tank and Noah's dropship were malfunctioning.

Noah: What the---really, man?

Drew: This is what I meant by "acting up" out here.

Noah: Not helping, Drew.

Charles: *chuckles*

Drew: Then again, neither did you. But here's a hint: check the manuals.

Dawn: These things have manuals? You still have that here?

Alyssa: We haven't completely evolved from your time.

Dawn just smirked until.....

Charles: Ok, I think I got it.....

Noah: Same. Alright, resume the test.

John: Let's smoke 'em.

So the Rangers went along in their zords as they tested their weapons system filled with quantum energy against their test dummies. But little did any of them know, Mirage was still watching them.....and just waiting to make her move.

Mirage: Cmon.....Just a little further.......*chuckles*......

Mirage brought out a plasma cannon with a modified silencer over it and when Dawn's zord was close her position......Mirage blasted at her, which caused Dawn's zord to malfunction to the point in which it couldn't move.

Dawn: What the.....Guys, something's wrong. I'm losing control. I--I can't move at all. I'm stuck.

John: Hold on, I got a heavy signal on what it is. Scanners reveal someone's blasting at ya from afar.

Drew: I'm picking it up too.

Both Drew and Charles zoomed in on their scammers and It didn't take long for the young heroes to notice Mirage.

Chelsea: Damn it! It's one of Tommy's minions!

Alyssa: Mirage! What is she up to?

Dawn: Never mind that! Just help me!

John: You heard her! Rangers! Move out!

Each of the Rangers leapt out of their zords and landed on the terrain as Mirage teleported out of cover and appeared in front of them.

Mirage: The power geeks. At last.

John: Leave her alone!

Alyssa: Or we'll force it on ya!

Mirage didn't answer. She just attacked immediately and fought them off as the heroes swung every attack they had. But...Mirage had skills of her own.

She had extreme martial arts in terms of Jit-Jitsu, a lightning fast pinball homing attack and cosmic powers that allowed her to either teleport, use telepathy, and so on.....

It really started to take a toll on all the main Rangers, but Alyssa and Drew were still stubbornly unwilling to give up.

Drew: Son of a--aargh.....Thought you retired.

Mirage: I did. *pulls out energy swords* But you and your pals worth a lot of money, Drew. It's called playing for keeps, but I also play to win.

Alyssa: Why, you asshole!

Once again, they charged only to get held up by her and she immediately shocked the both of them......

As Dawn heard the two of them screeching in pain, she managed to put the malfunctioning zord in check as she finally leaped out and smacks Mirage across the face in slow-mo, causing her to let go of Alyssa and Drew.

As soon as she landed, John came up next to her. Mirage then staggered herself and felt the blood coming out of her mouth. It was the first time she ever took a punch before and she was furious.

Mirage: I know you didn't.

Dawn: You damn right I did.

Mirage: Hmph. Then I'll enjoy watching you die, Red Ranger.

She and Dawn started their own fair share of the battle, and unlike the others, Dawns karate techniques were paying off. They were both evenly matched in combat until Mirage deflected a blast and Dawn hits her again. Only this time it was enough to knock Mirage off her feet. But she still wouldn't stay down. And when she went to attack again, Dawn immediately clocks her with full force, knocking her out completely.

Drew: Whoa....nice.

Dawn: Well.....this stuff does increase your level, doesn't it?

John: True, true. But right now, let's get her back to the base. She might know what Dad's planning.

Alyssa: She must know something by now. Why else would he send her out here to get us?

They eventually got her up together and later on, they had her secured in a cell of their own as Alyssa and Noah were the first to interrogate her.

Mirage: Kinda cozy in here.

Alyssa: We're not playing games, Mirage. The entire future is in jeopardy. We need to know what Tommy's planning. And since.....the bounty hunter is the first person he would go to out of ANYONE here, that tells me you know something about it.

Mirage: I'm already counting my money.

Noah: We're playing no games! Where is he hiding?!

Mirage: Trust me....even if I told you, you'll wish I hadn't.

Noah: So you want to play the tough guy; huh? Well....I got all night.

Mirage: You and me both.

Alyssa: Well, I don't. You can rot in here or you tell us where Tommy is and what he's planning.

As the interrogation continued, the others stood outside as John paused in thought and flashed back to his fight with Tommy and remembered what he told him.....

Takes one tragedy to give you a wake up call......

John: What does that even--

Dawn: John? You alright?

He snapped out of his thoughts and turned to her.

John: Huh? Yeah. Just thinking.

Dawn: About what exactly?

John: You know since I am your do realize that Tommy is.....

Dawn: Yeah. But I find that hard to believe in our time. It....makes no sense. How did I get the name "Jacqueline"? Why did Tommy lose it when Zedd killed Mom? I mean.....what's the real purpose behind this wasteland that HE created?

John: Beats me. But I'll definitely get some answers next time I run into him. Cause.....he told me that it takes one senseless incident, one tragedy to give you a....wake up call or whatever. But how--

Dawn just looked at him, also thinking about something.

Dawn: Dam nunt quod non intellegunt.

(That's Latin)

John: "They condemn that which they do not understand". I see somebody's taking their foreign up a notch.

Dawn smirked again......and that's when Billy, Drew, Charles and Zack got involved.

Zack: You know..... it's hard for me to get the picture of how you two could possibly be....related in a sense of the word when.....

Dawn: Stop right there. What are you talking about? Cause I'm pretty sure it's a bad thing.

Zack sighs and gives Drew a look and Drew hands a computer generated file to John.

Drew: We didn't want to break it to you, but it is what it is.

John takes his time scouring through the file and realizes that this was based on Alyssa's records. What he found left him almost speechless.

Dawn: Umm......Words, please.

John: There's none to be said.

He hands her the file and Dawn takes her sweet time, looking through it came as a blatant slap to the face to her.

What she found out was that Alyssa, believe it or not, actually used to work FOR Tommy and his army. She actually used to be his second in command and was just as ruthless as he was, whenever she was in charge. She showed total loyalty to him and she showed NO mercy to her enemies in battle. One day, in 2060, she was assigned on a recognizance mission, trying to spy on suspected members for the resistance. She was watching from afar with techno-binoculars.....but that's when she realized that some of the resistors were her own parents, her dad, Edward (Spike Lee) and her mother Tracy (Janelle Monáe). Immediately realizing the cost of the situation, Alyssa decided to head down there herself and warn her parents. But she got caught disobeying. Tommy sent some guards down there to retaliate and bring Alyssa back to base, but when her parents intervened, they were both SHOT and KILLED. This infuriated Alyssa and she ended up killing the guards and mourning for her dead parents. At that moment, she swore vengeance upon Tommy and vowed to put a stop to whatever plan he was cooking up. She decided to join the Resistance and after moths of trying, she was some of the lucky four (besides Noah, Charles and Drew) to be become Power Rangers.

Dawn: Wha--but she.....

Billy: Trust me, that is not even half of it.

Billy hand her HER file and she pauses before looking inside of it. Once again, she was speechless.

Billy: I wish there was an easier way to describe it,

But none of that mattered to Dawn. She was now furious at her best friend for lying to her yet again.

John: Dawn?

Dawn: *to Charles* Where is she?

Charles: She just left a few minutes ago.

Dawn: I don't wanna hear that. How can I reach her?! She's got a few guts to spill for this.

Billy: Whoa whoa whoa, Dawn. Take it easy, ok?

As Dawn thinks over what just transpired, we cut to the day afterwards at Tommy's tower as his troops marched outside in a large docking bay as Tommy stood outside, giving a speech.

Tommy: My brave warriors. We are forged in victory. The war is at it's end. For years, we have fought for what is rightfully ours and crushed the hopes of those who were.....rather ridiculous enough to revel against us. And even though some of us have endured such pain.....such tragedy. *Thinks of Kimberly and her death* ......and such loss.....tonight, the war shall end. The pain shall end. And the sun will rise upon the dawn of a new world created by the Earth's true children as it sets on the lifeless corpses of the Power Rangers. This is a new era! The era in which we will WIPE OUT these plagues! Tonight, victory will be OURS!

The army yelled and cheered and then Tommy nodded at one of his men beside him and walked back down to the portal in the gateway room to create his paradox to take him back and suck the universe in.

Tommy: Four hours.....and you'll all be home to me.....

It cuts back to Mirage back in her cell at the secret facility. And apparently, she wasn't too far behind in making her escape. She slowly concentrated on the lock on her door and managed to crack the code from the outside.

While everyone else was sleeping, she snuck in and captured Noah, Charles and Drew while they were asleep as well.

She used her cosmic powers to teleport them into Tommy's tower and by the time they woke up, all of them were very confused.....until they realized they were in the gateway room.

Noah: Ugh....where are we?

Charles: This--this place seems familiar. Did somebody bring us here? Or is this another one of those time consuming nightmares that everyone has?

Noah: Time consuming......*sees the time machine strapped to quantum containers*......oh Christ.....He's planning on going back again.

Drew: Who's he killing now?

Noah: No clue, but we have a chance to stop this. Right now, he's only missing two of the containers.

Charles: The ones Cypher used for our zords.

Noah: Exactly. Right now, if you can see, there's a certain PSI involved based on just how much energy can be used. Without the two canisters, if there's a way we can alter the polarity, we can shut it all down.

Drew: But how about once it starts? Because that same amount of quantum energy used could possibly result in a destructive time storm.

Charles: In that case, the polarity should still be enough to reverse it. But we'll have to push somebody through, for us to be able to do that.

But at that point, they heard a voice behind them.

Tommy: Why bother reversing it, guys, when we can use it?

They all turned around to see Tommy slowly approaching them.

Drew: Man, you've crossed the line this time. This time, you will be held accountable for your actions.

Tommy: I advise you to relax. I'm easy to adjust to. Really. Look, you're all on the wrong side of this. I'm NOT the villain here; I'm the guy who's trying to make everything right. Don't you get it?

Charles: Uhhh......I can't say I do.

Tommy: See, once the portal is opened and the storm is fully unleashed, I'm going to harvest ALL of the quantum energy. It'll give me COMPLETE CONTROL over the time stream.

Noah: Complete co--What; are you trying to play God?

Tommy: I wouldn't say that. Although, my passion for doing so has become one of a happy obsession. Then again, passion doesn't just happen, you make it grow. So I'm just gonna need a much needed re-write. *sighs and sniffles* Perhaps, then I could.....make up for my original sin by....saving Kimberly. Not to mention Jason, Adam, Zordon, Alpha, my parents as well as countless others. Now....what.....what kind of megalomaniacs fixes that so everyone can live happily ever after?

Drew: He's f--king lost it.

Charles: You're talking about harnessing the kind of power no human, let alone Power Ranger such as yourself, can possibly possess. And if even it works, you'll end up destroying yourself......

Noah:....but not before you've annihilated EVERYTHING else.

Tommy: Well.....aliad aliis videlar optimum.....guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. Mirage!

Mirage eventually came in smirking, carrying the two containers with quantum energy with her and the trio was just shocked

Mirage: You thought capturing me would be that easy? It was part of the plan, so we would have a track on your precious base.

Drew: Son of a---

Tommy: Now we have your location and you three are the lucky audience to witness the final stand of the Power Rangers.

Noah: You're MORE insane then I thought!

Tommy: I'm not insane. I'm. Just. Focused.

Charles: This is not focused! This is madness! You say you wish to save everyone from dying? Well, this is just a way to destroy more lives! You want to save your friends?! Save your wife?! Let us help you, for God's sake!

Tommy: It's much too late for that. The fate of the world, including the future is about to change....FOREVER.

Charles: Listen to us, Tommy. We can help you. Your children, including Zordon can help you....

Tommy: Zordon?!?! During the battle with Thrax, Zordon was destroyed. Along with Alpha, others....then everything.

Noah: No....Zordon lives. Six months after your legendary battle, the remaining original Rangers rebuilt the Command Center. They managed to bring him back with the great power.

Tommy: "To those who possess the great power.....all things are possible."

Noah: And it still is....Tommy, come back to us. We can all go back together and stop all this from happening. We can all stop Zedd together when he returns. You are a Ranger, Tommy. The greatest Ranger of all time no less. Don't let this dark consume you much further. Think about your son and daughter.

Tommy:, no, no.....ENOUGH!!! I've come too far to turn back now. Everything WILL proceed as planned.

Tommy almost stormed out and prepared his troops.....for war. But not before she informed Mirage to....

Tommy: Strap them in....but make sure they get a front row seat.....for a brighter tomorrow is set due in four hours. Get those containers locked into the portal and as for the others.....consider them "grounded".

Mirage just hustled Charles, Noah and Drew into cuffs and along with Tommy's troops, she places them in separate oxygen chambers. As they all struggle to get out, the guards roll them out of the gateway room.

Meanwhile, back at the secret base, Dawn had decided to get up and look over the file about Alyssa earlier. She wanted to check to see if everything she found out was just allegations. But the she saw "Referred by the Department Of Corrections" brand on the top right corner of the file page. Her stomach dropped cause she knew it was all true. At that point, she dug through and got out her file.

But then.....

Alpha: Bed bugs?

Dawn: Huh? No, it's just.....*sighs*.....she wasn't the same person I thought she was.

Alpha: Well.....everyone has something that they're ashamed of; but it's always that one incident that makes us realize that we would've been so much better if we had only listened to reason. Alyssa.....well, back then.......before coming here, she had nothing. Same with you back when you were--you know.....

Alyssa: I had no such thing.

Dawn looked over at her and she threw the CGI file over at her.

Alyssa: Woah! Dawn, what are you....

Dawn: I looked through the file; Charles and Drew told me everything, Billy and Zack have backup to support it. You have a lot of guts to spill for this, so START TALKING.

Alyssa just picked up the file and sighed. There was no more keeping secrets from her.

Alyssa: You know about me?

Dawn: Every damn thing. All you did, all you've learned, all you regretted.....EVERYTHING.

Alyssa: Then I might as well let loose......about you.

She just sat back towards the wall as she just stared deep at her as she spilled it.

Alyssa: You may not remember this, but.....two months before losing Kimberly......that car crash John was involved in?

Dawn: Yeah?

Alyssa: You were involved in it as well. And you nearly died.....But you got lucky. Your parents (Tommy, Kimberly) managed to pull you out, but with a terrible had amnesia. You couldn't remember who you were or who your real parents were. So they left you in the old Rangers care to see if they could fix you.....but after years of trying......nothing. They eventually came to call you Jacqueline cause.....when we learned what happened to Tommy and Kimberly afterwards, they were afraid you'd break down if you came to remember your parents just to know you lost them. So they watched out for you ever since.

Dawn: But you could have told me about John. At least, make it easier on me.

Alyssa: We wanted both of you to grow up normally until you were ready to become Rangers. But in our time, you both died. Remember?

Dawn began to tear up just listening to this.

Alyssa: Listen. We can change all of that after we stop your father. We'll go back. Warn your parents of Zedd's return before their fates get sealed. I'm sorry about all this, but.....I had lost you once. WE lost you once. We're not gonna lose you again.

Dawn just sighs and looks down before taking her gauntlet morpher off her wrist and throwing it down.

Dawn: You just did.

She then slowly walks away and out the base.

Alyssa: Wait! Dawn, I--God, what've I done?

Alpha: I should've seen that coming. Aye yi yi.....

After Dawn learned the truth about what Alyssa kept from her, she sat outside of the base on the roof, looking up with so much on her mind till.....

Her brother comes up from behind and sits down next to her.

John: I know it might be a bad time, but.....

Dawn: Just....answer another question....this one also has to be honest: Did you know?

John: I told you the day before this sh** started I hardly knew you. I really thought you were someone else, too. I I know we're related, I do feel weird now about asking you to prom last year. didn't know. I swear.

Dawn: Considering the fact that this is the future and everything appears to be so cryptic and s**t like that, it's kinda of hard to take your word for it.

John: Honestly, I feel the same way. I don't think I wanna know how Mom would've felt if he saw Pops going off like this.

Dawn once again looks around at the bleak and ashy atmosphere of their future and it honestly made her sick to her stomach.

Dawn: Th--this can't be our future.....*looks over at him*......and I can't be like them.

John: Meaning?

Dawn: If I choose to do this, I do this as myself. As me.

John: Dawn. A mere human can't do something like what they're asking us to do.

Dawn: I AM only human......THAT'S who I choose to be. Cause I'm no hero, I'm no leader......and I'm definitely no Power Ranger.

She once again looks back up at the tower in the distance and stands up. John stands up besides her.

John: I honestly don't know what happened to you all those years ago. What made you turn out this way.....I'm rather surprised about how this is what you believe......But you're right about one thing: Neither one of us are Mom nor Dad. And well.....I don't think Dad's happy with his dark life either.

Dawn: Meaning?

John: I think losing Mom made him get the feeling like it doesn't matter if he dies trying to pull this off or.....he has nothing to lose anymore. 

Dawn: Except us.

John: Exactly. Look, we all thought you were gone. You thought you felt lost in the world. I was hardly around when my parents needed me. All I thought about was.....what any teenage boy would think. But...there was this void inside me didn't block out how felt about you, hoping that one day you'd come back to us. point is....I don't think I'm cut out to be a Ranger either. But I do know I don't want our time to end up like this. And we're the only ones that can stop it.

Dawn: But why us?! And why as Rangers?!

John: Cause.....none of this was Dads fault. It was Zedd. He destroyed our family and turned Dad into this monster. If we just do it as regular people, then the history will repeat itself. And what happened here.....will happen again and there won't be a damn thing we could do to stop it. It's our duty, Dawn....As of now, THIS is our life.

Dawn, once again, looked up ahead of her and stared at the rising light of the moon. It hypnotized her for a second, but she came back.

Dawn: Yeah.....but it may not be mine.....

John tried to grab her, but Dawn snatched it away.

Dawn: Its just....I don't know who am I anymore.

John: I do. You're my sister.

She looked at him with a feeling of belonging and then....she hugged him suddenly. John was stunned at first, but he hugged her back.

At that point, back on the inside, Alpha investigated Noah, Charles and Drews sudden absence and when he saw Mirage gone, it clicked to him.

Alpha: No, no, no, NO! Ayiyiyiyiyi!

Alyssa: Alpha, calm down, ok?! What's happening?

Alpha: Mirage got herself out, somehow. She must've taken Noah and the others with her. But luckily, their morphers are still here.

Alyssa: Oh my.....I don't know where she could've gone with them......

At that point, the ground started to shake tremendously and both of gen ran to the main computer to check the outside.....and they saw Tommy's army coming their way.

Alpha: Oh no.....

Alyssa:....but now I know where.

Back up in the roof, Dawn and John had also felt the ground shaking with each step as they looked on the side and saw the army coming in forces.

Dawn: Great.

John: Still wanna do this as yourself, sis?

Before she could answer, her pager beeped and she answered it.

It was Billy.

All he said was: Open the hanger bay.

Dawn: *to herself'* What?

She was confused for a second, until Tommy's army and super soldier robots burst through the doorways and immediately started blasting at them. But luckily, Alyssa and Alpha got out the way.

John and Dawn heard it from above and knew they couldn't sit back and watch this.

Dawn: Damn it. Guess we gotta do this again. C'mon.

Without observing, she got a running start and burst through the roof of her base while slamming onto a super solider robot guard, effectively shutting it down.

At that point, John made his entrance, but they quickly had to get behind cover as well as more guards came in and started shooting.

Alpha: Ayiyiyiyiyi!

John: Not helping! Jesus, why do the bad guys ALWAYS get the good s**t?!

Alyssa: Not a day goes by where I don't ask myself that. What now, Dawn? Dawn?

Dawn was closed out for a second starring off into space, still trying to make sense behind the history of her life and the new role she's in. But that's when she remembered what Billy paged her.

Dawn: Hanger bay.

John/Aylssa: What?

Dawn: The hanger bay. Gotta open the hanger bay! John, cover me!

She slid to grab her gauntlet morpher and immediately took off to get to the panel that opened the doors to the hanger bay, and John immediately went off with her to provide cover fire.

As for Alyssa, she couldn't stand back and watch. She brought out her gauntlet and went invisible, and flunked the guards and robots that came in shooting, but once again, the numbers game was too much. The guards eventually slammed her through the bedrooms and she reappeared again.

Meanwhile, John was still blasting at the other guards trying to get to Dawn. But eventually, they got surrounded again.

John: Oh thinking what I'm thinking?

Dawn: Unfortunately, yeah.....

John: You take it back?

Dawn: You could say that. Alpha, get the switch for the hanger bay! IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!

They both immediately flashed morphed and fought off the super solider guards with their powers while Alpha quickly scurried to the panel and finally opened the doors....

.....and when it opened, it showed both Billy and Zack in the Assualt Mech Exo-Suits.

Zack: I've about had enough of this war s**t. Bring it ON!

The sudden noise attracted the guards attention as Billy and Zack let all hell reign loose on all the guards with the Exosuits. Even though they tried to blast at them and grab them from the inside, they were one step ahead. And the others couldn't help but to stand back in amazement.


Billy: Just like the good ol' days!

Both (John/Dawn): Whoa.....

Alyssa: They still got it.

Pretty soon, all the guards were either dead or destroyed and Billy and Zack slowly crawled out the Exosuits.

Billy: Careful....ow.

Dawn: How does that hurt? You were able to control that no problem.

Billy: I felt the same way with my Triceratops zord, alright? I'm used to this kind of stuff.

Zack: So was I before I left. But that's gonna be the least of our concerns when Tommy's done with us.

John: Just about to ask that: What the HELL is he up to?

Billy: He's himself, but he's not himself. You saw the time machine he's building, right?

Alyssa: Yes.

Dawn: No. What is he trying to do?

Alyssa: This sounds pretty crazy, but here's the gist: He wants to "change the future for the better" so to do that, he's trying to go back in time and prevent the deaths of his friends and family from ever happening, but the problem with that is he'll end up potentially wiping HIM and all of us from existence......which in itself will cause a goddamn PARADOX and lay waste to the world!

Dawn: I thought it creates an alternate timeline.

Alyssa: Normally, changing the past does that, but thanks to his primitive technology, what happens there effects our time and vice versa.....

John: That sounds like a plan in itself.

Zack: You'll have to deal with that soon because from what I heard, we have about 2 hours before he starts his time machine. And he's got Noah, Charles and Drew locked up in his tower.

Dawn: What?! How--

Alyssa: Mirage.

Dawn: Son of a---*turns to Alpha* Alpha, what now?

Alpha: You'll just have to find them and keep on the attack. Zordon and I have a plan that just might work for later.

Zordon: Trust me. We have all the essentials needed for this. May the power protect you.

The trio looks at each other and then Billy and Zack as they burst up out of the base and head towards Tommy's tower. Unfortunately, as soon as they got there, they saw a flashing glimmer of light on the top floor as it raged on.

Dawn: S**t.

Alyssa: No worries, we ain't home yet. How much longer?

Dawn just check her gauntlet as it turned to a virtual clock and the time said.....

Dawn: 1 hour. 2 at the latest.

Alyssa: There's gotta be a way to shut all of this down. But we can't do this without Noah and the others.

John: Then I guess we got to get 'em out. Dawn....sis.....?

Dawn: John?

John: You're the leader. What should we do?

At that moment, Dawn, once again, had conflicting emotions as she couldn't make out what to do.

Dawn: I--I....I don't.....Goddamn it. I don't know anymore.....I thought I was cut out for this, but now......I....

Alyssa: You can't give up now.

Dawn: Seriously?! What's the point? I'm not my parents. I can't face our own father, let alone be ANYWHERE close to his level. I--just DON'T have what it takes to be a leader.....I mean. I was hardly even a real captain at cheerleading or anything else I've done.

John: Hey......*grasps her shoulder*  Dawn....even though we just found out we're family......there was a part of me....that knew what you're capable of in spirit. You're strong, powerful and devoted....and I never thought I would have a sister like you. But that Tommy up there.....he ain't our real father. Our real father is back in our own time where he and Mom are waiting for us to come home. And we will. Together. I am truly honored to be the brother of one of the most strongest and courageous leaders of the Power Ranger. You are MORE than worthy enough to be a leader. You don't need a promotion to tell you that.

Alyssa and Dawn both teared up hearing John's speech and it actually shinned some hope in both of their hearts.

Dawn: John.....thank you. Alright then......lets put a halt to this "party".....21st century style.

John: RIGHT!

Alyssa: So.....What'd we do first?

That's when the camera revolves and zooms at Dawn smirking......

It cuts back to inside of Tommy's tower in which we see two guards passing by the generator room, but when they get to the edge of the hallway, two pairs of hands grabbed them and pulled them aside.

We then slowly revolve over to Tommy in his office, were he was watching the feedback on the time machine in the gateway room pick up from his office T.V. And he couldn't help but smirk.

Tommy: Kimberly.....I'm coming you.

Mirage: Tommy.

He snaps out of it and looks at it her.

Tommy: Progress is....?

Mirage: "Progressing" nicely. We should be there within the hour. Also, the guards out back sent in another familiar prisoner.

Tommy: How familiar?

She leads him out to of the room and he sees two guards (Dawn and John in disguise) bringing in Alyssa in cuffs, pretending to be a prisoner again.

Tommy: Dang. Nice job, guys.....Alyssa, I'm terribly sorry that I had to lay waste to your parents, you know. Interference isn't tolerated with MY schemes for tomorrow. I didn't want it to come to this. Guess it was inevitable, though. I about your boss fights, right?

Alyssa: Boss fights, my ass. The hell happened to you, Tommy? You had a spark in you, a glimmer and monument of potential for generations to come. You used to be the GREATEST of them all.

Tommy: I still am, sport. The one and only Legendary Ranger, in his prime. Only this time, there's no substitutes......including you, or my children.

That comment made a hidden spark within Dawn and John (the disguised guards), but they had to stay in character.

Alyssa: Tommy, I am negotiating. End this madness now and we can bring all your friends back for you. You have to listen to reason.

Tommy: No.....I really don't, unfortunately. That's one of the joys of being in charge. But luckily for you, I'm not in the killing mood today. Mirage will take care of that, eventually. Me.....I have a world to save and a destiny to fulfill. Take her to the brig.

Both (Dawn/John (disguised guards)): Yes, sir.

As they moved along in their acts in characters, they began talking to each other softly

Dawn: It makes sense now.

Alyssa: What does?

John: Dawn's right. I actually know where he's going. His actions may be destructive and dark, but it's only cause he lost everything. And he wants to change that.

Alyssa: Yeah, but at the same time, he doesn't understand how high the price will be.

Dawn: I know. And I know he won't listen to any of us....but maybe there's someone he will listen to.

John: Are you talking about.....?

Dawn: I don't know.....I just thought.....MAYBE if one of us could get through the time warp, before he does....I thought....maybe we can bring Mom through and she could reason with him.

Alyssa: We could....but Alpha's still working on our own time machine. And Tommy's machine heavily guarded.

John: I wish he and Zordon would hurry with their plan.

They soon came into the cell hall and when they made a left turn, they heard......

Charles: Hey guys....over here!

They heard his voice in one of the cells and immediately rushed to it and opened the door.

Unfortunately, they realized they were in oxygen tanks which, luckily, weren't turned on. So they broke each one of them out.

Alyssa: You ok?

Noah: Aargh.....if you don't count me almost choking on my own breath, then yeah. I'm perfectly fine.

Charles: No worries. We're here now, we made it to the end. And now we have a clear picture on what he's trying to do.

John: But still, we need the element of surprise and execution. Because he's bout to launch his attack in a few.

Dawn: Don't worry. I got a plan.....and I'm sure it's gonna work....for the most part.

Drew: Most part?

Dawn: Trust me, it's gonna work. You'll see. But for now, you three better change.

Noah: Then it's MORPHIN TIME!

They were soon morphed into their suits, but their changes gave away their location, drawing out more of Tommy's men.

Soldier: HEY YOU!

John: Time to go to work.

The soldiers blasted at them, which resulted in sparkles and smoke.....And then.....came the full ranger team. John and Dawn's literally burst out of the room with marshal art moves increased to ten fold with their Ranger skills. It's like they been upgraded as each member took them down.

And then....once they were beaten down, the whole force made their way to the outside, while once again trying to remain under the radar as possible.

Back at the base......Alpha and Cypher noticed that the Atrocity Putty monster from earlier wasn't actually dead as it once again moved itself in a slightly more terrifying form and actually made its way towards the base.

Cypher: Oh Christ, not again......

Alpha: Cypher. Are we fully ready yet? The Rangers will soon need their zords.

Cypher: Fully armed, Alpha.

Zordon: Teleport them into their zords immediately.

Alpha immediately obeyed as he fired up the teleportation beam and suddenly the young force found themselves transported to their zords, inside of the base.

John: Whoa! What the?

Drew: Where are we?

Charles: We're in our zords.

At that point, they all looked each other.....smirking.

Noah: Yeah! Let's do it!

Alyssa: Let's rock it!

John: I'm fully loaded!

Dawn: Alright, guys! Activate your keys!

Rangers: RIGHT!

They locked in their keys and each of their battle vehicle zords launched out just as the Atrocity  was nearly outside the base. The dispersal of zords caught their attention as it turned towards them.

Dawn: Again, with this thing?

Charles: Just goes to show you, these guys are willing to come back for more.

John: Yeah.....good to know, man. Any gameplans?

Dawn: Only one comes to mind: ACTIVATE MEGAZORD BATTLE MODE!


At this sequence, the zords combined together without any malfunctions or disabilities. The pink submarine and blue attack chopper formed the legs as the red and green exo-suits combined together and formed the main chest. At that point, the wings from the yellow dropship propped off and snapped onto the back of the zord as it formed the right arm as the black tank propped itself on and became the left arm.

Eventually, the head of the Megazord popped up as it zoomed to the inside of it to see the main six.

Tommy stepped out on the roof of the tower and frowned, seeing the Megazord that reminded him of the past all too much. But he couldn't help but smirk.

Tommy: Impressive.......FINISH THEM!!

The Putty Atrocity roared on as the Megazord jumped into battle and threw punches, kicks and a Omega Blaster at it. They threw everything they had at it, but not all they had made a decisive blow to the monster as it dodged some of the attacks.

Charles: This guys a pretty tough bugger.

Dawn: We got to press on!

Alyssa: Come on!

The Megazord unshieved it's two sides saber and took a few swings, before cutting OFF the Atrocity's left arm. At that point, it shrieked as the Megazord sweeped it down and held it in place with the saber.

Noah: Did we win?

It soon limped back up.

Alyssa: I don't think so.

John: Of course not. They don't go down so easy.

At that point, John looked out seeing Tommy standing out on the roof of his tower with his arms crossed and he knew....what he had to do....

John: Hey. You guys take it from here. I got some unfinished business.

Drew: Go kick his ass, man

Alyssa: Good luck, John.

Dawn: Don't you go die on me, bro.

John: No need to tell me twice, sis. Yaaa!!

He jumped out of the Megazord, vanished into his Ranger color and disappeared.

Tommy was confused for a second until he felt a hand go through him (it's not fatal) and throw him down. He immediately got back up and attacked his son, but they were both evenly matched. Eventually, after 4 minutes of landing moderate strikes, the two of them pushed each other back.

John: I believe we still have a meeting arrangement due, right Pops?

Tommy: Agreed. Luckily, I managed to clear my schedule for you. I'm sorry that it's come down to this.....but apparently, you and your degenerates have become part of the problem, not the solution.

John: Uhh, HELLO! Thank you, Captian Obvious. How exactly do you think watching the Space time continuum collapse is ANY kind of solution?!

Tommy: Idiot.....

He brings out his wrist morpher and turns into the Dark Legend Ranger one more time.

Tommy: All my life's work has led up to this moment. When I harvest the quantum particles being unleashed, I'll reshape the timeline ANY WAY I WISH long before it collapses. Think of it as......playing dice with the universe. Einstein would've approved.

John: Hmph. Yeah......well, Einstein's not here, so I guess I'll have to do.

Tommy: Better luck catching up.

He speaks into his speaker in his morpher and says....

Tommy: Fire it up.

Almost immediately, some of the soldiers from Tommy's army appeared behind as they morphed into army of Dark Rangers and tightly ganged up on John, surrounding him like a pack of hyenas ready to chow down on its prey. That's when the others could see it from above in their Megazord

Charles: What in the....

Alyssa: Give me a break.

Dawn: Dad.....

At that point, everyone got complete distracted. But before they had the split second to refocus on the task at hand,  the putty Atrocity grabbed the Megazord and slammed it down.


John: Still hiding behind your metal bodyguards?! You've gotten soft after all these decades, Dad....this has got to stop now!

Tommy: So be it.

And so, they clashed!

And by "they", that means Tommy sent his powered up army and more super solider robots to take him out. John dodged, attacked and flat out decimated the guards in every way he could've. Even if it meant killing some of them.

He brought out his sword again when he was finished, but Mirage teleported over him and launched him back.

John: Argh....

Mirage: Impotent fool. You should've learned.

John: You.....clearly don't understand the fact that you won't be able to control the energy when that gateway gets unleashed.

Tommy: Silence, you defiant little ingrate!

That's when both Tommy and Mirage ganged up on John and he began struggling just to keep his footing up.

It cuts back to the Megazord in which it brings itself back up to a crawl.

Noah: Come on, there we go.

Charles: This is ridiculous. How do we even get this thing down?

Dawn: With great power comes.....great vulnerability.

Drew: What?

Dawn: This atrocity's putting too much strain on its body. It's past it's peak and from what it says here, it's energy is dropping rapidly. Have any of you seen Real Steel? The fight with Zeus?

Alyssa: Ohhh....*chuckles*.....I see where you're going here.

Drew: Well, I don't.

Charles: So basically, we already got him to waste his energy; now we just collober the hell out of it.

Both (Dawn, Alyssa): Exactly.

The Atrocity screeched again and it got a running start towards the Megazord. But with the Rangers controlling the Zord together, it became like second nature.

At that point, they ducked the Atrocity, went behind it and attempted an German Suplex. By the time they backed up, the news was astonishing.

Charles: Holy balls. It's at negative 1%

Alyssa: One more hit oughta do it, then. Omega saber!

Upon command, a lighting bolt shot up out of the sky and into their hand to form a saber.

Noah: Very slick.

Dawn: Alright. Everyone still in position. Don't move 'till he gets close.

The Atrocity once again, gets up and foolishly charges.

Noah: It's coming this way.

Dawn: Ready?

Rangers: READY!

Dawn: Hold it.....HOLD IT......

Just when it looked like the Megazord would make its move, the Atrocity flat out vanished.

But then it re-appears behind them. And Dawn.....well, she saw it coming.

Dawn: NOW!

The Megazord turned itself around and launched a fire bolt at the Atrocity which obliterated the creature within a minute.

Rangers: YEAH!

Back with John vs Tommy, both of them once again resort to hand to hand combat until John knocked Tommy back, but rarely. He takes out his sword and launches himself at John, but John blocks it , causing their euphoria of energy depletion.

But neither of them were aware of it.

John: Look at this! Look around you! THIS is what you have wrought upon all of us. And you think this madness will end with your rule?!

Tommy: It's too late, my's too late to stop it.

John: No. It's never too late. *grips him tight*.....We can end this. Together.

Tommy stared at him for a long moment until.....

He stabbed John in the side stomach with his sword as he dropped down to one knee. He then methodologically takes the sword out of him as John screams in pain.

John: ARGH!

Tommy: Sentiment.

Unfortunately, Dawn was able to hear that from all the way in the Megazord.

Dawn: John......

Alyssa: Go get him. It's all on you, we got this.

Dawn eventually nodded and then teleported to John. But the mere sight of her father, pushing her brother to near death was almost too much to just sit and watch. Eventually, her fists balled up with fire, she took a running start and eventually executed a Superman punch, which clocked Tommy across the face before he had the chance to attack again.

And at that point, Mirage just.....disappears.

As Tommy skidded across the floor and took a good look her daughter from the other side, he clips of his helmet and stands up.

Then he drops the sword.

Tommy: So.....Aurora, non habet autem sic? (Dawn, it has to be this way?)

Dawn: Etiam, pater. Hoc facit (Yes, father. It does.)

At that point, they both balled up their fists and charged at each other and we get the first fight between the two. Dawn refused to go down without a fight and relentlessly kept coming at Tommy, who thankfully couldn't keep up with her cause of his energy depletion. Eventually, Tommy went for an old familiar move, the Ninjetta Corkscrew Kick, and Dawn just smirked because she saw it coming. She kicks him out of the animation, and knocks him in the head five separate times before he became woozy. She then backs up and charges up her fist with fire again.

Dawn: I'm sorry, Dad.....but this is not my world.

She launches a strike, but Tommy blocks at the last second, causing a huge shockwave.

The shockwave knocks Dawn back a few feet while it blew Tommy off of the building. But luckily, he called for a glider and it came to his aid almost immediately.

The glider brings him back inside the building and drops him off at the gateway room as he covers his wounds and stares at the portal, soon reaching its potential.....

Tommy: Yes.....yes.....

Back with John, he struggles to get back to his feet and Dawn was able to see that. She unlatches her helmet and helped him get up to his feet, but then she realized he had this disturbing gash where his wound was.

Dawn: You're hurt.

John: I'll be alright....*argh*....but you gotta stop him now.

Dawn: Without you?

John: There's no choice. You've shown more bravery for your teammates and myself then I could've done. And if there's anyone who could reach out to him, it's you.

Dawn once again smirked slightly until she got stabbed from behind as Mirage reappears and punctured her with her plasma swords.


John: Dawn!

John pulls out his sword and does a energy orb sequence as he launches it at Mirage. The impact sent all of them back as Dawn, John and Mirage fell through the glass roof, and fell right into the gateway room.

Mirage got up almost with no problem, but John and Dawn, with their wounds, couldn't do anything but crawl. And that's when they got Tommy's attention.

Tommy: Dawn.....

Dawn: D-d--Daddy.....

Tommy then went over and picked her up by the throat.

Tommy: This was inevitable, I suppos. I'm sorry, darling, but I waited nearly 2 decades for this cherishing moment. Keep your friends close and your enemies....or should I closer. You and John, I kept you close to keep an eye on you, make use of you.....but now, you're DONE. And I'm done WITH you.

Dawn: *breathing heavily*.....Dad, please.....

Tommy immediately throws her down.

Tommy: Mirage, she's all yours.

Mirage: PERFECT......*chuckles*.....

Meanwhile, back at the base......

Cypher: Alpha, take a look at this!

He shows the footage of John and Dawn near wits end and Alpha freaked out.

Alpha: Ayiayiayi! Zordon! They won't hold out for long!

Zordon: Then, it's now or never. Alpha.Cypher. Activate the illusion beam. Now.

Cypher: Right. Ok.....Locking on now.

Alpha: Cypher. Set systems to level 10% .

Cypher: Fire in the hole!

They shot out the illusion beam and it.....struck Tommy from the back of the head, knocking him out as he fell face first.

Mirage: Tommy?!

John: Dad?

John and Dawn sat there in shock, holding their wounds as the camera zoomed close to Tommy.

It eventually inside his head. Tommy eventually wakes up and looks around to see his surroundings and it looked like.....he was back in Angel Grove, which was back in one peace.

Tommy: What?? I'm...I'm home.....but....I didn't go through the portal

Familiar voice: Tommy?

He gasped and looked back and saw a light shining on Kimberly, as she approached him.

Kimberly: Tommy.....

Tommy: Ki--Kimberly??

Kimberly: I've told everything. Ik you been having it so rough. But do you really want to sacrifice your own children for that?

Tommy: I---I.....

Kimberly: Tommy, don't let this evil inside you win. We can save our family from Zedd. Our kids can save us. They can save Jason and all who we lost.

Tommy: But *Tears up* died too...

Kimberly: Not if we can correct it. have to remember.....our children love you. I love you.

Tommy: I....I--I love you too..... Cries

He hugged her tight, clearly not wanting to let go of her.

Tommy: I'm sorry.

Kimberly: It's ok, my love. We'll be together forever. But you must save our children.

Tommy nodded with tears then.....the screen cuts to a bright light..... he woke back up in reality with tears in his eyes still and rose.

John: Dad, please don't do this....

Dawn: Daddy, please....

Mirage: If it's all the same to you, my lord....I will SILENCE these brats for GOOD!

Tommy just stood there as Mirage raised her sword up. John and Dawn turned away but at the last second......

Tommy GRABBED Mirage to stop her but....Mirage stabbed him as John and Dawn gasped. But their father broke her arm and then ripped it off, dispersing her plasma energy. Mirage took a good look at her wound and tried attack with the other arm, but Tommy knocked her aside with it and stabbed her through the heart, effectively killing her for good. That's when he kicked Mirage off the balcony where she fell to her doom.

Then Tommy fell onto his knees, losing a lot of blood.

Alyssa and the others, including Zack and Billy came up into the gateway room to see Tommy eventually fall flat on his back. John and Dawn struggled to their feet as they made their way over to their dying father.

Alyssa: Dawn!

Dawn: Alyssa, FIRST AID! Get me first aid!

Noah: I got that covered.

Noah and Alyssa made their way over to them as Dawn immediately ripped off Tommy's armor and administered CPR.

Dawn: Come on......please stay with me.....Daddy, please....

John: Where's the shockers?

Noah: Got 'me right here.

John: Ok.....rubs them together......CLEAR!

He shocks Tommy and he immediately sits up and he breathes heavily.

Tommy: John.....Dawn.....don't be what I've become......

Dawn smiled brightly with tears and hugs her father for the first time. He embraces and hugs her back.

But then Charles and Drew notice that the portal is still going on......and the effects of the time storm are almost complete.

Charles: Uhh.....the portal is still GOING!

Everyone turns around and sees the effects getting worse.

Alyssa: Tommy, tell us how to stop it.

Tommy: It can't be stopped. I had trigger a failsafe just to keep it operational.

John: Seriously?

Noah: Come on, Man. THINK!

Tommy thought about for a few seconds and realized.....

Tommy: Drown it. The ocean. I have to drown it.

Dawn: No......I'LL do it.

Alyssa: Wh--why?!

Dawn: It should be my responsibility. I'm willing to make the sacrifice!

Tommy: No! *Takes her hand* Let me do it.

Dawn: But Dad, you're wounded! You could die if you do this.

Tommy: I'm....dying anyways.

John and Dawn couldn't believe what they were hearing.

John: Dad....please....

Tommy: You all are needed in the past. Find me....find US.....and warn us of Zedd's return. We can end all this before it's begun. And this will never happen.

Tommy stood up, using his remaining strength as John and Dawn and the other Rangers looked helplessly at their dying father about to make one last sacrifice.

Charles: A legend.

Drew: A hero.

Noah: An inspiration.

Alyssa: The greatest of all time.

As for Dawn, she wasn't ready to let him go like this. She runs after him, but John grabs her back.

John: Dawn, stop!

Dawn: I can't let him do this!

John: Listen! It's the only way. We can go back and stop all this from happening, but not if we sit here and wait for this tower to fall on us.

As much as it pained them both, they and the others ran out as Billy and Zack looked back, giving their old friend one last eye contact.

Tommy: *Sighs* I'm sorry.....

Zack: We'll change the future.

Billy: We'll stop Zedd, all of us together.

Tommy nodded as he went to the portal as Zack and Billy followed the young heroes as Charles teleported them all outside. Then Tommy yelled as he tried to push the machine down to the ocean below the tower, causing it to crumble and ripping a huge hole through the tower and the water.

Tommy: I'm coming home, Kimberly. AAAAAARGH!!!

The portal broke loose and it and Tommy both fell to the ocean as the tower crumbled down and was swallowed whole by the water. From afar, the Rangers watched the rest of the tower fall into the ocean.

Tears fell from Dawn's eyes and she and John hugged with Alyssa holding onto his shoulder.

A month later, back at the base, Alpha and Cypher had finally finished their time machine and was ready to send Dawn and John back to the past.

Alpha: At last, fully operational!

Alyssa: You sure?

Cypher: Ready for operating.

Alyssa: Ok....I'm gonna go and get them. Stay here.

We then cut to Dawn, with her hands buried in her face in her bedroom.

She wasn't crying, but she was clearly distraught.

What she didn't know was that John and Alyssa were watching from the edge of the doorway. And, they can feel her pain.

Alyssa: How long has she been like that?

John: Since it HAPPENED last month. She's tried to avoid talking about it, the best she could, but I can definitely tell by the looks on her's just not fair.

They both look back at her again.

Alyssa: You gotta go speak to her, you know? We need both of you on your toes if we're gonna change what happened.

John: Yeah, I know......But how do you even know this will work?

Alyssa: How do you think I got to your time?

John: It's not what I meant. What if Mom dying and Dad turning evil and is exactly what's meant to happen? They've been Rangers for years and they've made many enemies that will never let them be. Like this Zedd guy. It's probably why Dad faked his death during the legendary battle in the first place.

Alyssa: You're right.

John: And If his enemies thought he was dead, they would let him and mom be.  But no....Zedd killing Mom and Dad becoming a dark lord......what if all that happened cause it was meant to?

Alyssa: If it was.....that still wouldn't stop us. Your father means a great deal to the Power Rangers and we will NOT accept the fact he's meant to be evil. He was the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. And loosing that hero to himself is something the Power Rangers cannot withstand. You and Dawn are his, your Mom's and the entire universe's only hope.

John: But why us? What if we fail?

Alyssa: The only failure in the if you give up.

He took a moment to look at her over at her.

Alyssa: Go talk to her. We're almost ready.  

Alyssa finally walked away and left John to his thoughts. But he finally willed himself together and went into the room as he sat by his long lost sister.

John: Dawn?

Dawn finally looked up and turned towards him. And then she moved closer to him.

Dawn: Its not fair.

John: It never is......but we are who we are, even if we sometimes forget.

Dawn once again turns away. But then she stakes a good look at her gauntlet morpher and takes time to let everything sink in.

Dawn: T-this is our time?

John: Meaning?

Dawn: I guess this is it, right? We're actually one of them, huh?

It took a moment for John to realize what she was talking about

John: Our parents, were. I guess it's in our blood if we choose it or not.

Dawn: If this works.....we'll all be a family again?

John: I guess it depends if we beat this Zedd guy.

Dawn: But.....Mom and Dad went up against him a thousand times; well over 3 seasons from the show and he kept coming back....until he drove Dad over the edge.

John: Because he killed Mom. Because THEY didn't have their morphers. If Alyssa is right, we can definitely do this.

Dawn: I try to tell myself that each time I hear that. But really, this time travel stuff drives me crazy.

John: Hell me too. But it saved us both when this s**t started and it can save our parents too.

Dawn: At what cost? We could end up destroying ourselves before we save them. Or worse.....I could lose you again.

At that point, she actually hugged him from behind. But then, they get a knock on the door.

Dawn: Yeah?

Charles: Guys, are we ready?

John: Can you give us a few? Dawns having a moment here.

Charles: Sure, but I'm just saying the time portals up and running.

John: I said we're having a moment. We'll be there in a few, ok?

Charles: Ok....go ahead and cuddle up all you like, but unless you plan on....


Charles: Never mind, I'm gone.

At that point, he left.

John and Dawn just sigh heavily.

Dawn: Sorry about that.

John: I would've done the same. You were saying?

Dawn: I--was saying.....if we do this, but fail....we're sure to loose OUR parents AGAIN and.....each other again. I mean.....we just learned not to long ago that we're related and before then, we spend most of our childhood together.....other moments are now not worth talking.

John: If you're talking about the homecoming dance, nothing went too far.

Dawn: Don't forget about asking me to prom.

John: Of course you'd bring that up. But now that we know our real relation, thank God.

Dawn: No kidding. You mainly just had eyes on Alyssa.

John: She was with that jerk back, then

Dawn: Last I heard, she broke up with him.

John: Really?

Dawn: Yeah. real point is....what'll happen to us if we alter history?

John: I dunno. But I know for a fact that we'll still have each other. Whether we're together or not.

Dawn once again smiled as she looked up at him and hugged him yet again.

Dawn: Time to go home..... change our world again.

Dawn: I--I Love you, John.

John: Love you too, sis.

Dawn: *sighs* I ain't ready to let go yet.

John: You mean literally or figuratively?

Dawn: *chuckles* Both.

John: Eventually, we'll both starve.

At that point, Dawn couldn't help but to laugh. Eventually, they break off the hug.

John:'s time.

Dawn: You go ahead.

He makes his way to door before turning his head back over to her

Dawn: I'll be along, go on.

The two stared at one another for another moment, then John took his morpher and headed out

He soon ran into Alyssa again, who wanted to give them one more thing for them for the trip

Alyssa: Hey. She set?

John: Real soon.

Alyssa: Well....Alpha wanted to insure you didn't go without these.

Alyssa opened a case and its showed Tommy and Kimberly's White, Pink and Legendary morphers.

Alyssa: Make sure your parents have these before Zedd's arrival.

John: Got it.

He took them one at a time and then.....remembered one other thing.

John: Thanks for everything.

Alyssa: Just doing my job. Well.....more like OUR job.

John: You did a lot better then that though.

Alyssa smiled and.....began to blush a little bit.

Alpha: John?

John: Oh, what the hell.

He pulled her in for a kiss and Alyssa was stunned, but she soon sank into the kiss

Dawn: Hey, hey. *Wolf whistles*

They pulled away feeling embarrassed

Dawn: Oh, don't mind me.

John: Only two days, and you're already getting on my nerves.

She chuckled as we cut to a few minutes later.....where the two siblings said their goodbyes to everyone and were about to step into the portal.

Alpha: John, Dawn? This will be the most delicate mission any Ranger will have endured....besides from Time Force. What you two will do will change all of history.

Billy: And if you get a chance find Jason, before he gets abducted. We'll have a chance to save him before he dies by the hands of Zedd and Rita.

Zack: And then venture on to find Tommy and Kimberly before Zedd ruins everything

Dawn: We got it. We know what to do

John: Right.

They looked at each other holding hands, then turned back to the others as the portal began to light up and Charge.

Zordon: Good luck, John and Dawn. If you lose your way, contact the past rangers that will be standing by. May the power protect you.

They waved goodbye as the portal flashed a sequence of lights and the son and daughter of Tommy and Kimberly were gone.....back to their time.

Billy: The future is in their hands now.

We then zoom into the portal as it transitions out to outer space. On an imperial ship, demonic alien warriors stood In front of a regeneration tank chamber, growing a organism into whole again. Finally, the chamber shines red and it explodes as the alien warriors stood back. Slowly but, surely  a foot stepped out of the tank chamber and the camera rotates up to reveal.......Lord Zedd!


~Cuts to credits~


  • Dawn
  • John
  • Alyssa
  • Noah
  • Charles
  • Drew
  • Billy
  • Zack


  • Tommy (Future) - He manages to push his time portal into the ocean and himself with it while the entire tower collapses and gets sinked in with him.
  • Mirage - ???


Rangers Of Honor received mixed reviews upon both the critics and the audience upon release in fall of 2019. The film was praised for its compelling and moving story, and the casts standout performances, although it was criticized for being somewhat to Batman Vs. Superman and Suicide Squad in terms of the gritty tone, and its failure to actually pay respects to the series and the previous movies. This made everyone skeptical for the next release. The aggravator movie review website Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a score of 51%, which lies in the high Rotten category. It's critical consensus states that, "Even with the best of intentions and a very powerful story backed up by strong performances, Rangers Of Honor continues the tradition of distancing itself from its originator, making this installment the first meddling, albeit entertaining, chapter in the franchise."

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  • Power Rangers: Edge Of Time

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Featured Songs

  • Starset - The Future Is Now, Point Of No Return
  • Rob Wassermann - Go Go Power Rangers (Redux)
  • Kevin Macleod - At Rest
  • Jamie Christopherson - It Has To Be This Way