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Main Characters

  • Randy (voiced by Wally Wingert)
  • Madame Fluffkins (voiced by Mona Marshall)
  • Hucua (voiced by Harvey Fierstein)
  • Mata (voiced by Lauyra Prepon)
  • Nina (voiced by Carla Gugino)
  • Owen (voiced by David Spade)
  • Supai (voiced by Barry Humphries)
  • Mick, Bowie and Lemmy (voiced by Jason Lee, Ian Holm and Thomas Kretschmann)


  • List of Randy and Madame Fluffinks episodes

Voice Cast:

  • Wally Wingert as Randy
  • Mona Marshall as Madame Fluffkins
  • Harvey Fierstein as Hucua
  • Laura Prepon as Mata
  • Carla Gugino as Nina
  • David Spade as Owen
  • Barry Humphries as Supai
  • Jason Lee, Ian Holm and Thomas Kretschmann as Mick, Bowie and Lemmy