Ralph Tube
Ralph in That's My Cousins (1947).
First appearance The Who Was Comes to Diner (1937)
Voiced by Kent Rogers (1937-1944)
Frank Graham (1945-1950)
Ben Hardaway (1951-1957)
Candy Candido (1958-1999)
Buddy Foster (2000-present)
Jack Angel (as Old Time Who in Horton Hears a Who!)
Jason Alexander (Detective Rat)
Kelsey Grammer (Rocky Raccoon and Remy Rat)

Ralph Vietnamo Tube is a character who is first voiced by Kent Rogers, Rogers died of Training Crash. Frank Graham took over Rogers' role in 1945, while Ben Hardaway took over Graham and Rogers' roles, then Candy Candido took over Hardaway, Graham and Rogers' roles. And Buddy Foster taken over from Candido, Hardaway, Graham, and Rogers' roles.

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