Ragna Blom
Birth Place Oslo, Norway
Birth Date March 26 1979.
Genre(s) Crust Punk

Gothic Metal

Symphonic Metal

Black Metal

Death Metal



Band(s) Rivers of Lust

Ararat Lunatic Asylum

Couple Sven Olsson (1999 - 2005, 2013)
Brother(s) Taria Blom (b. 1990)

Thomas Blom (b. 1975)

Ragna Blom is a Norwegian musician, she is the lead vocalist & founder of the Extreme Metal band Rivers of Lust, she was born in Oslo on March 26 1979. She is also the member of the All Girl Extreme Metal supergroup Ararat Lunatic Asylum started in early 2003.

Personal Life

She is the owner of a record label, the Mørke tåke produksjoner label.

When she asked what religion did she followed, she answered with the next statement

I dont follow any religion at all, but I have my own beliefs, you can call me a "Pagan" if you want to.
~ Ragna

She is currently in a relationship with Darkness and Shadows frontman Sven Olsson, Blom stated that she had dated Olsson when they were studying music, they dated each other for 6 years. She also enjoys listening to many types of music.

She has a dog named "Per" , she named him like that in honor of Mayhem's vocalist Per "Dead" Ohlin.


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