Rainforest Rampage: Campers Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2018)

Parents Guide


MPAA - Rated R for disturbing zombie violence and gore including scenes of rape and torture and language throughout, strong sexuality, graphic/full frontal nudity and some drug and alcohol use including brief smoking

Certification - Argentina:16 | Australia:MA15+ | Austria:12 | Belgium:CAT.2 | Brazil:14 | Bulgaria:D | Canada:18A (outside Québec) | Canada:16+ (inside Québec) | Chile:14 | Colombia:15 | Denmark:11 | Estonia:K-12 | Finland:16 | France:16 | Germany:16 | Greece:17 | Hong Kong:IIB | Hungary:16 | Iceland:12 | India:UA | Indonesia:17+ | Ireland:15A (theatrical release) | Ireland:15 (home release) | Italy:VM14 | Jamica:T-16 | Japan:R15+ | Kazakhstan:E16 | Latvia:16+ | Malaysia:P13 | Maldives:15+ | Malta:12 | Mexico:B15 | Netherlands:12 | New Zealand:RP16 | Nigeria:15 | Norway:15 | Philippines:R-16 | Portugal:M/14 | Romania:N-15 | Russia:16+ | Singapore:R21 | South Africa:16 (H, L, N, P, S, SV, V) | South Korea:15 | Spain:16 | Sweden:11 | Switzerland:14 | Taiwan:15+ | Thailand:15 | Turkey:15A | United Arab Emirates:15+ | United Kingdom:15 | United States:R | United States:TV-14 (LSV, TV rating) | Venezuela:C (San Cristóbal and Baruta municipalities) | Venezuela:B (Maracaibo municipality) | Vietnam:C16

Sex & Nudity


Zachary and Meredith will kiss, hug and hold hands throughout the movie.

Zachary and Meredith have sex in their vista in most scenes.

  1. In their vista, Meredith pulls Zachary's water shorts down to his knees and begins to kiss his bare buttocks. Zachary then pulls his shorts back up and gets under the covers with Meredith and they have sex. Zachary is in his water clothes and Meredith is in her bikini.

In some scenes, when Zachary and Meredith are in the healing pool outside their vista, Meredith is either topless, nude or in her bikini while Zachary is either shirtless, in his water clothes or nude.

Zachary and Meredith can be seen in their swimsuits when they are walking in the forest. Zachary is in his water clothes and Meredith is in her bikini as they are doing this. They are also fully nude when they do it when it is 100 degrees or higher. They do this as it is very hot outside at 100 degrees or higher.

Graphic and full frontal nudity is shown in most parts of the movie.

Threesome scenes between Zachary, Meredith and another female human happen throughout the movie. All three are nude during these scenes.

  1. Zachary, Meredith and Alexandra have threesome on a blanket in Alexandra's bedroom. Meredith takes a birth control pill and places her vagina onto Zachary's penis and Alexandra sits on his face and they hold hands. Meredith thrusts against Zachary and moans and then she and Alexandra kiss. Zachary nearly suffocates and Alexandra removes her butt from his face after a few seconds. Meredith continues to thrust against Zachary and moan. After Zachary and Meredith climax, Alexandra places the blanket back on the bed and the three get under the covers where the girls kiss Zachary on the cheeks. Breasts and buttocks are fully seen during this scene. Full frontal nudity is later fully shown afterwards.

Zachary, Meredith and Alexandra are fully nude while taking a shower at Alexandra's house. Multiple views of Meredith and Alexandra's breasts and vaginas and Zachary's penis and scrotum.

Cleo is in her bikini when she is raped by a zombie wolf.

Violence & Gore


Tons of bloody and gory animal zombie violence throughout, although zombie blood is spread after the zombies are killed in gruesome ways.

Characters including Zachary and Meredith are tortured by animal zombies throughout.

Zachary and Meredith cut down two trees, which fall and barely wound a buck and doe.

A zombie toucan is flying when it comes toward Meredith and Zachary shoots it with a sniper rifle, cutting it in half and blood spews everywhere.

Meredith shoots several animal zombies in the head with a shotgun.

Zachary gets bug spray and lights the spray stream severely burning a zombie tiger. Intense details of charred flesh.

Zachary hits a zombie elephant on the head with a fire axe.

Meredith spears a zombie lion in the head with a sharpened mop handle.

A zombie doe is decapitated by Meredith using a knife.

While being choked by Meredith, a zombie buck has its antlers ripped off by Zachary and Meredith uses a knife to decapitate it.

Zachary shoots and explode the heads off many animal zombies.

A zombie zebra has its head bashed and kicked by Meredith.

Zachary and Meredith detonate a bomb blowing hundreds of animal zombies to smithereens.

We see Scar unconscious and gets acid dumped over him by a zombie parrot.

Clancatcher gets stuffed in a steel barrel by a zombie tiger. She then screams and cries for help and is later rescued by Zachary and Meredith.

A zombie wolf rapes Cleo by dragging her by the hair using its mouth and throwing her into bushes.

We see Kaia chained up in a shed, desperately trying to escape.

Kamrin gets shoved off a cliff near the healing pool by a zombie buck and her bones crack when she lands on her face and chest.

Me-Mow and Lydia get run over by a zombie buck and doe.

Lucy gets run over by a zombie bull.

Jack gets gunned down in a hail of bullets by a zombie cow wielding a minigun.

Lexia has a bag placed over her head by a zombie horse.

Eric dies when a zombie elephant uses its trunk to hang him on a tree branch, flailing wildly until his last breath.

Other deaths or injuries are implied by screams, thumps, muffled voices and the sound of cracking bones.

Wilber, Daffodil, Luke, Vrooom, Ralph, Maddie and Dawn are in a hospital and have their life supports turned off, killing them.

We see more than one unconscious (or perhaps dead) person or animal being carried around in black plastic garbage bags.



26 uses of f**k, 21 uses of s**t, 4 uses of c**k, 9 uses of c**ksucker, 4 uses of c**t, 11 uses of t**t, 28 uses of ass, 30 uses of asshole, 17 uses of Jesus, 10 uses of Christ, 13 uses of goddamn, 15 uses of damn, 15 uses of hell, 9 uses of pussy, 9 uses of n****r, 9 uses of dick, 5 uses of bitch, 5 uses of whore, 5 uses of f****t, 5 uses of t*ts, 5 uses of t*tties, 5 uses of prick and 8 uses of sl*t.

268 swear words are used (107 bleeped on TV).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking


Animals die under the influence of drugs, alcohol and smoking used by Zachary and Meredith.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


Scenes where Zachary and Meredith are separated from each other can be unsettling and upsetting to some viewers.

As there are a LOT of deaths in this movie, it can give viewers nightmares.

ACB - Rated MA15+ (strong horror violence and sex scenes, nudity and coarse language)

BBFC - Rated 15 (strong bloody violence, gore, strong sex and references and nudity and strong language)

Info-communications Media Development Authority - Rated R21 (Homosexual Content, Sexual Scenes and Nudity)

Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration - Rated IIB (strong violence, sexual violence, strong shocking scenes, strong language, occasional strong sexuality, nudity, sexual references and drug use)

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