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Rachel and Nancy's Adventures is 2012 an Action Adventure directed by D.J. Caruso.

Starring Taylor Geare, Mark Wahlberg, Claire Geare, Zachary Gordon, Wesley Snipes, Dolph Lundgren, Shareeka Epps, Rachel G. Fox, Johnathan Geare, Keanu Reeves, Marianne Hagan, Amber Heard, Drew Barrymore, Jackson Brundage, Connor Gibbs, Isabella Acres, Mackenzie Brooke Smith, Michael Algieri, Taylor Dior, Demi Lovato, Elle Donoghue, Caleb Alexander Cohen, Bianca D'Ambrosio, Chiara D'Ambrosio, Aaron Kunitz, Griffin Kunitz, Caitlin Carmichael, Stefanie von Pfetten, Katelyn Mager, Taylor Groothuis, Eddie Cahill, Mila Kunis, Raymond Ochoa, Ryan Ochoa and Robert Ochoa.


After they witness murder, two sisters find themself as a target by a assassins and the shooter who wanted them dead.


The Movie open with Rachel Lovegood ride a bike to school with her sister Nancy, who goes to the same school with Rachel. Rachel saw Mrs Martin in car go to school. Rachel told Mrs Martin stop. Mrs Martin hears Rachel and she stops the car. Rachel say Mrs Martin to school. Rachel And Mrs Martin was late to school. Franny {Rachel,s Best Friend} And Kerry Wanted Rachel Know Why She And Mrs Martin Late. Rachel,s Bus Did Came Nancy,s Bus Did Not Rachel,s Bus. Mrs Martin Was Late Of Take Her 3 Daughters To School. Mrs Martin,s Class Do History About Florence Nightingale. Mrs Martin Show Her Class In Famous People In Computer. Lloyd Griffin, A Assassins Saw Rachel In Classroom In Outside Of The School. Lloyd Take Photo Of Rachel Send To Andrew Campbell, A Shooter And Say Her To Kill. Then Lloyd Saw Nancy Take Photo Of Her Send Too Andrew And Say Her To Kill Too. Andrew And Lloyd Wanted Kill Nancy And Rachel. Bell Ring Is Playtime Rachel Find Her Sister Nancy With Kerry, Tara, Angel, Teddi, Annie, Shenae And Hiam. Lloyd Saw Rachel And Nancy With Them Kids They Know. Hiam Wanted Play Hide And Seek But Rachel Don,t Wanted Play Hide And Seek. Nancy, Kerry, Teddi, Tara, Angel, Annie, Shenae and Hiam Hide For Rachel. Rachel Went To Nancy,s Classroom Find The Kids. Rachel Found Kerry, Tara and Hiam Outside Of Nancy,s Classroom. Rachel, Kerry, Tara and Hiam Find Lloyd. Lloyd Hold The Gun And Try Kill Rachel, Kerry, Tara and Hiam. Nancy saw Rachel. Rachel Hold Nancy In The Arm.


  • Taylor Geare as Rachel Lovegood
  • Claire Geare as Nancy Lovegood
  • Mark Wahlberg as Jack McDonnell/Look for Nancy and Rachel after Rachel made prank call
  • Zachary Gordon as Daniel Lovegood/Tries to find his sisters: Nancy And Rachel
  • Wesley Snipes as Lloyd Griffin/Who wanted kill Rachel and her sister Nancy
  • Dolph Lundgren as Andrew Campbell/Who wanted kill Rachel and her sister Nancy
  • Shareeka Epps as Kim Danville/Helps Daniel find his sisters: Nancy And Rachel
  • Rachel G. Fox as Shenae Grymes/Andrew's niece
  • Johnathan Geare as Leon Lovegood/Daniel, Rachel and Nancy's little brother
  • Keanu Reeves as John Lovegood/The children's father
  • Marianne Hagan as Gemma Lovegood/The children's mother
  • Amber Heard as Chloe Harris/Who help Jack to look for Rachel and Nancy
  • Drew Barrymore as Mrs Martin
  • Jackson Brundage as Kerry Dawson/Franny's little brother
  • Connor Gibbs as Hiam Grymes/Shenae's brother and Andrew's nephew
  • Isabella Acres as Franny Dawson/Rachel's best friend
  • Mackenzie Brooke Smith as Annie/Terra's daughter
  • Michael Algieri as Craig Danville/Kim's little brother
  • Taylor Dior as Halifah Danville/Kim's and Craig's sister
  • Demi Lovato as Roxanne Prescott/17 year old singer
  • Elle Donoghue as Teddi/Annie's sister and Terra's daughter
  • Caleb Alexander Cohen as Kyle
  • Bianca D'Ambrosio as
  • Chiara D'Ambrosio as
  • Aaron Kunitz as
  • Griffin Kunitz as
  • Caitlin Carmichael as
  • Stefanie von Pfetten as Lauren Campbell/Andrew Ex-Wife
  • Katelyn Mager as Angel Campbell/Andrew and Lauren daughter
  • Taylor Groothuis as Tara Campbell/Angel,s sister and Andrew and Lauren,s daughter
  • Eddie Cahill as
  • Mila Kunis as Terra Shells/Annie and Teddi's mother
  • Raymond Ochoa as
  • Ryan Ochoa as
  • Robert Ochoa as

Main Cast Gallery

A gallery of the nine main cast members.


The Prank Call

  • Nancy: When the somebody you call is not Lloyd or Andrew, prank them.
  • Rachel: Ok.
  • Rachel (Call the phone): Lloyd, Andrew.
  • Rachel: We far away from you.
  • (Gunshot 3 time)
  • Rachel: Huh.
  • Jack: Chloe, Four agent been shot.
  • Rachel: Wait a minute, You not Lloyd Griffin or Andrew Campbell, who an you.
  • Jack: My name is Agent Jack McDonnell, who an you.
  • Rachel: My name is Roxanne Prescott.
  • Jack: Chloe, look for Roxanne Prescott.
  • (Gunshot 6 time)
  • (Jack run)
  • Chloe: Jack, Roxanne Prescott is singer and she is dead.
  • Jack: That mean I was prank.
  • Rachel: Oops.
  • Chloe: Yes, You was prank by 9 year old girl name Rachel Lovegood.
  • Rachel: Oh No.
  • Rachel: My sister, Nancy told me to prank you
  • Rachel: Wrong number.
  • (Rachel run)
  • (Door open then close then lock)
  • Nancy: What wrong, Rachel.
  • Rachel: I prank a agent.
  • Rachel: I think your plan make us be in big trouble.
  • Nancy: Oops.
  • Jack: Where is she.
  • Chloe: You go look for her.
  • Jack: And Nancy Lovegood.
  • Jack: Nancy is 6 and Rachel is 9.
  • Jack: Hold on, I know about Rachel and Nancy, yesterday I chase them because I was look for them.
  • Chloe: I found where they are.
  • Jack (hold the paper): Got you.