Randy the Glow-Horned Reindeer is an upcoming 2024 animated film that will be part of the Shires+ Christmas lineup.

It is a rip-off to Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, but it’s the horns that glow and not the nose.


Dandy Claus gets injured, so Randy, Mr. Lickaxe, Harry the Green Elf, Donald, Randy’s Daughter Didi, Phoenix’s Son Flame, and A Disabled New Sleigh Puller named Winter must go on a long journey to deliver presents, on the way, Randy sees the ghost of Holly, the original glow-horned reindeer.

Voice Cast



  1. Till the Legacy Ends - Anne Hathaway
  2. I Wish You Good Luck - Dandy Claus
  3. Working Together - Randy, Didi, Flame, Harry the Green Elf, Mr. Lickaxe, Donald, and Winter
  4. How Holly Died - Spirit Skunk
  5. The Legacy Lives On - Holly
  6. No Joy without Presents - Didi and Flame
  7. Keep Going - Holly, Randy, and Didi
  8. Three Glowing Legends - Jamie Foxx


  • Spirit Skunk meets Randy in person for the first time.
  • Cheyenne, Phoenix, and Wenda have a smaller role in the film, so they don’t have their own song this time.
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