Randy's 1st Movie
File:Randy's 1st Movie Poster.PNG
Directed by Robert Slave
Written by Robert Slave
Produced by Michael Wildshill
Editing by Terry Ward
Starring Zachary Gordon

Jacob Navin

Jake Sharrat

Louis Harbauer

Ted Papaconstantinou

Robert W. Stainton

Geo G.

John G.

Tom Kenny

J.G. Quintel

Seth MacFarlane

Bam Margera

Rob Dyrdek

Drake Bell

Nathan Vetterlein

Jeff Bennet

Director of Phatography Finley Small
Music by Danny Elfman
Cinematography Robert W. Stainton

Randy's 1st Movie is an upcoming animated romanian-american television film similar to Doug's 1st Movie. It will be released at August 27, 2015.


Coming soon..


It was announced at 13th October 2013 that the film would be similar to Doug's 1st Movie, but different with the working title, Larry's 1st Movie, but later it was changed to Randy's 1st Movie. The film was originally planned to be released on January 1, 2014, but it was changed to August 27, 2015 to avoid competition with Finley's World: The Movie.


Zachary Gordon as Randy the Nice Rat

Jacob Navin as Himself

Jake Sharrat as Jakelsm

Louis Harbauer as Len Guy

Ted Papaconstantinou as Ted Guy

Robert W. Stainton as Ian Johnson (Randy's father)

Geo G. as Geo Guy

John G. as John Guy

Audel LaRocque as Magic-Mario (uncredited)

Tom Kenny as Donnie Johnson (Randy's brother)

J.G. Quintel as Ythan Guy and Daniel Trotter

Seth MacFarlane as Gree Guy and Stewie Griffin

Bam Margera as himself

Rob Dyrdek as himself

Drake Bell as Daniel "Danny" Fenton/Danny Phantom and Jason Synchron

Nathan Vetterlein as The RED Scout from TF2

Rachel MacFarlane as Luckie the Cute Girl Mouse and Peri Johnson (uncredited)

Jeff G. Bennet as Tyler John "TJ" Drum

Ross Lynch (credited as Rosswell Lynch) as Nicholas Theodore "NT" Pockes II.

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