Rampage is a 2017 live-action film. It is part of the CrimsonChaos99 Cinematic Universe.


A english man who went into hiding because of his ability to transform into a large creature must come out of hiding when his american colleague is permanently transformed into a monster.


  • Andrew Lee Potts as Bryan Cook
    • Conan Stevens as Rampage
  • Chris Evans as Joel Blair, the main antagonist
    • Ian Whyte as Buzzkill
  • Ramona Marquez as Jacey Cook, a girl who believes she is an orphan but later learns that Bryan is her father.
  • Charlie Day as Noah Smith, Jacey's adoptive father
  • Melissa Joan Hart as Emma Smith, Jacey's adoptive mother
  • Chandler Riggs as John Romans/Wildfire, Jacey's pyrokinetic boyfriend
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