Ralph: A Memoir of a Better Era is a fanmade Canadian animated movie based on the book by Sterling North. It was released in 1992. It was produced by Evergreen Raccoons Productions and disturbed by Janus Films and Nelvana Limited. It features characters from The Raccoons, David the Gnome, DuckTales, Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Tiny Toon Adventures, and Darkwing Duck.

Voice cast

  • Len Carlson - Bert Raccoon, Pig Soldier 2, Pig Soldier 4, John Roykirk (cameo), Pigs Two and Three
  • Bob Dermer - Ralph Raccoon, Young Adult Rocky
  • Susan Roman - Melissa Raccoon, Young Adult Gertie, Loopey McQuack
  • Michael Magee - Cyril Sneer, Young Cyril
  • Marvin Goldhar - Cedric Sneer, Sid Leech, Pig Soldier 5
  • Dan Hennessey - George Raccoon, Mr. Gearloose
  • Elizabeth Hanna - Nicole Raccoon
  • Stuart Stone - Young Bert, Student 2
  • Noam Zylberman - Pre-Teen Ralph, Student 7
  • Tara Meyer - Young Melissa, Student 1
  • Sharon Lewis - Gyro's true love
  • Lisa Yamanaka - Gosalyn Mallard, Student 8, Young Lisa Raccoon
  • Lisa Lougheed - Marilyn
  • Amos Crawley - Young Ralph, Student 6
  • Hadley Kay - Teen Ralph, Teen Bert, Teen Cedric, Teen Launchpad, Student 3
  • Sonja Ball - Student 4, Beth Raccoon, Mrs. Hackwrench (offscreen voice)
  • Daniel Brochu - Young Cedric, Student 9
  • John Stocker - Launchpad McQuack, Drake Mallard, Tom Raccoon
  • Rick Jones - Pig Soldier 6
  • Judy Marshak - Birdie McQuack, Mary Raccoon
  • Peter Cullen - Geegaw Hackwrench
  • Keith Knight - Gyro Gearloose, Pig Soldier 3, Pig Soldier 7
  • Barbara Frum - M'Ma Crackshell
  • Linda Feige - Molly Raccoon, Mrs. Gearloose (offscreen voice)
  • Carl Banas - Schaeffer the Dog, WWII Radio Announcer (offscreen voice), Ripcord McQuack
  • Tara Strong - Baby Ralph, Teen Melissa, Teen Loopey (offscreen voice), Student 5, Baby Bentley, Younger Bentley
  • Barbara Hamilton - Cyril's wife
  • Kay Hawtrey - Miss Primrose
  • Nonnie Griffin - Suey-Ellen Pig
  • Keith Hampshire - Pig Soldier 1, Suey-Ellen Pig's husband, Pig One
  • Maia Filar - Student 10
  • Kathleen Barr - Student 11
  • Ari Magder - Student 12
  • Jim Henshaw - Harry Raccoon
  • Erica Luttrell - Pre-Teen Melissa
  • Leslie Nielsen - Uncle Rocky
  • Pauline Rennie - Aunt Gertie
  • Vlasta Vrána - Swift the Fox (archival recordings)
  • Geoffrey Winter - Pastor (unseen)


  • Characters from David the Gnome, DuckTales, Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Tiny Toon Adventures, and Darkwing Duck are unnamed.
  • Animations from the Raccoons specials (The Christmas Raccoons, The Raccoons on Ice, The Raccoons and the Lost Star) and episodes (Opportunity Knocks!, Power Trip!, Picture Perfect!, Trouble Shooter!, The Sky's the Limit!, Making the Grade!, The One That Got Away!) are reused, reanimated, recycled and rerecorded.
  • Animations of Teen Launchpad are reused from the DuckTales episode, "Launchpad's First Crash".
  • Animations of Ripcord and Birdie McQuack are reused from the DuckTales episode, "Top Duck".
  • Animations of Gyro Gearloose are reused from DuckTales episodes (Sir Gyro de Gearloose, Micro Ducks from Outer Space, Time Teasers, Dough Ray Me).
  • The music score uses a few instrumental cues and the instrumental version of Sooner or Later from The Raccoons, Mannheim Steamroller's "Cricket" (during the WWII scene), Missing Persons' "Destination Unknown", and the classical music pieces:
    • Bach: Air on the G String
    • Bach: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
    • Bach: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme, BWV 140
    • Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, Op. 37, 2nd movement
    • Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 "Pathetique", 2nd movement
    • Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 68
    • Mozart: Clarinet Quintet in A major, K. 581
    • Mozart: Concerto for Flute, Harp, and Orchestra in C major, K. 299, 2nd movement
    • Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, K. 466, 2nd movement
    • Mozart: Symphony No. 29 in A major, K. 201/186a, 2nd and 3rd movements
    • Mozart: Violin Concerto No. 4 in D, K. 218, 2nd and 3rd movements
    • Mozart: Violin Concerto No. 5 in A, K. 219, 2nd movement
    • Pachelbel: Canon in D (during the wedding scene)
    • Schubert: Ave Maria


  • When Gyro's true love talks to Melissa about rescuing Cyril Sneer from the tree, her umbrella is blue.


  • WWII Radio Announcer: We interrupt this broadcast for a special report. Pearl Harbor is under attack.
  • Young Adult Gertie: Oh, no!

  • Young Adult Gertie: You're my hero, Rocky!

(Young Adult Rocky tickles Young Adult Gertie's baby raccoon)
  • Young Adult Rocky: Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle!

(Young Adult Gertie's baby raccoon laughs)

  • Teen Launchpad: Rocky, where have you been?

(At dinnertime, Teen Launchpad gets some peanut butter, slices of bread, and a pet bowl out of the cupboard. Teen Launchpad spreads the peanut butter on slices of bread, puts them together, and puts them in a pet bowl.)
  • Teen Launchpad: (puts down the pet bowl of peanut butter sandwiches) Dinner is served.

(Rocky Raccoon eats some peanut butter sandwiches)

(At bedtime, Birdie and Ripcord McQuack tuck Teen Launchpad into bed)
  • Birdie McQuack: Good night, dear. (kisses Teen Launchpad) Sweet dreams.
  • Teen Launchpad: Good night, Mom.
  • Ripcord McQuack: (hugging Teen Launchpad) Good night, son.
  • Teen Launchpad: Good night, Dad.

(Rocky jumps on the bed. Teen Launchpad pets him)

  • Teen Launchpad: Good night, Rocky.
  • Rocky Raccoon: (chitters)

(Birdie turns off the light; she and Ripcord McQuack leaves the bedroom; Teen Launchpad and Rocky Raccoon fall asleep)

  • Gyro Gearloose: Come on, Schaeffer. Let's go for a walk.
  • Schaeffer: (barks)

  • Beth Raccoon: Where are you going, Bert?
  • Young Bert: I'm going fishing with my friends, Cedric, Ralph and Melissa.
  • Beth Raccoon: Have fun, Bert!
  • Young Bert: Okay! Goodbye, Mom!

(Young Bert and Young Cedric fishing on the Evergreen Lake)
  • Young Bert: This is fun, isn't it, Cedric?
  • Young Cedric: Oh yes, it is.

  • Young Melissa: Mommy! Mommy! Look what I've caught!
  • Molly Raccoon: What is it?
  • Young Melissa: I've caught a fish!
  • Molly Raccoon: (laughs) Oh, Melissa, your father and I are very proud of you.

(George Raccoon, Baby Bentley, and Young Lisa Raccoon laughing)
  • Young Lisa Raccoon: Great story, Daddy!

  • Nicole Raccoon: (laughs) Oh, my little son!

(Nicole Raccoon hugs Toddler Bentley)

  • Toddler Bentley: (laughs)

  • Gyro Gearloose: (sadly) Goodbye, Schaeffer. I'm going to miss you.

  • Swift the Fox: (growls)
  • Young Ralph: Nice foxy. Nice foxy.

  • Gyro Gearloose: (talking on the phone) Yes? Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

(Newton Gearloose opens the door)

  • Newton Gearloose: I'm home, uncle!
  • Gyro Gearloose: My nephew's here. I must talk you to later. Okay. Bye. (hangs up the phone)
  • Newton Gearloose: Have you seen my raccoon? Can I take care of him? Where is it?
  • Gyro Gearloose: (laughs) It's under the table, nephew.

(Newton sees the present under the table, picks it up, and places it on the floor. Newton opens the present and then sees the little raccoon who looks sad and had lost his parents, his uncle, and his scarf. Newton picks up the sad little raccoon.)

  • Newton Gearloose: What's this?
  • Gyro Gearloose: It's the raccoon you wanted.
  • Newton Gearloose: Oh, right. But... where are his parents?
  • Gyro Gearloose: His parents were dead.
  • Newton Gearloose: And what about his uncle?
  • Gyro Gearloose: He's dead, too.
  • Newton Gearloose: And his white scarf?
  • Gyro Gearloose: The fox just ripped it.
  • Newton Gearloose: (gasps) That's terrible!
  • Gyro Gearloose: Don't worry. Why don't you feed to make him feel better?
  • Newton Gearloose: Yeah, sure...

(The McQuack family standing by the tombstone of Rocky Raccoon at the Evergreen Graveyard)
  • Launchpad McQuack: (sadly) Oh, Rocky... (sniffs) I missed you. (places the flower down behind the tombstone)
  • Loopey McQuack: I missed you, too.
  • Birdie McQuack: Don't worry. (pats Launchpad and Loopey McQuack on their shoulders) Everything's going to be alright.
  • Ripcord McQuack: Let's go back home.

(The McQuack family leaves the cemetery)

(Newton feeds the little raccoon a bottle of milk)
  • Newton Gearloose: This is my best present ever, uncle!
  • Gyro Gearloose: Well, what do you call him?
  • Newton Gearloose: I'm going to call him Ralph.

  • Gyro Gearloose: (looking through a magnifying glass) Hmm... very interesting.

  • Newton Gearloose: Wow! That's the most beautiful raccoon collar I ever saw in my life! Don't you think, Ralph?
  • Ralph Raccoon: (chitters)

  • Miss Primrose: Good morning, class.
  • Students: Good morning, Miss Primrose.

  • Gosalyn Mallard: Cheater, cheater, look at that cheater! (laughs)
  • Newton Gearloose: Oh, shut up!

  • Gyro Gearloose: Good morning, nephew! Good morning, 'coon! Rise and shine! It's milking time!

(Ralph's stomach growls)
  • Ralph Raccoon: (gasps) Oh, no! Someone has forgotten to feed me!

(Newton Gearloose opens the door)

  • Newton Gearloose: Don't worry, Ralph. I'll feed you as soon as you get inside.

  • Mr. Gearloose: Bless us, O Lord, and these, Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty. Through Christ, our Lord.
  • The Gearloose family: Amen.
  • Ralph Raccoon: (chitters)

(The Gearloose family starts eating some Thanksgiving dinner except for Newton when suddenly he notices something)

  • Newton Gearloose: Mom, can I feed Ralph?
  • Mrs. Gearloose (unseen): Help yourself, my dear.
  • Newton Gearloose: Yeah! Right! (runs off) I'll get to it, Mom!

(we cut to Marilyn and Ralph Raccoon)

  • Marilyn: You heard him, Ralph.

(Newton Gearloose gives Ralph a new red scarf)
  • Newton Gearloose: Here's your new scarf, Ralph. Merry Christmas!
  • Gyro Gearloose: It's an early Christmas present, but we have to wait until Christmas.
  • Newton Gearloose: Oh, all right, uncle.

  • Pastor (offscreen): And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

  • Gosalyn Mallard: Mad 'coon! Mad 'coon! I'll teach you a lesson!
  • Drake Mallard (offscreen): Don't you dare?!
  • Gosalyn Mallard: Daddy? Is that you?

  • Drake Mallard (offscreen): Now you need to practice some piano, before...
  • Gosalyn Mallard: All right, Daddy, all right.

(Gosalyn puts down the plate of sandwich and pets Furrball who purrs with pleasure)

  • Gosalyn Mallard: I gotta practice now, kitty.

(Gosalyn walks away; Furrball licks his lips ready to eat his sandwich; we cut to Gosalyn Mallard starts playing the second movement of Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 "Pathetique" by Ludwig van Beethoven on the piano)

  • Ralph Raccoon: Melissa!
  • Melissa Raccoon: (gasps)
  • Ralph Raccoon: I have it! It's a Valentine's Day card for you!
  • Melissa Raccoon: For me? Oh, thank you, Ralph!

  • Pastor (offscreen): I pronounce this couple, husband and wife.

(Ralph and Melissa kiss each other; the congregation applauds)

  • Aunt Gertie: That's my nephew!
  • Bert Raccoon: That's also my friend! (whispers) And Melissa too.

  • Aunt Gertie: Here's your birthday present, Ralph. It's your new scarf. And it's white.
  • Ralph Raccoon: What?! But you got rid of the red one!
  • Aunt Gertie: That's okay, my nephew. I got rid of a red scarf. But I give you a new white scarf.
  • Ralph Raccoon: Oh! Yeah. Right. Uh... thank you, Aunt Gertie.

(Gyro's true love gets out of the car and opens the umbrella)
  • Gyro's true love: Oh my, it's raining.

(she looks down at Melissa)

  • Gyro's true love: Melissa, where have you been?

(Melissa chitters while she moves her hands)

  • Gyro's true love: You lifted a tree? That's covered with fire? And rescued Cyril? Oh no! That's terrible! Come on, Melissa. Let's go to my house. Hopefully the rain will stop tomorrow morning.

(Gyro's true love hums a tune while she's giving Melissa a bath)
  • Gyro's true love: It's nice when you take a bath, isn't it?

(Gyro's true love arrives at the outside of the Raccoondominium with Melissa's suitcase)
  • Ralph Raccoon (offscreen): I should've listen to you, Melissa. I'm sorry.
  • Melissa Raccoon (offscreen): That's okay. Everything's alright...
  • Gyro's true love: What was that?

(Gyro's true love listens to Bert, Melissa and Ralph talking)

  • Ralph Raccoon (offscreen): Boy, am I glad you're back!
  • Bert Raccoon (offscreen): Yeah, me too, Melissa. You're the only one who appreciates my cooking.

(we cut to Bert, Melissa and Ralph)

  • Melissa Raccoon: Oh, Bert!

(Bert, Melissa, and Ralph laughing when there's a knock on door)

  • Ralph Raccoon: Who's there?
  • Melissa Raccoon: I'll get it!

(Melissa runs to the door and opens it)

  • Gyro's true love: I forgot your suitcase, Melissa. But here it is.

(Gyro's true love gives Melissa a heavy suitcase; Gyro's true love kneels down)

  • Gyro's true love: And Melissa, I just want to say goodbye. But... I'm going to miss you. (pets Melissa)

(Gyro's true love gets in the car and starts the engine)
  • Gyro's true love: (sadly) Goodbye, Melissa. Take care of yourself.

(Gyro's true love drives off; Melissa waves goodbye)

  • Melissa Raccoon: Goodbye! I'll miss you!

  • Gyro Gearloose: Uh... hi, my love! Do you want to marry me?
  • Gyro's true love: (angrily) Oh, get a life, you!

(Gyro's true love drives off)

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