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Rampage is a 2017 Universal Pictures film adaption of the Midway Games video game series of the same name. It stars Scarlett Johansson, Jason Statham, Charles Dance, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, and Milla Jovovich and involves a pair of biologists, a military corporal, and a scientist joining up to stop a terrorist organization from destroying the world with a trio of giant monsters. Rampage was a minor box office success and received positive reviews from critics. It spawned two sequels, Rampage 2: Total Destruction and Rampage 3: The Last Rampage.


Dr. Betty Veronica, a scientist for Genetech, a genetic research laboratories, invents MR-17, a drug that can cure any affliction, but it is modified by Daniel Eustace Monic, the CEO of Genetech. Monic injects a mouse named Curtis with MR-17, causing Curtis to become a large, bipedal monster and go on a rampage through the building, killing everyone except Monic and Veronica, the latter of whom escapes in a chopper with samples of MR-17. Curtis and Monic are seemingly killed when a chemical bomb Veronica assembled partially destroys the building, causing the remainder to fall off a cliff into the sea. Veronica's chopper is struck by debris from the explosion, causing a vial of MR-17 to fall into a river. A grey wolf named Ralph drinks from the river and is mutated by the MR-17, also becoming a bipedal monster.

Meanwhile in Morton, Peoria, the primatologist Christian Nolan has a strong bond with western lowlands gorilla George, who Christian considers to be his only friend due to his dislike of humans. When George and Christian pursue a group of fleeing deer into a forest, they encounter Ralph, who injures George and is forced to flee by Veronica, who is hunting him with a group of mercenaries. Christian and George join the group and while tracking Ralph, George eats some of Veronica's samples of MR-17, mutating into a large monster as Ralph returns. In the chaos, the mercenaries are eaten by either George or Ralph, with only Veronica and Christian escaping.

Veronica and Christian go to a bar in Morton and debate Veronica's role in George and Ralph's mutation. They are both kidnapped by the terrorist organization Chrysalis and brought to a warehouse, where they encounter Monic, who escaped falling to his death. Monic reveals himself to be a higher-up of Chrysalis, which has plans to wipe out humankind using George and Ralph. Monic takes Veronica's remaining samples of MR-17 and uses a sonar transmitter in his cane to attract the two monsters to Peoria. They go on a rampage and cause extensive damage to the city, despite the intervention of the army. Monic tries to kill Veronica and Christian, but they escape and are chased by George, who does not recognize Christian. They are rescued by the army and the monsters start moving toward Chicago, thanks to Chrysalis planting a sonar transmitter on Willis Tower.

Aboard a large aircraft, General Brandon Diaz orders a massive air strike to destroy George and Ralph, despite Christian's protests. Christian tells Veronica the reason he dislikes humans- his father abused him and his sister Lila when they were children and eventually abandoned them. Veronica tells Christian to let go of his hatred. Corporal Jack Gleason manages to convince Diaz to give them twenty hours to stop the monsters on their own. Veronica, Christian, Gleason, and a group of soldiers fly a chopper to Willis Tower and defeat the Chrysalis agents stationed there, including Monic, who gives Christian the plans to an antidote to MR-17 in exchange for freedom. Veronica goes after him, so he feeds Gleason's iguana Lizzie MR-17. Christian, Veronica, and Gleason barely escape Lizzie, who destroys Willis Tower, eats the soldiers, and begins wreaking havoc throughout Chicago.

As the military engages in combat with George and Ralph in Naperville and Lizzie in Chicago, Christien brings Lila, who is both a chemist and a biologist who specializes in wolves, to the military aircraft so she can help Veronica create the antidote to MR-17. George and Ralph finally arrive in Chicago and wreck havoc along with Lizzie as Monic watches. George damages the aircraft, but Christian, Veronica, Gleason, Lila, and Diaz parachute out before it crashes. Diaz orders the air strike mobilized, but Christian uses a dart rifle to administer the antidote to George and Ralph, but is unable to give it to Lizzie due to her tough scales. George and Ralph's heightened aggression stops, although they remain giants. Lila calms down Ralph as Veronica and Gleason manage to administer the antidote to Lizzie.

Monic paralyzes the monsters using the sonar transmitter in his cane and fatally shoots Diaz. Christian takes his cane, and Monic urges Christian to join Chrysalis as it can finally bring him revenge. Christian refuses and breaks the cane, allowing Ralph to fatally wound Monic. Monic injects himself with MR-17 and becomes a flying, bat-like creature due to his repeated injection of himself with vampire bat blood. Monic engages George, Lizzie, and Ralph in combat using his new form and in the chaos, Ralph catches Lila after she falls from a building, unintentionally allowing some of his MR-17-irradiated blood to flow into her system. Monic paralyzes the heroic monsters using his sonic screech, but Lizzie manages to throw George at Monic, knocking the mutant bat backwards and impaling him on a building. The air strike is called off when Gleason tells the pilots of the jets carrying out the plan that George, Lizzie, and Ralph are not threats. In the aftermath, George, Lizzie, and Ralph help clean Chicago of debris and find survivors as Christian, Veronica, Gleason, and Lila look on. Christian decides to permanently let go of his anger at humanity, but receives a phone call from the director of Chrysalis, who compliments him on saving Chicago and states that "this isn't over".

In a post-credits scene, Curtis emerges from the ocean and is met with a Chrysalis squadron, who knock him out with dartguns and extract MR-17 from his blood.


  • Scarlett Johansson as Dr. Betty Veronica
  • Jason Statham as Christien Nolan
  • Scott Adkins as Corporal Jack Gleason
  • Charles Dance as Daniel Eustace Monic
  • Michael Jai White as General Brandon Diaz
  • Milla Jovovich as Lila Nolan
  • Gerard Butler (uncredited, voice only) as the director of Chrysalis