A bullied boy gets revenge on his schoolmates at a school party...


TBA as Dakota Gale

Halston Sage As Lesley Curtis

Kate Todd As Daisy Despetaux

Devon Werkheiser As Lucas Hale

Elizabeth Gilles As Evelyn Kensington

Sterling Knight As Edward Bates

Amber Heard As Michelle Curtis

Kevin Schmidt As Daniel Curtis

Megan Fox As Candace Burns

Kate Beckinsale As Ms. Travis

Teresa Palmer As Theresa Stern

Dianna Agron As Holly Marshall

Casualties of the Party

Lucas Hale

Evelyn Kensington

Daisy Despetaux

Edward Bates

Candice Burns

Daniel Curtis

Michelle Curtis

Holly Marshall


  • Lesley Curtis
  • Theresa Stern
  • Miss Travis


  • Lesley is the only one of the Curtis triplets to survive.
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