Randy the Glow-Horned Reindeer is an upcoming 2021 animated film that will be part of the Shires+ Christmas lineup.

It is a rip-off to Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, but it’s the horns that glow and not the nose.


The movie starts as The Narrator, Spirit Skunk tells the story of a bunch of reindeer gathering around to see the birth of Donald and Wenda’s son, Randy. Donald’s parents were both sleigh pullers, and his mom was special because she had glowing antlers called Glow Horns, and wanted him to continue her legacy, but Donald’s Brother, Blaze says that it was only good when his mom did it. After the baby shower is over, Donald and Wendy Song a Song about how proud they are of their son.

A few years later, Randy’s antlers start budding, but gets bullied by other reindeer and called him “Grandma’s Little Boy”, especially Phoenix, the son of Blaze and His Wife, Honey. His parents didn’t care and loved him just the way he was. Then on Christmas Eve, Randy and Wenda, along with Wenda’s Dad, Logger who just recently retired, Watch Donald and the sleigh pullers depart, and Randy tried to say hello to Dandy Claus, but Wendy said that he needs to be more careful. While trying to walk away, he bumps into a female reindeer named Cheyenne, who knows how he feels.

The next day, Wenda puts black tape on Randy’s antlers so nobody will know that he has glowing antlers, and calls himself “Richard”. The coach, Coach Clinton announces a challenge about who can jump the farthest, and Phoenix trips on his hooves and fails to do so. Then it’s Randy’s turn, but during his jump, the black tape comes off, making the coach kick him out. Cheyenne comes and comforts Randy, Telling him that he should try again.

Taking a break from Randy, we meet a Green Elf Named Harry, who wants to be a graffiti artist, and why he gives strange looks on toys.

Voice Cast



  1. Opening Medley - Spirit Skunk
  2. You’ll Fly Someday - Donald and Wenda
  3. Have a Joyful Christmas - Weird "Al" Yankovic
  4. There’s Always Next Year - Young Cheyenne
  5. We are The Colored Elves - The Colored Elves
  6. We Can Be Misfits Together - Young Randy and Harry the Green Elf
  7. Times Change - Spirit Skunk
  8. We’re Misfits Just like You - Jumpscare, Mary Sue, Stripes, and The Exiled Toys
  9. Show Me the Way - Randy and Cheyenne
  10. I Hate Christmas - Phoenix
  11. A Bundle of Joy - T.J. Davis
  12. Randy the Glow-Horned Reindeer - Spirit Skunk, Dandy Claus, and The Full Cast

Scene Selection

  1. Opening Medley
  2. Randy’s Birth
  3. Song: You’ll Fly Someday
  4. Randy Gets Bullied
  5. The Reindeer Take Off
  6. Song: Have a Joyful Christmas
  7. Randy Meets Cheyenne
  8. Randy Goes to Reindeer School
  9. Song: There’s Always Next Year
  10. Harry the Green Elf
  11. Song: We Are The Colored Elves
  12. Harry Gets Fired
  13. Randy Meets Harry
  14. Song: We Can Be Misfits Together
  15. Phoenix and The Gigantic Snowman
  16. Mr. Lickaxe
  17. Song: Times Change
  18. The Island of Exiled Toys
  19. Song: We’re Misfits Just like You
  20. Randy Leaves the Island
  21. Randy Grows Up
  22. Randy Returns
  23. Song: Show Me the Way
  24. The Gigantic Snowman Returns
  25. Logger’s Death
  26. Phoenix Kidnaps Randy and Cheyenne
  27. Christmas is Cancelled
  28. Song: I Hate Christmas
  29. Donald and Wenda to The Rescue
  30. Randy Takes Off
  31. Song: A Bundle of Joy
  32. Randy Gets Loved
  33. Song: Randy the Glow-Horned Reindeer
  34. End Credits
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