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Rainbow: The Color Avenger is an American animated television series. The series airs on Disney XD.

Story Plot

Damian Royne, an young 13-year old amnesiac emotionless orphan, goes on a journey of uncover his forgotten memories while becoming the multi-colored superhero know as Rainbow where he struggling with his superhero life.



  • Damian Royne/Rainbow - A young 13-year old emotionless amnesiac orphan who's can remember his pasts and seek to find the secrets of his forgotten memories, he become a superhero after his first encounter with the Dread Dragons. He gain powers, flight, strength, teleportation, speed, invisible, and six elemental powers (magneto, fire, lightning, earth, water, and gravity), later on the series. Voiced by ??? (as Damian Royne), Matt Lanter & Yuri Lowenthal (as Rainbow).


  • Rachelle Royne -
  • Russell Royne -
  • Rachel Royne -
  • Nicki T. Sterling -
  • Lincoln Holling -
  • Dr. Robert "Rob" Starr - The CEO of Starr Multinational,
  • Commissioner Stacy Day -
  • Katherine "Kat" Vanderson -
  • Mayor Rafael Paulsen -
  • Pinky/Pearl Power/Pinkyl -


  • Heroic Warriors - consisting of:
    • Dr. Brian Stack/Treadizer -
    • Wanda Strang/Scarlet Sorceress -
    • Droid - An highly advanced robot from the 100th century in the future who previously travel back in time to save Rainbow from an disaster where he decide to remain the present and become a member of the Heroic Warriors as the team's tech expert. Voiced by Jeff Bennett.
    • Oceania -
    • Kaisuke Akishiba/Neo Ninja -
  • Dream -


  • Daiark/Dark Rainbow - Rainbow's arch-enemy and the series' main antagonist,
  • Elemental Siblings - consisting of:
    • Po Stromm/Magneto - The oldest and more mature of the Elemental Siblings and as well the leader, he gain the ability of magnetokinesis and nearly one of the most powerful of the family. Voiced by Clancy Brown.
    • Sophia Stromm/Inferno - The second oldest who's the team's second-in-command and gain pyrokensis who's extremely hot-headed, who at first hardly case about her actions and even her family, which slowing making her care about both her family and actions. But, if she use too much of her powers, she would either start slowing melting herself or becoming an completely different person. Voiced by Rosario Dawson.
    • Kristopher Stromm/Thunderio - The eldest who's the brains but shy and very quite, he gain electrokinesis, which he can absorb electricity or create electric blasts on his enemies, he also show to have an photographic memory. Voiced by Anthony Padilla.
    • Antony Stromm/Earthquake - The second eldest who's the muscle but often clumsy, almost at times, but does show to be have a little bit intelligence within him at times and even the most powerful one on the team, but does show of having trouble with his abilities. Voiced by Matt Lanter.
    • Izza Stromm/Hydrobrella - The youngest who's cheerful, upbeat, notice, but deadly and dangerous and love to show out her dark side to her enemies, using her hydrokinesis abilities, she can control of become the ocean herself, even somewhat stretching her body, which can be somehow really painful for her at times. Voiced by Kari Wahlgren.
    • Aaron Stromm/Airwave - The second youngest who's the team's scout and also both curious and confused at times, but like to help out his family, while using his aerokinesis, he can able to fly and even control the airs as well and even also the least evil as well. Voiced by Steven Yeun.
  • Dr. Mitchell "Mitch" Parkinson/Cockatoo -
  • Madeline "Maddie" Strand/Speedy -
  • Destrucia -
  • Anti-Rainbow - A hybrid clone of Rainbow and Dark Rainbow who was created by Dr. Madman, who's cruel, vicious, dangerous, cold-hearted, yet somewhat sympathetic at times, he mostly share nearly the same powers as both Rainbow and Dark Rainbow. Voiced by Jesse McCartney.
  • Wilson "Will" Hunterson/Crime Boss - An elderly crime boss
  • Blreed - An nightmarish creature who feed on peoples' worse nightmares
  • Dread Dragons - consisting of:
    • Drako Doomfist - The cruel, vicious, deadliest, dangerous, cunning, cold, ruthless, and brutal leader of the Dread Dargons, but does truly care about his team and comrades. Voiced by .
    • Dexx - Drako's apprentice and second-in-command of the Dread Dragons, he wield either a sword, a bowgun, a pair of nunchucks, a bo staff, and a sledgehammer. Voiced by Nolan North.
    • Ton-Ron -
  • Richard Lee Howard/Toxizer -
  • Suzanne "Suzy" Stromm -
  • Blackagax Blackson/Black Hood -
  • Dr. Madman - A mysterious, yet unknown mad scientist who's often very mysterious
  • Zeno -
  • Dark Challengers - consisting of:
    • Keiichiro Myouguchi/Colonel Golden Komodo Dragon - Voiced by George Takei.
    • Sergeant Jade Phoenix -
    • Dark Ninjas -


Season One

  1. Rainbow Begins - When young amnesiac emotionless 13-year old Daiman Royne seek to find his lost memories, he use a rainbow mask to fight against the vicious, yet dangerous street gang, the Dread Dragons which transform him into the multi-colored superhero, Rainbow.
  2. Live and Learn - Daiman begin of working with controlling his powers while continues searching for his missing memories, he encounter Destrucia, who is sent by her boss to find and destroy him. As Damian begin encountering her, he start to remember that he's ain't allow of fighting women. So, how will our hero find a way of stopping a foe that he's can't fight?
  3. Attack of the Elemental Siblings! - After being stopped by Rainbow, the revenge-seeking Stromm Sibling gain six elemental powers by a mysterious villain and dubbing themselves, the Elemental Siblings. Now, Rainbow is in a fight of his life against the six villains who he happen to fool their crimes and wanting to seek their undying vengeance on him!
  4. Wings of the Cockatoo - Dr. Mitchell "Mitch" Parkinson, an former Starr Multinational scientist, seek revenge on Dr. Robert "Rob" Starr for ruining his work. But, Rainbow arrive and help Rob where he find himself unwittingly becoming his bodyguard, which he think that is a distraction of finding his forgotten pasts.
  5. Two Fast! - When pretty thug Madeline "Maddie" Strand find a costume which grant her superhuman speed and begin making her crime spree as "Speedy", as Rainbow working of stopping this speed-powered foe, Daiman, meanwhile, encounter Nick T. Sterling and Lincoln Holling, who he save them from some Dread Dragons without his Rainbow mask.
  6. Burning Vengeance - Seeking revenge on Rainbow for separating her family, Inferno start feeling so much anger, that she nearly almost start burning her own body from both the inside and outside. Rainbow begin unwittingly helping Inferno of calming herself down, which cause him to remember something from his pasts. Meanwhile, Nick and Lincoln begin trying to uncover Rainbow's identity.
  7. The Neo Ninja, Part I - After encountering some ninjas, who were robbing a museum, Damian begin arriving to Japan where he encounter Keiichiro Myouguchi, who than told him about the Neo Ninja, a evil ninja who lead a evil ninja organization who stole the items to help revive the ancient sword know as the Neo Sword and rule the world with an ruthless iron fist. But as Rainbow start encountering the Neo Ninja, he soon begin to think that what Keiichiro told is not what he think...
  8. The Neo Ninja, Part II - While both Rainbow and the Neo Ninja continues their fight with each other, Rainbow soon starting realize that Keiichiro has trick him and is responsible for murdering Neo Ninja's parents when he was young, where the two start to team-up and stop Keiichiro, who now reveal himself as Colonel Golden Komodo Dragon, nearly completely the Neo Sword where his army, the Dark Challengers to arrive to help out. Can the two heroes stop the Dark Challengers' leader from unleashed the powers of the Neo Sword in time before it's two late?!
  9. Crime Wave - Upon arriving back in America, Rainbow soon encounter numerous criminals ruling a small town, led by the Crime Boss. In order to stop them, Rainbow try to ask help from the town's polices, but learn that they are must be corrupt where he gain help from Commissioner Stacy Day of help save the day and stop Crime Boss, who than reveal a strange dark red crystal which somehow able to weaken Rainbow.
  10. Enter: Toxizer -
  11. Nightmarish Trouble -
  12. Sibling Loves -
  13. Dark Rainbow's Strikes! -

Season Two

  1. Homecoming, Part I -
  2. Homecoming, Part II -
  3. School Daze -
  4. Enter: Treadizer -
  5. Anti-Rainbow -
  6. Lady Rainbow to the Rescue! -
  7. A Day at the Beach -
  8. Family Matters -
  9. Rise of the Dread Dragons -
  10. The Magic of the Scarlet Sorceress! -
  11. Emotional Sickness -
  12. Message from the Future, Part I -
  13. Message from the Future, Part II -

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five